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Wanted to get some advice/feedback. I'm going for...

Wanted to get some advice/feedback. I'm going for my 2nd consul next week. Currently a small B, and wanted to go to a C (325cc Silicone) Debating if a BA is worth it. I'm very afraid of what can happen not not only right after surgery but years down the line. I'm a healthy 37 year old, am I setting myself for unessesary commitment to this? Would appreciate some advice! Thank you!

It's almost time!

So I went on many consults and finally found a Dr that I feel comfortable with. Going to go with round Naturelle Silicone. Size will be determined that day but anywhere between 320-375. Very excited and nervous. Pre op done, taking my multivitamins and prescriptions filled. Now we wait!


Bra purchases

Bought these bralettes today at VS. I think they will be perfect, no underwire and very comfortable. And they are having a promotion on them!

2 days to go!

Two more days to go!! So excited! Trying to get everything situated for myself and my kids. More stressful sorting things out for them then anything else!

Nurse called to check in on me

So the nurse who will be there for my surgery called yesterday and the anesthesiologist called me today ( Sunday, impressive!) to go over instructions for my surgery. Went over what I need to do along with what to except. Thought this was a nice touch to what I feel is a wonderful practice.

Surgery complete!

So surgery is done and I'm home! Had to be there at 8:00, got in OR at 9:00. By the time I woke up in the recovery room it was 11:45. I felt so nauseous when I got up. And my body feels very sore. Came home took a nap ( per Drs orders) and felt significantly better. He used 345cc Inspira Naturelle silicone round implants. He recommended 325-375 and said he would put the ones he felt would work best. Now I'm home, kids got home from school the chaos begins! Lol. Trying to take it easy but hard to get out of mommy mode! Will post pictures a little later

6 hours out of surgery

A little less than 6 hours of surgery. Took an ibuprofen right after surgery. Just that along with antibiotic. No painkillers no muscle relaxers!

4 days post op

So it's been 4 days since surgery. I feel good just still feel sore. And still a bit uncomfortable sleeping bc I'm a side sleeper. My right breast gets those burning sensations by the nipple every once in a while. Trying to take it easy but so hard with 3 kids!

Bra/sports bra

Does anyone have any suggestions on a good comfy sports bra or whatever else you think is comfortable this early on in recovery? I'm having a hard time finding something comfy.
Tomm is one week...

10 days post op

It's been about 10 days since surgery. I feel good just by the end of the day my breast are so sensitive and sore. Clothing bothers me. I just want to rip them off my top. Anyone else feel that way? And the sides are so sore.

2 weeks today

Can't believe it's been two weeks! Feel good. Still have some numbness. My right is giving me a harder time. Still sensitive when touched and I can't feel my nipple. And clothes start to bother my skin after a while. Other than that all is good so far.

3 weeks today

3 weeks post op today. So itchy where my incisions are! I guess bc they are healing but it's a bit annoying. Still can't wear regular bra. Tried but after a while my breast get very irritated. So I put on my sports bra. Curious to see how they change in weeks to come bc I feel like most of the swelling is gone. I can't see them changing much but they do say it takes awhile so we shall see


So I started getting really itchy yesterday and I have a rash all around my incision. Called the dr and they said to put Cortisone. But it didn't help. So I called again this morning and told be to come so they can take a look at it (it's surgery day today so I thought that was great they told me to come in with everything they have scheduled). No infection. They prescribed a heavier steriod cream. So hopefully it clears up bc it's very uncomfortable

So over this

So today is 4 weeks post op and I'm so over this. I developed a rash last week by my incision lines and it's gotten worse. Nothing seems to work and I'm emotionally drained. I even have a few hives on my face. I went to dermatologist yesterday and they gave me some meds. This was one of my fears in doing this procedure, that something would happen and I don't get a definative answer on exactly what it is. If this doesn't clear up soon, I'm getting these implants out. I didnt sign up for this.

Rash healing

So the past week has been a bit crazy! Had a rash that started at my incisions and then progressively got bigger. I apparently had an allergic reaction to something that was used. It was beyond uncomfortable and emotionally draining. Went to see an allergist and dermatologist. It finally seems to be healing in that area. Wasn't able to wear a bra or anything for a full week bc it was too painful.

Can't wait for summer!

Just playing around with my old bathing suits. Def like the way this fits better now lol. You can see the rash very little. It's those reds patches

Finally comforable in a bra

Finally comfortable in an actual bra! I think im going to stick to wireless.

7 weeks post op today

7 weeks today. Still have some numb spots. I went spray tanning so my nipples looks spotty bc of that lol.

A little over 2 months

A little over 2 months and I think they are done fluffing. Iol.

New bathing suit

4 months

A little over 4 months. Still numbness in one nipple but little by little feeling is coming back.

6 months

It's been 6 months already! No complaints still a little numbness in some spots. So happy I went through with it. They are the perfect natural look I was looking for. They feel part of me

1 year

One year has past. That went by so fast!
Stony Brook Plastic Surgeon

Amazing and gifted doctor! He truly cares for the well being of his patients. His 24 hour recovery process is no joke! It really works!

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