Done!! I have tig ol bittys :)

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I went today and spoke with my Dr and scheduled my...

I went today and spoke with my Dr and scheduled my surgery for July 1st! I'm so excited! He wants to go over the muscle but under something else I forget what it's called so I was calling it an inbetweener I'll update with the correct information When i get it..I'm 36 mom of a 13 year old boy and a 10 year old girl..I'm 5.4 and a healthy 145 pounds I work out 5-6 days a week..addicted to Crossfit :)
Last summer (July 16th) I got a full tummy tuck w muscle repair and flank lipo (click here to read my review), I wanted to get my breast done at the same time but it just wasn't financially so happy with my TT results so naturally I'll be going back to dr blyer for my breast...
Size?? We agreed on go big or go home but ultimately he will decide on the table..we agreed a full D excited any and all advice appreciated

Just ordered my check

I decided that it would be cheaper to pay myself back (myself being my pension) then a credit card or bank loan..I went and ordered my check today it should be here 2nd week in June..all I have to do is drop that off and then have my medical clearance done on June 23...I can't friggen wait for May to be OVER!! I'm still nervous about the size, but have to trust my Ps will pick what's appropriate for my body and the look I want, I mean I picked him for a reason and he hasn't let me down yet..I've basically been an open book about my surgery for 2 reasons, I have a huge mouth and there's no way in hell I'll be able to conceal the fact especially in July and August...I feel a little creepy that all I do is look at boobs all day, but I'm searching for a boobie twin, or even a boobie cousin..I'm not having my nipples done so I know they are gonna stretch, DR assured me I won't come out looking like I have "lunch meat" areola's...I'm not buying any new summer clothes until I know what I'm dealing with, I'm secretly scared my new tig ol bittys will make me look much would that SUCK!! Happy healing to all and I look foward to following your progress :)

34 days till 34 DD :)

Was feeling for about half a second that maybe I'm redic to be doing this, soooo I utilized the huge mirror at my gym and was very quickly reassured that hell yes this is friggen happening!! As much as this pains me I'm posting better lot saggy boobie selfies, maybe it will help someone who is looking for a boobie twin..I have pretty decent size areola so I am nervous they're gonna be massive baloney slices after surgery BUT I don't want the nipple scar so I guess I'll have to hope for the best, as long as they're pointing in the same direction and that direction isn't the floor :) 34 more days!!! Hurry JULY 1st

Paid my balance..this is really happening

Went for my pre op app yesterday..I love the ladies of cameo they truly are the best, so supportive, one even let me see and touch her breast because I was starting to get very nervous after signing all the paper work..they where amazing and just made me feel I def was in the right place :) I get my blood work and clearance next week on Wednesday and then surgery on Tuesday the 1st .. I'm getting high profile silicone smooths size to be determined by my ps he is going over the muscle under the mammary gland I have plenty of breast tissue and because I work out he feels overs are a better choice for me..def not looking foward to a month of not working did you ladies ease back in?? I've been going HAM on my arms lately so they keep some tone through the month of July lol and am planning on doing lots of squats in the interim, by ass needs it anyway..any tips ? I have nothing bought I was gonna grab a few zip front sports bras and some arnica but other then that I can't even think of anything else...when I had my tummy tuck last summer I had a laundry basket of shit lol , 2 WEEKSSSSSS i can't believe it ????


Around 9am I left the itty bitty titty committee lol (I'm so high rite now don't mind me ) lol I'm so happy we went with 457cc silicone overs..that's all I know for sure rite now..armpit incision starting to bruise about now ,dr blyer is my freaken hero!' I feel amazing already and in love with my breast so so glad I did this despite the resistance I received from I think I went under with a huge kool aid smile on my face..who knows what size they will end up but I'm thinking did DD's..

Laying down and look where my boobs stay :)

I'm starting day 2 when I can lift my arms a little better I will Take better pics

1.5 post op

Still sore..dr doesn't want me lifting my arms still over my I mostly walk around looking like a t-Rex lol...this man is amazing and if he says be a t-Rex for another week then that is what i shall do :)
I'm so so happy with my results at my 1 week post op dr said it looks like the implant is at the crease and shouldn't drop anymore....I have seconds of boob greed as I get used to them and then I snap out of it..I have no idea what bra size I am but I did take a measurement my band is 32 my fullest point at top is 39 so prob a full DD..I'm not even sure I'm ever even going to wear a bra again :) lol I got some lace bralettes from target and they seem perfect for the days when u should prob have a little something underneath..also am very pleased with the fact that on don't have forever hard nipples..I can't shave my armpits yet or wear any deodorant so I'm a little funky by days end (a gross detail sorry) healing is doing so well I really don't have anything to report..the only thing about this that sucks is that I can't workout..and I've been home with the kids bbqing and eating ice cream, if I don't watch it my tummy will also be 39 inches lol

One month!!

I Havnt gone to get sized yet but I'm thinking they have to be a full DD, I have overs so I don't think they will change much..I've had no complications or issues..took a month off of work which was happy that I decided to go through with my surgeries, wish i could of some them together but hey at least they are done..

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