325cc High Profile Vs 350cc Moderate Plus? Any Late Nov out There? Long Island, NY

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My procedure is scheduled for Nov. 24th and I KNOW...

My procedure is scheduled for Nov. 24th and I KNOW i have a long way to go but I cannot contain myself (and my excitement) from starting documenting this journey from the very early stages.

Ohh I am trying to get a full C/small D and after several appointments with different doctors most of them suggested 300cc but I a wondering if that is gonna be enough to fill up all the space lol, I guess I will keep you guys posted after my pre-op appointment (Nov 24th).

My body "specs" below:
Pre-op: 32/34 A
Post-op ideal - 34C/32D
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 130lbs (but very lean and toned — most people think I am 110 max.)
Hourglass (although I am missing the "upper" curve of the hourglass due to workouts LOL)
Measurements: 33-28-38

By the way I don't have any photos available at the moment (never really find that upper section "unflattering"/no pun intended lol) but I will probably post some on my pre-op appointment update.

Wish result

Wish list

Some more for the wish list

Ughh the wait is driving me insane O_O. Soo i told too many people unti Recently I've got to realize how judgamental women (specially those who i would consider close friends) are. Context: i told a couple of close friends about my decision/already scheduled procedure/size etc and instead of being ohhh that's amazing etc etc they seemed somehow "underwhelmed" and faaar from excited by such a important step i am taking.
Mental note: they are relatively flat chested as well.
Inconclusive conclusion: are they jealous because they don't have the courage to get their boobs done bc of what "people might say" about them :-S or is it that they cant REALLY relate to my situation (even though i am sure they have struggled by a flat chest as much as me)? It is obvious that their reaction isn't gonna change anyyything about how i feel but it threw me off to know that they were THAT "conservative"

Any lady out there going thru a similar situation?

Pre-op 32AA/34A

5 days

5 more days to go and everything is ready! Picked up my meds, finished all payments, bought extra sports bras on amazon for really reasonable price ($20 each) that don't look as hidious as everything i've seen so far, reusable ice packs at cvs ($11) and some pajamas with front buttons to make hubby's life easier. I post some pics later. ^_^ . As far as the final size and additional comments, dr. Said i will be in 350-400 cc range in order to get the results i am looking for. I also told him that i'd rather got a bit bigger (which would mean a decent D rather than a small D (i really dont wanna have regrets about going too small :-/). Anywayyy i will be posting pics of the goodies i've bought

3 days

So everything is ready for the big day.
Here are some of my essentials:
Peas from cvs (reusable frozen thingy to keep swealing under control)
Dry shampoo
Baby wipes to replace shower
Face wipes to replace washing face
Nonsticky pads to cover incisions
Sports bra with front and back hook (I got them on Amazon for $20, I love the material color and structure "say no to grandma's bra pleaaaaase!!!)

Everything seems and feels ready, I was just talking to the Hubs and asked him "are you nervous?" And he said yes I had bad thoughts earlier today, I don't want anything bad to happen... And he said he didn't wanna talk about it anymore with a very "worried" face (I've never seen him like that) any advice to calm down the nerves of worried relatives and/or hubby??

2 days

Everything is ready for the big day :)

5 datos post-op

15 days post op


Pre-op: 32A
Post-op: 32D
457cc's under the muscle

I haven't gotten a chance to write a "proper" update until now. So Surgery was on Nov. 26th, they ended up putting 457cc on both boobies which was INCREDIBLY shocking to find out (my jaw reached the floor when PS told me the amount of cc's at 1st post-op lol) but I am happy he made the call. They results are amazing. Let's go in order.

The day of the surgery was a blur BIG TIME! we got there around 6:45am, surgery was scheduled at 7:30am and lasted about 1h45m, I was home by 10:30am. The nursed welcomed me and asked me to fill up paperwork, surgeon came by drew some marks on me, then anesthesiologist came by and asked me a whole other bunch of questions regarding my health, overall habits and things of that nature, finally nurses got me ready, walked me to the operating room and asked me to spell my name and tell the staff what procedure I was getting (I've never gotten major surgery so I don't know if this is customary. Anyway I gave them all the information and got comfortable, the "main nurse" asked me what do I do for a living etc etc....blank blank blank (that's the last thing I remember)

I woke up, not really sore but kind of dizzy, in the recovery area where my husband was already waiting for me, nurses gave me cookies and ginger ale and within 15min I was pretty much back to normal. I left the Health Center and aside from the "mild nauseas" every time hubby made a turn lol, we made it home safe, sound but most importantly clean!! haha. That day was really vague I called my mom and barely remember anything about the conversation we had (anesthesia and amnesia are a bitch! lol), then I fell asleep for 5 hours and had some soup and lots of water.

Days 1-5:
These days were SOMETHING ELSE!! we had thanksgiving dinner at our place and luckily the pain killers did a magnificent job. Even though the implants were a little hard and swollen, they looked great from day one. I was expecting them to look really ugly and a frankenstein-ish looking chest but they settled and fluffed pretty quick, the only discomfort that I noticed was a incredibly sharp cutting pain from nipple to armpit, on my left breast, I also noticed lack of sensation in that entire area but overall pretty good and almost no complaints. My coxis was really sore from sleeping and sitting for so many hours straight, so on day 2 I started to take small walks around my house to stretch out my legs and get the blood flowing. It REAAALLY helped. By day 5, I was almost back to normal in bowel movements and patchy memory was almost gone, Morning boob syndrome is at its max.

Days 6-10:
So it winter over here, on day 8th I was back to work and since I hadn't left my house for some time before that, it took me some time to get used to the coldness outside. It felt like my chest muscles were contracting a lot and started to have some "painful contractions in the "cleavage" area" that freaked me out a little but on day 10 post-op appointment I brought it up to the doctor and he said that everything was great, internal healing was going really well and I had nothing to worry about. He also gave me the Ok to go back to the gym but go really light at the beginning and see how the body reacts. Morning boob syndrome is mild/almost gone.

Days 11-Now:

Implants are feeling great, they have settled really nicely and they no longer feel hard; also, the sharp random pain I had from nipple to armpit is fully gone and I am starting to have some sensation on that entire area (I was really happy about that!). Funny note: On day 13th I woke up and I didn't have morning boob AT ALL, to the point that I thought everything had been a dream hahahaha so I proceeded to check my boobies but they were still there. Bottom line: they no longer feel like a foreign object inside my body. I haven't measured myself yet but the sports bras that I've been wearing are 32D with no stretch marks whatsoever so I couldn't be happier!!!
Ohohohohoh! I also went to the gym this sunday! I did stair climber very slow, legs and stretch. It felt great although I noticed I have a hard time catching up my breath but it is expected since my skin hasn't stretched completely yet.

Almost 2 months post-op

Everything seems to be going pretty well with the "babies" lol. I am really happy with the size/projection/roundness, if anything I am a bit disappointed that my left boob seems to be sitting a bit lower and the crease is not really pronunciated compared to the right but since my "original" crease was never really marked in the first place I suppose it's normal.

Dr Breitbart is very professional and knowledgable, I had few consultations with other Plastic Surgeons in NYC for Breast Augmentation and they all followed the same try-on sizers and gave me a prospective range of cc's. However when I went to my first consultation with Dr. Breitbart, he did not make me try sizers but focused on the final look, result and gave me a range as well, which was slightly higher than all the information previous surgeons had given me, explained the relativity of the amount of cc's and how every body, bone structure and physiological features are different from one another. I decided to trust him, after all he has the experience and educational background to validate his words. I am very pleased with the results and recovery so far, it is near perfect. The length of scars is also slightly smaller than average (considering I chose silicone implants and the final amount of cc's he put - 457 ). My breast look full yet natural. I would absolutely recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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