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From as far back as I can remember I've wanted...

From as far back as I can remember I've wanted bigger boobies, I've always felt that my body is un-proportionate - not to mention, boobies are just so feminine, sexy and fun! I think every woman should have them, but I guess some of us just aren't so lucky! I've spent a fortune on padded bras and bathing suits, just to feel comfortable. I'm currently a 34 A (if that!) and I hope to be a natural (not balloonish!) looking full C-D. I am usually a very private person but, I have found this site to be extremely informative and truly helpful. I feel it's almost necessary to give back and share my experience! I'm also grateful to have a place to document my physical progress along with the slew of mixed emotions that I will be experiencing (if I'm not already!).

Since I've had my own financial stability, I have been going to consultations. I've found that most of the surgeons that I have met with have been arrogant, pushy and rude or charming and unskillful. Then, I met Dr. Epstein.

My consultation was May 21st 2015. The consultation was $150, which was hard to commit to at first, especially considering most are free. After researching Dr. Epstein and reading over all the information on his site ( which I found to be way more educational, than any other surgeon's sites - and I've read a lot!) I was prepared to spend the money. He specializes in a very natural look, with one day recovery - no drains, straps, bandages, or pain medications! 98% of his patients can raise their arms above their head (and are instructed to do so) the same day of surgery. Within 15 minutes of meeting him, I was completely comfortable. I told him that I had been to a lot of consultations and this was the best one yet - his response was " It hasn't even started yet" I was so impressed. The consultation was a little over an hour. Dr. Epstein answered all my questions. I didn't feel rushed and I could immediately tell that he takes pride in his profession. He even designed the tools he uses for his procedures. He used 3DVectur Imaging to show me how the implants would look (He printed out copies for me to take home as well! - attached). After discussion of implant type, size and incision he suggested Allergan 410 "Gummy Bear" tear drop implants 310 CCs (more natural) or as a second choice, round silicone 304CCs (the round are aprox 2K cheaper).

After the consultation, I met with the Patient Coordinator. I was ready, I decided to book the surgery! I couldn't believe it, after all this searching I finally found my surgeon! My Pre-Op is set for Aug. 20th and my surgery date is Sept. 9th. I had to pay the deposit based on the implant type, so I went with the doctors suggestion the "Gummy Bear" implants.

My surgery is exactly a month away and I'm starting to become anxious. Not about the surgery itself, (I wish it were tomorrow) but about the outcome. I just hope that they are going to be as big as I want. Lately I've been looking at implants that are similar CCs as mine, I'm starting to want to go larger. I hope to be a full C-D, but based on Dr. Epstein's natural approach and his recipe for less pain and downtime - I'm not 100% sure that is what I'll get. I know he is the surgeon for me, I just need to be sure he understands my expectations and that we are both on the same page. I cant wait for the Pre-Op, I feel like speaking with him again will reaffirm my decision and put my mind at ease.

I will update again soon! I look forward to sharing my experience, thanks for reading!

Implant size???

One month until my surgery and only 10 days until my Pre-Op. I'm beginning become very anxious. I believe the main reason is because one of my friends had her BA done by Dr.Epstein in June. She went with the Allergan Gummy Bear teardrop implants as well - at her pre-op she was told that her size would be determined on the biggest size that would fit, without damaging her existing tissue. She thought before hand that he was going to go with aprox. 340CCs - she ended up with 250. We've since talked a bit about her outcome and she did mention that shes disappointed that they aren't as big as she thought. I haven't seen her in person yet (we're both so busy) but from what I can tell in pictures, they look very natural, you cant tell she had anything done. She was also driving the day after, back to work bartending 3 days later and back to her normal routine (gym, yoga, work) with no pain at all! Over-all shes really happy with them, she said they feel like her own already.

Dr. Epstein does not allow you to pick you size based on trying on sizers that fit into your bra, or the ccs that you want. He considers your desired look and carefully and mathematically determines the size that will 'properly and proportionately fit'. This technique is what impressed most at first... but now with the date approaching I am beginning to worry that I will not be as big as I want. I have attached some before and afters from Dr.Epstein's site - these are pictures that initially made me request a consultation with him.

I feel like maybe they are smaller than I'm hoping to be...Maybe it's just nerves... but the closer I get to the surgery, the more I'm starting to like the look of larger implants, I'm not 100% sure why. My initial objective was to look natural. Is it possible to have boob greed before even having them?! Do I want to spend $10K to have an unnoticeable change? I'm very conservative, I actually haven't told many people and I don't want my co-workers to notice (which I've always worn very padded bras - so I really doubt they will) but I'm just so unsure about size.

In the next post I'll also include some wish pictures...

I still feel that I have picked the right surgeon, I just need the assurance from him that I will be closer to a D than B. I am going to tell him that I would be VERY disappointed if the implants are smaller than we decided... He is not known to do the whole over augmented thing - I just hope what I am hoping for in size is something he can and will be wiling to accommodate.

Wish Pics

These are the size that I've been leaning more towards lately...

22 Days to go...

Two days until my Pre-op and I am feeling so anxious! I cant stop reading reviews and trying to make sense out of all o the concerns I have, but at the same time I am so ready and excited, I just want to get it over with already...

I also want to share that I am so thankful at this point to have my very supportive boyfriend by my side. We've been together for 3 years and have been living together for about 2 1/2. I've read a few reviews where people did not have much of a support system with the surgery. Being such a private person, I actually never imagined sharing this process with anyone - I've been going to consultations (over the past 5 years) I've always kept the desire to myself - I didn't even tell my mother or sister! This past year, I came into extra money and I decided to tell my boyfriend I wanted to get my boobs done - he was so against it. He told me I was perfect, and he loves me the way I am, etc. I took a lot of explaining and sharing research with him for him to realize that this was something I wanted for me, and something that was going to make me happier with myself and in result we would be happier. He associated breast implants with wanting attention, which is not what I am going for at all! I just want to feel girly and comfortable with my proportions, he came around much more quickly than I thought, and I'm beginning to think he is more excited now than I am! We are also VERY close with his mother, she is kinda 'old school' Italian, and I did not think she would be accepting of my decision either, but after I explained to her how I felt, she was right on board! She is actually one taking me and brining me home surgery day :)

It's so weird to me that I have always imagined going through this alone, and now I have them and I couldn't be more thankful! I am so OCD making lists of items I need, making schedules, re painting and organizing our entire apartment to prepare (crazy, I know.) and they have been nothing but supportive.

Speaking of support - My boyfriend has been helping motivate me to work out and eat better (he's also running a 5K Marathon 2wks after my surgery - so good motivation for us both!) all the wine drinking, delicious food and happiness over the past 3 years has made us a bit out of shape, when we met we both had six-packs. Not that we are over weight, but I have about 10-15 lbs I want to shed to be ideal. I wish I had applied myself to this diet and exercise sooner to be at my best by the surgery. Does anyone know how close to the surgery you can workout? Im currently doing cardio and strength training for 1HR per day.

22 Days until my surgery, I am hoping to lose at least 10lbs...

Just my thoughts for the night, falling asleep has been more difficult with all the anticipation! Hopefully venting a bit helps! Sorry to carry on! Thanks for reading!


So the pre-op went well and I feel so, so much better (as I knew I would)! I confronted Dr. Epstein about how my friend said her imaging was set to 340CCs and she got 250CCs - so I was concerned about being too small or smaller then he says we can go initially (I also mentioned that she was happy with the results and looked great) ... He seemed offended and said that he would never tell a patient estimations that far off, asked me her name, and went to go look over her chart quickly. He came back and told me she must've been confused, he put her at 240-270 and she got 250. Her tissue is more athletic than mine. He said I have some lax tissue and we can go a bit bigger, 290-310CCs - hes going to aim to go as big as possible. My friend (who is WAY more outgoing than I am) has been posting revealing pictures of her FB, in bikinis and crop tops, and they are a decent size, big even...So if I am a bit larger than that - I will be ecstatic. The doctor took some photos to use at the time of surgery and we talked a bit about my concern of the firmness and size and he still recommended the Allergan 410 anatomicals. Due to the shape, they will provide the most fullness at the top, which will last, unlike the round - which once they drop, the top no longer remains full.

I got my blood work done, filled my scripts, I am ordering after surgery supplies from amazon today and now I am just counting down the days! 18 days to go! Oh also, I am cleared to work out, right up until the day of! So I will be putting in a lot of effort to get in the best shape possible over the next two weeks! Cant wait!!!

Operation day!

I cant really explain how I'm feeling today, its very surreal. I have wanted this for so long and finally its happening! Strangely (for a usually very anxious person) I am not really anxious or nervous, I am way more excited than anything and I actually slept better last night than I have all month! Im wondering if I will get more nervous once I am at the surgery center... I just keep focusing on how long I've wanted this and reminding myself that it is a common procedure that my doctor has preformed hundreds of times. In just a few hours I will be back home, with the body I've wanted!

I have everything ready to go, my apartment is freshly cleaned and painted. I have all my supplies, my bed is set and ready for my return. My prescriptions are filled and arrangements are set. My boyfriends mother is driving me to the surgery and home where my boyfriend will be waiting (taking care of our dog, after a half day of work). Once Im home, the "recipe for recovery" as per the doc - is to sleep for only 2 hours, eat, shower and then go for a walk and out to dinner. We have a 7pm reservation down the block. Oh also, I am instructed to raise my arms above my head each hour, in a slow jumping jack motion x5. My boyfriend and his mom will be making sure I follow this routine.

My operation is scheduled for 9:30am I should be back home by 1 or 2. So ready to go to boobieland!! I'm looking forward to updating you all when I return!

Thanks for reading! Pre-op pictures attached.

Pre-Op Pics

On the otherside!

It's all done! I feel amazing, hardly any pain at all! I can lift my arms over my head, showered and did my own hair! Heading to dinner w family now so I will post a more detailed update tomorrow! Happy Healing!!

Operation Day and Day 1

Lifting Arms
The day of the operation seemed so long, but went by so fast. We arrived at the surgical center at 9am, I was put in to an examination room in a gown until 10:45 - the wait was the worst part. I remained very calm for the most part, I was still more excited than anything. The doctor came in, remeasured me, made my markings (put me at 290-310 as we discussed- largest that would fit) the anesthesiologist came in, I signed my paper work, the doctor rechecked my marking and then we headed into the OR.

In the OR, I laid down, the nurses started asking nice questions about my boyfriend and I while the anesthesiologist put my IV and Anesthesia in and then I was out. To my doctors surprise, I woke up as they rolled me into the recovery room. I heard the bed hit the doors and I was awake. I cried, just because I was happy it was over. I asked for my boyfriends mother, her and the nurse helped me to my feet and to get dressed since I was still dizzy and weak.

The doctor came in and told me he did something different... when he went into my right breast he could not locate the muscle, or it was too high to place the implant under it, so he went over the muscle on both sides to avoid asymmetry. He said he went with the largest size, the 310ccs. He then had me lift my arms above my head a few times, I couldnt believe how easy it was! My doctor also couldnt believe that I didnt spend time sleeping in the recovery room, and I was able to coherently discuss my medications with the nurse. Everything went better than expected and was even easier once I was home.

I showed my boyfriend, he was really happy with the way they looked. He couldnt believe it. I then tried to take my 2hr nap, as instructed but I was in a bit of pain, about 5 out of 10. I took some more tylenol and rested for about 40 minutes the pain subsided, I got up out of bed on my own) and took a shower - my boyfriend stayed close by to make sure I didnt get too dizzy.

After the shower, I got dressed, made my bed, did my hair and makeup - all on my own with hardy any pain at all - more soreness than anything else. My boyfriend, his mother and I walked for dinner up the block afterwards, I rested on the sofa until 10pm. I took my ibuprofen and a Benadryl and had a pretty decent nights sleep ( I usually wake up 2-3xs per night). I slept on my back the entire night, which I do on occasion anyway.

I woke up this am, still hardly any pain at all, just soreness and I feel swollen on my back and ribs. I can feel the fluid in those areas giggle when I walk lol. My boobs still look pretty much the same, I feel like if anything they are a bit more apart than yesterday, and in between them feels swollen and when I press I can feel the fluid moving - kind of weird. All part of the healing process though - So far I am so, so happy with my decision and I wish I knew beforehand that it was going to be so easy. I would have saved myself from a lot of stress and anxiety! My surgeon and his staff are amazing!

1 week update!

It's been exactly 1 week so I wanted to post a quick update. I feel amazing. I am so happy with how they turned out and I am hardly in any pain at all! The day of i was a little sore, and it's only gotten better since! I'm only taking Tylenol for pain, I have been feeling back to myself, driving and at work since day 3 - with full range of motion with my arms. Dr. Epstein is amazing! If you have any questions please let me know! :)

Photo 10 minutes after surgery

My boyfriends mother took this pic of me literally 10 minutes from the OR. I didn't sleep at all in the recovery room and I was able to lift my arms right when I woke up with hardly any pain. I remember I just felt soreness and a burning sensation, my pain level was about a 4 out of 10 when I work up. Amazing! (Don't mind how pale and swollen my face looks! Yuck lol)
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