25 Y.O., 275cc silicone, 5'7, 130lbs, Mother of 2

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When I was younger, my mom always told me to be...

When I was younger, my mom always told me to be patient and that my breasts would grow. They were an A cup, then I got pregnant with my 1st son (who is now 5) and my breasts filled out, but after pregnancy were even smaller than they started! Fast forward, I got pregnant with my 2nd son (1 1/2 years old) and breastfed exclusively. After stopping nursing and after losing more weight than I wanted to, I ended up with deflated skin breasts that barely fill my bra. After talking with my husband and having much debate within myself (I am religious and struggled with altering my body to the extent of plastic surgery), I decided to start going for a few consultations. I have now found my doctor and set my surgery for July 30th (about a month away). I have times when I am very excited, and there are times when I am nervous and don't want to do something I will regret. I am looking for something very natural to give me the volume I had when I was nursing, because I felt very beautiful with myself at that time in my life, but i do not want to look fake/plastic. My doctor has recommended Mentor round textured 300-330ccs range (thinking moderate plus profile) but my breasts are not that wide so I don't want to go too big. I wanted the peri incision through the nipple to not have the scars under my breasts (as this is more for myself and husband so very important when I'm naked). My doctor said I can choose the gummy bears but only with under the breast incision of 2 inches and I don't want that. I am a very thin, athletic build woman and I want something with volume, but modest. I would be happy with a C cup. I'll add photos of my journey :)

Watched a scary video

so I watched a video of an actual breast augmentation and the amount of cutting a burning and pulling-- it seemed like so much trauma to the breast and my body. I am generally a very natural woman, trying to just fill the volume I lost when breastfeeding, but I don't want to hurt my body. It seems so many women get this procedure done and their bodies heal fine and they are happy with their results. I guess I'm just having a bit of anxiety. My pre-op is in 3 weeks, and then the 10-day count-down is on. Definitely not watching anymore surgery videos. I'm wondering how other women dealt with this anxiety/'cold-feet' type of feeling.

Cold Feet

So my post op is on Monday, and the surgery is a shirt 10 days later... and I'm having cold feet. Every time I think about this surgery I literally start having anxiety. I am generally a very anxious person and I know some level of this is normal before a sugery! But I'm still a little freaked out. I have different emotions ranging from scared, to excited, to guilty (for spending $ and down time from ny kids for an elective surgery- not to mention that I'm doing this for a selfish reason, and my health is fine unlike some women who need this due to loss of their breasts). I think of my amazing body and how it nurtured and birthe two beautiful babies and my breasts how they fed them... and then I cry at the thought of my electing to cut this amazing body open for my own selfish reasons. I read horror stories how women got increasingly sick after their BA, or how they lost hair from anwsthesia, etc... Ive seen so many different before & afters I just don't even know what I'll look like and if I will like them. I wonder if every woman analizes this so much or if I'm just nuts. Oh well, that's it for my emotional BA rant for today. If you are going through what I am or are scheduled for a BA soon and wanna share how you are staying calm, please reply

getting excited, yet keeping mind off

Of this BA... I have started to get excited about ny results ans face this recovery head on. I will just be praying for a good recovery and good results and understand positive thoughts will help me heal, or at least handle the recovery better :) , so I have been keeping ny mind off of boobs for a little by watching Caitlyn Jenner's speech at the EPSYs... and the thought ran through my mind... I wonder if Caitlyn Jenner ever checked out Realself before getting her surgeries and breasts?!? How funny, but that brought me back to thinking about breasts and now I'm excited all over again looking at you women with beautiful results :)

pre op and now I'm freaking

I had my pre op today and it was kind of disheartening. First off, my consultation with my Dr. Went very well, it was not rushed at all. I felt confident choosing him as the doctor for me. But tonight he seemed like he had somewhere to be and I did feel rushed. We tried on sizers, I initially was planing 325 or 350ccs... but today at the prep the doctor suggested 275ccs?!? Is there not a drastic difference? Now he said I can choose between the 300ccs or 275ccs but he thinks the 275ccs will look more natural. I do not want a fake look or any complications by going too big, but I'm a little disheartened that I can't reach a full C and still look natural. Should I push the 300ccs? Or just go with what the doctor says and do 275ccs?? I have until tomorrow to decide. So I'm freaking and feeling pressured. If you ladies have any helpful input, or went with 275 and feel happy, please reply :) thanks

rice sizers

Ok, so at my pre op yesterday my doctor said to go with the 275cc moderate plus profile mentor round textured implants. I'm 5'7" and 115lbs. He said if I wanted larger I would need to get high profile and I do not want that, as I am looking for a natural look. So in trying to decide on the size/profile I will go with in 10 days, I have submitted to the rice sizer. I made each with only one cup of rice, figuring if I am happy then I will like the 275cc probably. So here are my photos with the rice sizers in a post op bra and some shirts as well as more pre op pics with the bra and shirts. I made the sizers with knee high stocking and one cup (dry measuring cup) of rice each.

my doctor called

So I was feeling a bit nervous still when I left my pre-op and was undetermined on size. Well, I guess my PS could sense it because he called me yesterday! He wanted to talk and make sure I was happy and comfortable before the big day came :) it was much appreciated as he made sure ALL of my questions were answered thoroughly. I am now feeling even more confident in the size and feeling sooooo comfortable and happy with my Dr. choice!

I work for a contractor (with two men, no women) on a daily basis and I have been wearing my rice sizers with button down long sleeve shirts to work for the past 4 days. Hoping it will help me adjust so the BA is not so obvious. I'm also hoping the implants give a slightly larger result than the rice sizers so I don't end up getting used to them and wind up smaller. (Thus the reason I only used one cup of rice each). I guess on the plus side, I won't have a bunch of nasty office women whispering about my new breasts behind my back.

I am very nervous about recovery and the down time. I have two kids (youngest is 15 months) and I can only afford 4 days off of work. When I go back I will limit myself as much as possible, i.e. no heavy lifting.

On a side note, I have:
1) picked up my prescriptions
2) wedge pillow
3) stool softener
4) my blood work done
5) jello, broth, water and crackers
6) English ice packs (I'm from USA but these looked great! I'll post a pic later)

I still need to clean my house and get shirts, bras, more ingredients for homemade chicken soup, arinica, and anything else I will need...

If anyone has ideas for other items/chores before BA that will help/ has helped you, please post! Thanks

a new anxiety

So my boss starting asking me about the days I need to take off this week. I don't feel it is his (I work for two men, father and son) business to know what I am really off for, but I also do not like lying (I am actually not good at it)... so I stumbled and mumbled and first said I was going away, then thought they would see my car home (he lives near me) and ended up saying my niece and nephew are visiting. I sounded like a bumbling idiot and I'm pretty sure he was suspicious. He was like are you going to Connecticut to see them, or are they coming here? I told him he must've misheard me and they are coming to visit me.. Now I'm nervous about coming back with a huge swollen chest with boobs in my neck and they know I was lying the whole time and really got my breasts done :( I actually feel worse about the lying and wish I would've just turned around and been like - I'm fixing my breasts!! Finally doing something for ME!! ... or even just said it's personal. That would've been great lol.

My stupid mouth, ahhh

P.s. did anyone get textured mentor round? Do they sit as high and still need to drop like the smooth? My doctor said no massaging b/c they are textured... so wondering what you ladies have experienced. Thanks

today is the day... before surgery post

Ok, so today is the day and I feel unusually calm. I'm am an anxious person in general and though I do feel a bit anxious about the anesthesia and pain and if they come out ok, I actually am now just more excited than anything else. I came into work for a few hours since I am taking time off and I am the only one who can fulfill my position duties (so I know I'll be backed up when I get back which kinda sucks but it's worth it)...

I'm leaving here in 15 minutes and heading to the surgery center!! I will update as soon as I feel well enough to.

Prayers are greatly appreciated ladies!!

just got home

Ok so I got there at 11:30am, went back to the OR at 12noon
Got marked, met with anesthesiologist and was laid on the table.
My Dr. went over size, profile, etc.. and confirmed what I wanted.
I am home resting now and will post again soon.

4 hours post op

Feeling okay so far

looking good

12 hours post

good morning, 1 day post

I kept waking up, but not from pain. I am very pleased so far with my 275ccs. Can't wait till they drop and are not swollen so I can see the final size. Right now I'm measuring a small D! Once I started taking the pain meds I felt much better and have been feeling nothing but slight pressure ever since (I am rotating one dose of 1 percocet, with one dose of tylenol)

I go back to my doc today around noon for my 24 hour follow-up. I hope I get the clear to wash the marker off.

I appreciate all the prayers and good vibes, so far so good recovery wise :)

P.s. I got Mentor round, textured (siltex), 275cc moderate plus profile, submuscular, periareolar incision.

I will continue to post pics and updates! Ciao for now

3 days post op

so day one and two were okay.. by then end of day 2 and beginning of day 3, I was in bad discomfort and pain.
I have been icing religiously and it helps a bit, but not enough for me to skip on the pain meds.
Unfortunately my Dr. does't allow a shower until at least day 5 so I am patiently waiting for that since Im sure I will feel better once cleaned up .

To be honest, the sickness from the medication is kind of the worst part.
Well I go back to my doctor to follow up tomorrow so I will update and post some photos. Tomorrow is also my first day back to work s finger crossed it's a smooth day!

5 day post op update

Ok so my doctor gave me extra meds for nausea and that helped A LOT! The pain has been minimal except for that one night (day 3 ughh!)... but other than that I have been icing and still taking the pain meds, antibiotics, and nausea meds (when I need them)
I take only a 1/2 of the percocet and 1 or 2 tylenol and it seems to get me to a point of functioning.

At my first post-op follow up yesterday the doctor said everything looks great, my slight bruising is completely normal (it is actually of a healing color), and he removed the tape from the stitches.

In 2 days I go to have the stitches removed and will ask about putting some type of silicone tape on them.

Other than that, I am 100% pleased with my size and my surgeon. I am healing wonderfully and they are the perfect size for me. They still get harder and softer at different times during the day and I'm anticipating once they are actually healed, but for now they are perfect!!!

Oh, and just today I started feeling little bubbles or something inside (not painful) as well as my swelling moving down my abdomen.

***Please note in my photos I still have marker and medical cleaning solution on my skin due to that I have not been cleared to shower yet.

side view slope

Forgot this one
Day one post op
Side view slope
275 cc mentor moderate plus profile

one week today

So I go later to get my stitches out (hopefully if they are healed enough) and I will post pictures of that...

But wanted to do a mental update. It surely has been an emotional roller coaster.
When on the pain meds I felt great, but since I ran out the pain is a bit rough.
I can never tell if the things I'm seeing and feeling are normal part of healing or If something is wrong.
Ex: "I know one side can heal and swell differently but is this a seroma?"... are examples of daily thoughts..

When every little thing pulls or hurts I'm worried something is majorly wrong (please excuse my paranoid feelings, I'm sure not everyone does this)

I'm scared to get my stitches out, both for the actual act of them bwing cut out, and for afterwards that the skin will be stressed and somehow open back up!?! Scary

Other than that, everything is going as well as it could be and I'm hoping my 1 week post op visit goes well. Will update tonight.

P.s. I wish I could've taken longer off of work. 5 days was not enough and I do not have a physically exhausting job. Just FYI for you pre op ladies. Also English ice packs saved my life because they molded nicely to my breasts and you can get them at any pharmacy / walmart.

another week to wait

So my follow up was very short yesterday. He checked and said everything looked great... but he wants to wait one more week to take out the stitches.

At least I was able to take my first real shower and it felt great.

Oh, and my nipples get hard, respond to heat/cold/touching them as they normally should which is great since I had a periareolar incision :)

update day 12 post op. pics

I'm 12 days post op and it has been a weird experience. Very drastic emotions this pulled out of me that I wouldnt have expected from the way so many women get breast augmentations done and seem like it is so easy.

I got my stitches out yesterday and ever since I've been feeling sharp tings in my nipples. (I thought maybe nerves awakening but my nipples have worked, as in- become erect and respond to touch and heat since days before this) so idk if this is still a normal reaction.

I have also begun puting a thin layer of A & D ointment on my nipple incisions because I do not want it to stay crusted and rubbing my bra peeling the scabs.

I am very happy with the size and aesthetic result of my breasts. They are a great size (went with 275ccs) and I am glad I did not go any bigger.

It is still painful and hard to do all of my daily functions. I can feel improvement in use of my arms but also still feel restricted.
I continue to ice for the soreness and wash with hibiclense when I shower. Just to be safe and help prevent infection.

Any questions you pre-ladies have I'd be glad to answer.
And can anyone reply on how soon you used things like mederma or silicone sheets after stitches were freshly removed? Thanks


Healing takes time... I'm trying to be patient but sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me. I am healing well though and just figured I'd post some pics. I'm 16 days post op.

nipple incisions 6 days post

Before washing and cleaning on day 16. Nipple incisions 16 days post op.

bras suck right now

I'm 16 days post op. The recovery bra (which I still wear 24/7 until 3 weeks out... is uncomfortable now (like I always have to adjust it, I don't let know how to explain), and I also have to take it off to wash it... so have been looking for a wire free bra with support to wear.

Genie bra from walmart sucks, cheap, and broke open.

Tried multiple others before I found this one (pic posted) from BALI. It's a 34 C but it is a bit snug because I still want a lot of support.

I only wear it for a few hours while my other bras are washing but it is great because it doesn't show under all my shit's like the recovery bra.

I've also been using a stretch bra from when I was nursing that supported my milk filled breasts so figured Id try it, and it works great.

So that'smy bra update, in the interim, until I can get clearance to wear any bra I want :)

Doc worked major with 275ccs

So I am glad I went with 275 and not a drop bigger! I am having such a hard time finding bras that come in size 32D or 32DD. Yes, I ended up going from a 32A to a 32D with 275ccs, and in Victoria Secret im a 32DD. In calvin klein I got lucky and found a few 32D and 34C that I can work with for now. Pics are in 32DD Body by Victoria- from Victoria Secret (light pink)... guess I'm happy I've never had boob greed once, knock on wood :)

Doc worked magic with 275ccs

In calvin klein, no padding, lightly lined, wire-free 32D

black bra off of me so you can see

Here is my black bra calvin klein off of me so you can see the lack of push up/ padding

3 weeks

Dropping at different rates by nor horrible. It could just be my asymmetry before surgery, I'm not sure. Only time will tell.
I am still in discomfort / minor pain when I do things such as hold my baby, or try to carry heavy groceries. It is a but frustrating as I felt I healed quicker from both of my c sections :(
But I'll post some updates pics and continue to show progress.
Happy healing ladies

3 weeks

Side view pics

someone asked for bra details

Calvin klein bra details

over it kinda

I'm having booboo blues a bit. I am almost 5 weeks post op and I thought I was healing well, but now I am seeing unevenness and my one breast looks higher up (by the crease, not higher up by my collar bone).

I was excited about the healing, but now I am over it. I just want to be pain free and sleep any way I want and not wake up to hard rocks on my chest.

Everyday I'm getting more paranoid that they will end up uneven or that I am having early CC in the tighter breast.

I have no patience and I just want the final result and not to stress anymore over if they will heal well, or look good, or be worth it overall.

Emotionally I'm just a bit sad. I think the healing is taking longer than I expected and I still cannot pick up my youngest son (which breaks my heart every day)

If you look at the squishing photos you might be able to see the tightness of my right breast, and the roundness of my left breast that my right does not have. My husband says the right just needs to settle more and it will look like the left. But at 5 weeks post op I'm pretty sure it's not going to settle that much more and I'm thinking maybe my doctor didn't make the pockets the same size, or lower the creases even. I don't even know anymore, just stressed and have so many unanswered questions.

Then after all this, I think it might just be in my head and they really are ok. I don't know

7 week update

Doc says I'm healing normally just taking a bit longer.
My right breast has droped a little but then seems like the next day is back up and tight.
time and vitamin E... patience is a virtue ;)
Pics are from 6 weeks. I will post 7 weeks pics later tonight. Happy healing ladies.

picture update as of today (9/23/15, surgery on (7/30/15)


almost 3 1/2 months. random

So still having slight pain and doscomfort. I do have rippling but can make or not noticeable if I want to because it is on side and botton, not the top of my breast.

I have been using scar away serum and bio oil for about 3 days. I will post more later on

3 month pics *a little late*

More to come...

probably need a second surgery :(

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I had my 3 Month check up and I knew something may have been wrong because I am still getting pain (especially my right breast)

He checked my breasts as well as my incision scars (which have puckered/tethered to my inside muscle).

Now he is sending me for a CAT Scan to check for implant placement and any ruptures. I am 3 months post op, so it will sucks to start this recovery process again.

My doctor said the second surgery will be no cost to me, but I still lose the time and go through the pain again.

I'm scared and nervous that the second surgery will be needed and may not fix the problem, or could make whatever it is worse :(

pics of tethered incision

Here are a few recent pics. When settled they are fine, but if touched they are painful still and you can see the tethering in the photos

pics again

Reload of pics updated

of course

Of course my insurance isn't covering the CT Scan, so i have to pay out of pocket. Dont get me wrong, I knew before I got this surgery the possibilities of complications and having to pay... but I just didn't think it would be me, or this soon after surgery I guess. Everything about this is hard to stay positive about. Well, I am happy my doctor is being proactive now about this instead of waiting a long time. That's something positive :)

got 275cc & wish I went SMALLER

I am alomost 6 months post op with my 275cc implants and I wish I went smaller! I do not know if it would be better to explant extirely, or to switch them out now while I have the chance (if i get any surgery in the first year it is a nominal set fee from my surgeon).

I am in pain still, have horrible ripples, my scars are stretched and sensitive still! The right breasts scar is still tethered. I am sad because they look okay for the most part, but hurt and feel fake and I want smaller. :(

My feelings are my own

I think the feelings I am feeling about wanting them smaller is all because of myself. The things I would want changed about this surgery in no way do I think, was my doctor doing something wrong, but rather me wanting them perfect and to feel like my real breast when I was nursing my children. I realize now I will never have those naturally large breasts again and I actually have a great result for a BA. My CT scan came back with no complications and my body is just one to take longer to heal apparently. If I had another surgery I would go with a smaller size (which I plan to do whether it is in a month or ten years), but that is just because of my own feelings on implants.

Happy, happy, happy 6 months

Six month check up and update. I will need a scar revision on my right nipple due to tethering that was unable to be massaged out : ( ... while I am nervous because my PS will be performing the procedure under a local anesthetic and there are risks (of the implant being punctured or rupturing, as well as bleeding and infection), but the pain of my scar being tethered really is not something I could continue on living with.

Because of this my right breast still hurts six months the later and my left is perfect. So hopefully after this procedure (pending everything goes well and as planned), my pain will cease and I can fully enjoy both breasts ;)

I have included some 6 month photos, not much change but they feel so much softer and like my breasts now than ever before. I will also document the scar revision.

Random photos. About 6 months post

About 6 months post. Random pics

Photos, Scoliosis, and 6 month update

1st: I am posting this for myself and some what for the other ladies on here to give hope for the future after just getting a BA.

I understand that I posted a lot of photos and if that upsets anybody I feel bad you are upset but I think it will help others so get over it. (Thanks, peace & love)
These photos are to show that a huge changes occurred in my first 6 months post op and they are random photos in all sorts of positions and angles to see how the breasts lay and react to the different positions.

If you have any questions, please ask.

I will be going on Feb. 9th (moved back a week) for an in-office scar revision to my right periareolar incision because it has tethered and is painful. I will document that as well.
Other than that pain by my right nipple, things have healed wonderfully and by 6 months they have gotten so soft that I am comfortable with saying it is worth it (pending my scar revision works because that daily pain makes it questionable), once my scar is fixed if the pain goes away and I still have the same aesthetic result I will be ecstatic. [The photos with my clothes on and me squeezing my breast are to show the tethered incision.]

2nd: I realized in some of my pictures my breasts look uneven, it is not so much asymmetry as it is my scoliosis. In the pictures you can see my shoulders are not level, though I try to get then straight to see if my breasts are even ! :) sorry ladies

Full body shots

Someone requested I post full body shots. They were not meant for public (they are for my husband), so some are provocative poses, please excuse.

Full body with clothes (photos)

As requested by a fellow Realself user, full body shots, and I am clothed :)

Wish me luck on my scar revision coming up February 9th :)


Photos, full body, and of nipple before my revision procedure next Tuesday, eek :/

As you can see due to the tethering I am having an odd shape to the underside of my right breast. I hope this is fixed once untethered because the shape and roundness of my left breast is perfect.

Photos ** random.. 6 monthd some days (dress)

Ironically my breast is hurting more and more each day now that the revision procedure is a few days away. Maybe it's mental also.

On a side note, I've been feeling very confident and happy with my new shape.
Here are some pics :)

The dress was amazing, got it for $8 and it was the second time in 6 months I have been able to wear a sexy dress with boobs!!!!
Tried to get good angles


They didn't upload for some reason. Here they are.

Stupid photos not loading. Trying again

The bra less dress

Scar revision today. Wish me luck :)

On my way to my scar revision procedure.

I will not know until he opens it up whether the scar tissue is just tethered, or the muscle itself is tethered and needs to be released. I am extremely nervous more about not being put fully asleep than anything! But I'm also afraid of it not healing well or anything going wrong on the table.
I will keep you a updated. I appreciate your good thoughts and prayers. Thanks in advance for your support ladies.

Scar revision day

Today's the day. See you on the other side

Revision done, have slight CC- photos

Doc did scar revision. He had to cut through a nerve which he said was probably causing the pain. He said it feels like I am developing slight capsular contracture in my right breast so he wants me to massage vigorously when the incision closes. I put up some pics. I'm in a bit of pain and discomfort. And I want to massage but and afraid of ripping my incision open :/

Squishing and squeezing videos

Left breast squishing

Explicit - Click to view

Right breast (squishing but just had small scar revision)

Explicit - Click to view

Since my scar revision was yesterday I could not squeeze my right breast as much. It is also slightly harder from the mild CC in that breast.

As you can see in my left, it moves and feels and acts just as a normal breast would.

I will be starting massage and Singulair next week when my stitches come out so I'll keep updating.

P.s.- I think my PS scar revision was successful for at least the pain. He said while he was in there he had to cut out a nerve. Ever since, I have NOT had any shooting pain (the pain that I was having every single day for the past 6 month is gone)

I'm almost positive scar revision worked... but not quite

So my scar revision was meant to do 2 things:

1) help with the shooting pain I had and extreme sensitivity in my right breast from my tethered nipple

2) un-tether the nipple for aesthetic reasons, as I'm sure you can tell what it looks like when my breast is squeezed in the above photos

We'll I'm here to update...

I am almost 100% pain-free!! The scar revision worked for #1, but the skin is still slightly tethered aesthetically. But I am fine with that! I think they look fantastic and so does my husband. The pain was unbearable and now that I do not have the sharp shooting pains and can actually let my husband touch my breasts, we are both completely satisfied.
I was considering an explant if I remained in pain so this is great news for me.
I can confidently say now that this procedure has been worth it. I feel much more confident and will be happy to feel comfortable in a bathing suit this summer :)
I already feel so much more comfortable naked and clothed.
And I am happy with the size as well. They look large naked and small clothed, just what I wanted. I wish you ladies the best, I appreciate the support, and hope you all get the results you wish for :)
I have included some photos that are random just to see where I stand at almost 7 months post op.

What I never had

Cleavage! But here it is now haha
did not actually wear this shirt out like this, I ended up putting a tank top under because I thought it was too much boob (which I've never been able to say) ... but I'm digging it either way ;)

Lingerie random pic

The top is a little crooked, not the breasts ;) excited because I've never filled out lingerie before. More pics to come soon

Using scar away

I'm trying scar away on my scars. Figured I'd document it for anyone ever questioning if they're worth the price :)

One year update

I have posted a few photos but will add more later and speak more on my pros and cons of my breast augmentation overall. In general I am happy with my results

One year update

Ok, so overall I'm pleased withat my breast augmentation. There are some things I wish did not happen and you will see them listed below as the cons.

Improvement aesthetically of breasts (they look better)

Feel sexier about my breasts and body, both naked and clothed.

Fun with husband

Scars are not bad

Confidence booster BY FAR

Had pain since day one in my right breast that has yet to go away

Had to have scar revsion on right nipple due to nerve being caught in scar tissue under the incision

Scars are noticeable to me

Feels like my scars puckered in

Flex deformity slightly in right breast

I believe my breast augmentation helped me achieve the confidence I was lacking after breastfeeding my children. If I did not still have some reoccurring pain in my right breast I would rate this procedure 100% worth it. But I do still have that slight pain, and they do not feel 100% like my own body part (they feel about 85-90%). I look at my old photos when I considered explanting because if the constant pain at that point, and I still felt like I am happy with the way thetc look overall and make me feel better about my body.
I am going for my one year check up ( about a monto late because I'm always working), and I will talk to him about still having pain and what my options are. I may just have to live with it since it has gotten far less than it was before the scar revision... but that makes me think sometimes that maybe another small scar revision procedure will help the last bit of pain and discomfort I have?. Oh well, I will talk with the doc and weigh my options (and of course fill you ladies in). But going back I would still get the procedure done.

Now I will bombard you with a ton of photos

Photos didn't upload, one year update

Photo random positions, clothes

Update random

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