Goodbye to the Insecurities That Have Plagued Me for Almost my Whole Life! - Long Island, NY

I for as long as I can remember have had body...

I for as long as I can remember have had body issues. My weight has always yo-yo'd and no matter how much weight I was able to loose i always had trouble areas I couldn't get rid of. I mean, don't we all ladies?!?! My love handles, my waist line, my little kangaroo pouch, not a one of them ever looked the way i wanted them too. At my heaviest i was 290lbs and a size 18. Now at age 30, and with a beautiful 4 year old, im ready to do something to get a better quality of life. Ive thought about getting a BBL for a few years now and just never followed through thinking the desire would fade. but much like these love handles, didn't. and so now after much research Ive finally chosen a doctor and a date. I'm one month out and so ready to finally move forward. My fears and apprehension are not overshadowed by my desire to finally make a change in my life and so i inform myself as much as possible and move forward with my decision. I had looked into Dr Shahine, but opted out of that for a number of reasons, primarily for not meeting me at my consult and meeting with a secretary instead who never even examined my body but gave me a price. I had full pages of questions with each consult and finally chose to go with Dr.Levin in Long Island with Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York. I was very comfortable and made even more comfortable by the nurse tending to my surgery Lauren. So deposit down, countdown commence, and Im ready to get into it head first and begin the recovery process as quickly as I can. Im confident, and im anxious but this is what I need. I can finally get to a point where my finace and I can have sex with the lights on, where i dont have to cry to him because I feel less than beautiful with my body, and I fully trust that Dr. Levin and his staff can help me get there. I will post some before pics but for now Im giving an insight into the motives of my journey!!!!

Finally took some pics

So Im getting lipo done to my flanks, bra roll, upper and lower abs and having a fat transfer to the butt for the BBL. hoping to get results that are not perfect but will provide me with a more satisfied feeling in my day to day life! 28 days left to the big day, and Im more and more nervous each day. Ive debated on whether or not to even do the fat transfer and not to simply do lipo. Ive been pretty happy with my butt, NOT VERY HAPPY, and even the dr said with the lipo i may have the look im going for w the fat transfer once the lipo provides a different waist to hip ratio. I have time to decide so, ill think it out

22 days left!!!!

I have realized that in so many situations, google is not the answer to finding all your answers. I have already prepared myself for necrosis, a blot clot, an embolism, and or death. I had to draw the line between keeping myself informed, and being able to weed out the negative information that will only lead to me becoming neurotic. But I am excited, ready to get snatched, and fluffed! Any ladies have any tips on what NOT to do the day or surgery, or what helped to ease their nerves?!?!
Abraham Levin

My consult with Dr. Levin was fantastic, he made me fully aware of what he could do and what he could and could not do for me specifically. He made me aware of how the procedure works, and how the equipment he uses will assist him in achieving the goals i have for my BBL.

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