Goodbye to the Insecurities That Have Plagued Me for Almost my Whole Life! - Long Island, NY

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I for as long as I can remember have had body...

I for as long as I can remember have had body issues. My weight has always yo-yo'd and no matter how much weight I was able to loose i always had trouble areas I couldn't get rid of. I mean, don't we all ladies?!?! My love handles, my waist line, my little kangaroo pouch, not a one of them ever looked the way i wanted them too. At my heaviest i was 290lbs and a size 18. Now at age 30, and with a beautiful 4 year old, im ready to do something to get a better quality of life. Ive thought about getting a BBL for a few years now and just never followed through thinking the desire would fade. but much like these love handles, didn't. and so now after much research Ive finally chosen a doctor and a date. I'm one month out and so ready to finally move forward. My fears and apprehension are not overshadowed by my desire to finally make a change in my life and so i inform myself as much as possible and move forward with my decision. I had looked into Dr Shahine, but opted out of that for a number of reasons, primarily for not meeting me at my consult and meeting with a secretary instead who never even examined my body but gave me a price. I had full pages of questions with each consult and finally chose to go with Dr.Levin in Long Island with Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York. I was very comfortable and made even more comfortable by the nurse tending to my surgery Lauren. So deposit down, countdown commence, and Im ready to get into it head first and begin the recovery process as quickly as I can. Im confident, and im anxious but this is what I need. I can finally get to a point where my finace and I can have sex with the lights on, where i dont have to cry to him because I feel less than beautiful with my body, and I fully trust that Dr. Levin and his staff can help me get there. I will post some before pics but for now Im giving an insight into the motives of my journey!!!!

Finally took some pics

So Im getting lipo done to my flanks, bra roll, upper and lower abs and having a fat transfer to the butt for the BBL. hoping to get results that are not perfect but will provide me with a more satisfied feeling in my day to day life! 28 days left to the big day, and Im more and more nervous each day. Ive debated on whether or not to even do the fat transfer and not to simply do lipo. Ive been pretty happy with my butt, NOT VERY HAPPY, and even the dr said with the lipo i may have the look im going for w the fat transfer once the lipo provides a different waist to hip ratio. I have time to decide so, ill think it out

22 days left!!!!

I have realized that in so many situations, google is not the answer to finding all your answers. I have already prepared myself for necrosis, a blot clot, an embolism, and or death. I had to draw the line between keeping myself informed, and being able to weed out the negative information that will only lead to me becoming neurotic. But I am excited, ready to get snatched, and fluffed! Any ladies have any tips on what NOT to do the day or surgery, or what helped to ease their nerves?!?!

1 week out!!! Super excited

About one week out from surgery and I'm super excited. Finally told my parents about everything I'm about to do and of course they're not supportive and not encouraging me to go through with it. My fiancé has been my rock through all of this. Even though he doesn't encourage me to do it he's being very supportive of the whole process. My nerves are on the fence of being there or not being there but I think the closer I get to the day, I'll feel more excited. I think more than anything I'm just worried about the pain afterwards.

Tomorrow's the day!

Tomorrow's the big day. I'm so many emotions rolled into one. I'm getting all of my post op things to help me with recovery. I started taking my antibiotics yesterday along with using my body cleanse and antibacterial soap. This soap dries me out miserably which being that it's winter doesn't help. But I can't use anything to moisturizer my skin as told my the dr. So Im 12 hrs away from getting ready to head to my procedure. (Fingers crossed). Hopefully this does exactly what I need it to do for me!!!

I'm so sore

No lie. I'm so sore. It's a process just to get out of the bed to pee. My fiancé is such a big help. He fed me last night (which I don't even remember) and helped me up every time I needed to move to the bathroom. All I keep telling myself is this will all go away. And take it one hour at a time. The procedure itself was an all day thing I got there at 830am I wasn't done til 730pm. Woke up a few times enough to have small talk but eventually always passed back out. Some spots when I was awake were super sore and I felt there wasn't any numbing it I could feel it but it was nothing unbearable. Next thing I knew my nurses were helping me into the garment and I was laying in another room so I could wake up more. My fiancé pulled the car to the front and I was walked by my nurses to the car.

Day by day

Today's been a rough day. I can't move much comfortably. So I jut kind of lay around on my stomach which isn't painful until I have to shift and then the pain in my stomach becomes a factor. Peeing is a process I have to hover and my fiancé hold me up. I had hips added with my blood so my ability to spread my legs comfortably is non existent and I'm swollen all over. Again.....this will all pass. My drainage wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I've only had to change my dressing once. And I haven't leaked all over the floors at all. Which is probably why I don't feel so icky all over. When I got off the table from the bbl my body was pouring with blood like a faucet and since then. almost nothing. But ladies. Having someone with you the first couple of days is an absolute must. Don't try to do this on your own. I tried to get to the bathroom without waking my fiancé and just ended up crying out of frustration. I don't wanna feel like I'm relying on him but at this point I really have to. It's almost impossible to do myself.

Day two after surgery

Today I feel better than yesterday. I was able to get myself out of bed on my own and go to the bathroom without any help. Which was an accomplishment. I've got some independence back. Getting up from the bed is a struggle. My core isn't strong at all and it's painful to push or pull myself up. But at least I get to finally shower today!!!

2 days post op. Still swollen

One month post op.

I'm healing well. I had zero pin throughout the surgery immediately following. I took not one pain killer and my drowning was minimal, not even lasting a day. Reason being my nurse said my procedure lasted a while and I drained for the most part on the table. I'm still really swollen on my upper and lower back. I have a few hard nodules that have developed but the dr told me it's all part of the healing and will go away that I'm sill very wary out of my procedure. I'm getting ready to go into a size down for my garment as soon as I order it today and then the progress will hopefully continue from there. I'm gonna post some before and farts with what I looked like before and now

Before and now photos 1 month post op

Abraham Levin

My consult with Dr. Levin was fantastic, he made me fully aware of what he could do and what he could and could not do for me specifically. He made me aware of how the procedure works, and how the equipment he uses will assist him in achieving the goals i have for my BBL.

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