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Hello everyone, I am new to the site and would...

Hello everyone,

I am new to the site and would like to get a Brazilian Butt Lift very soon. I have been searching for doctors here in New York where I am from, Florida, Atlanta and the Dominican Republic. I am not sure which doctor to choose. The prices here in the States is crazy! But I am afraid to go to another country to get the procedure done but I love the work the doctors do their so much more than here in the states. I know people who have had work done in the Dominican Republic and they look great. I am only 4'8 and I don't want my butt to look to fake! I do not have children yet but my body is aging! I have looked into Dr. Jimerson, Dr. Cortes, Dr. Mendieatta, Dr. Schulman, Dr. Yily and Dr. Duran. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Decided on a doctor

Hello everyone, I was undecided on getting the bbl. I have decided to go with Dr. Fisher in Miami. I am too scared to go to DR even though I like their bodies more. But oh well. I am in talks with vanity cosmetics now. My coordinator is Margaret. She's not pushy to me and has let me call her and email her. I haven't paid or picked a date yet. I'm going to be staying at a hotel and my best friend will be coming with me. For past patients of Dr. Fisher, how did you feel about him? I read about vanity and that's why after the initial call with Margaret I have only been emailing her. I'm just deciding now on a hotel and how many days to stay. Margaret said 7 days is enough?. I will try to stay for ten days. I'm worried about work because I don't want to go back to soon because my job is beyond physical. I have attached pics of myself but I have lost weight since then and will continue to lose more weight so I can get the desired look I want. I'm only 4'8 and don't want too much booty just enough!

Any Fisher dolls?

I'm hoping to go with Fisher. I just wanted to know what was included in everyone's quote. I received a quote from Margaret for $4500 for 12 areas of lipo, bbl and so on. What are the 12 areas? I would like full lipo to my back, abdomen and flanks.

How does recovery feel?

Hello ladies,

I am still on the fence of getting a bbl. If I do, I am definitely going with Dr. Fisher. I do have one question from you girls who have had the bbl already. I will be coming down to Miami with my best friend and hoping for a march date and if so the weather up here in NY would be horrible. How is everyone who has had the procedure feeling on say day 5 or 6 of recovery? I am hoping I get to have some fun while in Miami for a few days after my surgery as I am staying probably 10-14 days. Should I not expect to be able to do anything after the procedure?!

Decided on Dr. Fisher

Hi ladies,
So I put a deposit down with Vanity. My coordinator is Margaret. She seems nice and she did not put any pressure on me at all. I guess since she wasn't getting me to commit someone else from Vanity called me by the name of Dailin and was kinda trying to get me to commit, which I didn't do because I read they work off of commission and
wanted Margaret to get it because she has answered every question I have asked. I only put $500 down and will put more down in the upcoming weeks. My quote was for $4500 but it will be more because I want to add my chin and upper back. Margaret did say Dr. Fisher may not do my upper back because he may feel I do not need to be lipoed there. She said if so then when I come in for my consultation and he says I need it then I can pay for it at that time. I'm getting extremely excited though!

Wish pics

I am adding some wish pics. I'm steadily losing weight. Not doing any crazy diets just working out. I'm only 4"8 so I don't want a big huge butt!

Changed Doctors


I have changed my doctor to Dr. James Macdoo at Vanity Cosmetics. I am working with Margaret from Vanity Cosmetics and she recommended Dr.Macdoo to me. Unfortunately it will not let me change doctors. I am hoping to find more Macdoo dolls out there. I like Dr. Fishers work but he is booked during the months I would like to go and I am not losing the weight fast enough to be under his bmi requirements.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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