23 Years Old, No Kids, 95lbs, 5'3", 350cc Saline,high profile

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I am a petite girl trying to archieve a mature/...

I am a petite girl trying to archieve a mature/ sexy look. Ive always been upset about how young I look and having no boobs dont help at all. This is something i wanted for year and i finally made the decesion to go through it. I hope my experience will help other ladies with the same frame as me. This page has really helped me thats why i decide to my my account.

Wish boobs!

These are a couple of pictures of my desire volume.

3rd consultation

It went well, this is when I finally decided what size to get

Pre op no bra

Literally nothing... flat A

A few things i would like to wear when i get my boobie!!

I just imagine how sexy, confident and happy I am going to feel using all the clothes, swimsuit & bralettes that ive always wanted to wear. Theres no greater feeling than being happy with yourself.

Pre op with a bra

This is me using a push up bra. Theres nothing to push up ????

Preo op with bra

This is me with a push up bra, there is nothing to push up ????

More braletts and outfit that I cant wait for

Im going to take dressing to a whole other level ?????

Rethinking the size

So Im still debating on the size. On my last consultation I decided on 300cc high profile saline breast implants but in still not 100% sure. Since am going to pay alot of money, I want people to tell and see the difference but not at the point that I look top heavy. Im not sure if 300cc is going to be big enough because I dont have a lot of breast tissue. Im debating between 300ccs 325cc and 350cc. Ive seen alot of reviews to help me decide on my size and somethings I feel like 300ccs is going to be small and 350ccs is going to be too big. I might go in between which is 325ccs. In so scared to make a wrong choice!!! Ladies any help?!

More wish boobs

More Pre op pics***

Im just so anxious that even tho, I dont have an exact date, I am contemplating the time and i know that Im going to get my boobies this year 2017! With the help of god ofcourse.

Non paded bra

This pic was taken 1/4/17


Sports bra with absolutely no padding

Pre op vitamins

Some pre-op vitamins that I purchase to make my body ready for surgery

A week away!!!

So, I am exactly a week away and I cant be more excited/anxious/ nervous / happy. So much mixed emotions, and I cant believe this is really happening. what once was a dream is going to become a reality with the help of god ofcourse. I just hope everything turns out good and to have amazing results. It was a long journey of searching, saving money and waiting but everything comes with patience and hard work. A week from now at this time i will have my boobie :) I know that with god's blessing Everything is going to be ok.

The day is here yeyyy!!

My surgery is at 7am im just here waiting :)

On the other side!

So today i finally got my surgery done. I ended up with 350cc on both Left and Right. The process was very quick and successful thanks to god. My sister and I got the same procedure the same day with the. Same doctor which is dr. Blaine. So let me tell you alot bit more about my expirience... I arrived to doctors plastic surgery at 5:00am when my appointment was a 6am. I left my house with alot of time because I didnt know how was the traffic. Then, they opened the office and the nurse took me in imediately. She was so nice and helpful by the way (her name is crystal). She asked me to pee in a cup for pregnancy test. Then took me inside a room and asked me a few question. After that i had to change into a gown, knee high socks and a plastic hat l. After 30 mins the anestesialogist came in and spoke with me. At last came my doctor and we spoke about sizes and she drew some markings on my chest. I finally went into the surgery room and the last thing i remember was putting the oxygen mask on my face. When I woke up OMG!! Worse feeling ever. I was shivering and felt alot of pressure on my chest. Then they dressed me and had to wait for my sister to get outta surgery which was the worse experience ever. Breathing would hurt so much and was so uncomfortable. Around 12pm we left the office and was instructed to take my pills and eat something so I did. On my way home, the bumpy road was killing me and I thank god that my mother and yongest sister were there to help us do everything. After drinking the muscle relaxer I started to feel better and I could breath normally. It is 9:22pm right now, and I wont be posting pictures cuz I just dont have the energy but I will be posting through out the week. Just thankful with god that we survived and hoping that my sister and I have great results.

Post op day 1

I had 330cc implants filled with 350cc

Post op day 2

Still on alot of pain

1 week post op

Doing well and feeling much better

2 weeks post op

This are my scars barely noticable :)

1 month post op

After a month i feel so much better, they have droped alot and got alot softer. As of now im a B cup a C on some bras. I hope they keep fluffing because i wouldnt mind them a little bigger

New bras

1 months post op

2 months post op

Long Island Plastic Surgeon

I still havent done my surgery but im really looking foward to this with my doctor dr. Michael bruck.

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