33 Years Old 2 Kids; Lipo Please. Long Island City, NY

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I have been thinking about this even before I had...

I have been thinking about this even before I had children. I work very hard to stay in shape, but somehow I cannot achieve the look I want. So I did some research and found Dr. Arnold Breitbart and other doctors but ultimately chose him because of his awesome reviews. The consultation was as expected quick and to the point. He seemed more realistic far as expectations go, compared to other doctors. His before and after gallery is also impressive. So here I am in anticipation. I will post more as my experience develops into results. Wish me luck.

procedure day!

Tolerable, but very painful. The Valium is a must! I took one 30 min before arrival and 15 min before I was called in. Flanks hurt me less than the abdominal area for a couple seconds there I wanted to jump up and scream for a break, but I didn't and it was over before I knew it. Dr. Arnold Breitbart is really a sweetheart the day of the surgery which was impressive because he already had me on the table. Surgery staff is great too. More pain followed a couple minutes after surgery and then I took my 2nd 500 mg Tylenol pill; I am feeling good right now. Now to wait for results.


2 day after.

It is definitely a process

lipo board and post lipo massage

These two things have helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

annoying but improving

I am a fit girl I like to work out and I definitely can not do any real exercise now except for speed walk. But I see a little progress and so did my boyfriend. He said "it is starting to look like you been hitting the gym hard" I don't see that but I see progress. I have had two massages and have been using Maidenform Flexees body shaper for compression.


I am still not dazzled by the results, but I know I am still healing so patience it shall be.

Right before the 3 month mark

They say smartlipo show best results after 3 mos. But I definitely feel better. I just came back from a workout free, eat w.e. I want vacation and I didn't get a huge belly as I normally would.
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

He is quick and to the point, but he will answer any questions thoroughly and his staff is friendly enough.

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