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So I've been stalking this site for months now....

So I've been stalking this site for months now. Most of my reviews probably won't be too long I like to talk straight to the point :). Basically I love my body but I want bigger breasts. I just think bigger breasts would make my physique almost perfect. I'm going to get them done at Drs Plastic surgery in Long Island City. I had a consultation with one Dr but I am meeting with Dr Blaine on Weds because I've heard good things about her and I like the pictures of her work I've seen. I am 5'4 140 pounds with a petite frame. I'm a 34' smallish b and i'd like to end up a full C or a small D. I tried on 400cc testers (Im going to be getting saline) but Im going to talk to Dr Blaine about doing 450 because I don't want to be top heavy but I also don't want to end up feeling like I should've gone bigger like I see ALOT of women on here feel. I also want to do moderate profile because as you can see by my wish pics I like a wider natural look. Im attaching my pictures with the testers as well as some body pics and wish pics. Tell me what you ladies think about sizing :))

More wish pics

I have so many wish pics I know I should narrow it down but ahh. I feel like all of my wish pics the breasts in them all look very similar to each other which is good. I want the Dr to have a CLEAR idea of what I want.


So I had my consultation with Dr. Christine Blaine at Drs Plastic Surgery today. I really liked her because she was very informative but in a real way. She spoke in terms non surgeons would understand and also disputed some myths she knows I've heard. For example I really didn't want to do silicone because of the obvious health rumors I've heard but she explained to me how those rumors came about and the many researchers who have disputed them already. So now I am going with silicone. I was unhappy to spend the extra money but I am happy because I've heard and seen from many real selfers that sils feel super natural and they also look better in my opinion. Im kind've excited but my fear of being put to sleep and not getting the results I want is looming over my head. I've heard so many great things about Dr.Blaine Im sure I won't be disappointed also everyone says being put to sleep is the easy part and thats what I need to keep telling myself! Still debating on size. I REALLY do not want to have "boob greed" because no one has time for the emotional distress or money for a revision lol.

High Profile?? Mod +??

So Dr.Blaine told me shell most likely use a high profile implant on me. I got super apprehensive because I heard Mod and mod+ look the most natural and give width. She explained it goes by everyones body type and that some people will have breasts in their armpits if they go with mod+ lol. She also said the difference between the implants isn't THAT vast. Only a couple centimeters. Any thoughts??


So after looking at review after review. I must say I really want moderate plus not high profile. Moderate plus definitely gives more of the look I'm going for. My PS said I'd most likely be HP but she wasn't 100% sure cause she didn't have the numbers in front of her. So if my measurements say I can fit a mod+ thats definitely what I'm going with.

21 No Kids 450-500 Silicone

Started a new review because my title for my other one probably won't come up in any search engines and I'd like some comments back! We'll see if this title is better. So I took the plunge put down my deposit and set my surgery date for Feb 7th. Basically a month. My mom is like why so soon?? Basically I just want to get it over with. If I sit with the idea too long i'll talk myself out of it and lose my deposit. I love my breasts now but I guess I just want to feel fuller and fill out clothes better. After a while it gets really annoying always saying to yourself "This would look better if I had more boobs" or not even bothering to wear plunge tops because whats the point lol! Thats all, just something to ME from ME to make ME feel even better about myself than I already do :)

Pre op

So I had my pre op today. It went well basically just signed paperwork and went over the dos and don'ts for before and after surgery. My patient coordinator is the sweetest ever. Haha so her breasts implants are perfect I kept asking her about them so she showed them to me. She has 500cc and omg they are just perfect on her body. Shes got me thinking I should plunge and go for the 475cc. I also found out if I want anything 400+ I need to go high profile. So I rather go bigger so I can get some side boob. I also need help finding more wish pictures to take into surgery!

Tomorrow is the big day!

So tomorrow is the big day. I'm really only nervous about being put to sleep. The thought just seems very unsettling to me but I'm going to think of it as those bad times you get black out drunk. You don't know you're black out drunk until you wake back up and its over ????. Anyone else had major anxiety about anesthesia?


Currently driving home ( in the passanger seat) from my surgery and omg this bra feels SO TIGHT. Cant wait to get home and take my painkillers

Yay for Oxys!

So I took my painkillers and I feel much much better. So I'm only about 6 or so hours post op but I'm ecstatic about my results already. I told Dr.Blaine my biggest issue would be if my breasts had a gap in them. I just really despise that look and think it gives away the fact that you have implants right away. She said since I don't have one now I won't have one after implants and she was so right :)) I love them already so I'm SO excited to see how gorgeous they will be after healing AHH .


So for anyone who is super nervous about anasthesia like I was theres really no need at all. It knocks you out so quick and the surgery is so short ( about an hour) that I felt like I blinked and I was awake with my new breasts lol

Ow :(

The smallest movements hurt. Just tried to get into the car and ouch. Walking I'm totally fine but even just trying to put a coat on is the hardest task. Please tits just relax :(

Noisy boobs?

When I lift my arm up and put it back down I hear a strange sound coming from my breast lol. I think its normal because I've read about it in other's posts. Right now Im just dreaming of the days where my breast don't feel like sore cinderblocks


So I stopped taking my prescribed meds I'm only taking my antibiotics now. Those meds are very strong and will knock you out for the majority of the day. I recommend switching to extra strength tylenol as soon as you aren't in a big amount of pain. My breasts are doing good, I think? They are still riding high though I think they dropped a tad. They are definitely a lot softer than they were day one or even yesterday lol. Just waiting for my drop and fluff impatiently ???? Not sure how I feel about having my breasts on the internet thats why I haven't posted pictures yet. Still thinking about it.

Surgical Bra

My PS wants me to wear my surgical bra for 6 weeks but I'm wondering if its going to hinder my breast from dropping? Like won't they drop faster if they aren't so propped up lol


Tingly feeling in my nipples. I think my sensation is trying to come back :D. Im only 4 days post op but I've been kinda doing my own little massages on my breast. Is that terrible?


I just felt one of my breasts and it actually felt like almost ALMOST like a real breast :-00000! I was in disbelief lmao. Im less than a week post op so I'm sure i'll wake up with brick boobs again tomorrow but hey WE'RE MAKING PROGRESS haha

Just some tips

May stop posting after this because I don't get any feed back or anything (probably because I don't post pictures) but thats okay:) just thought i'd leave some tips. These are all of my opinions!

1. Ditch the bio oil! If you look it up bio oil doesn't have the best ingredients. Its also a bit pricey in my opinion and many people have said it doesn't work all that well for stretch marks. Before you try bio oil or any other concoction please please try coco butter! Ive been using cocobutter my whole life and my skin is beautiful I must say. I started rubbing it on my breasts after my implants and my skin became so soft and immensely less "stretched" feeling. My breasts also left the plasticy shiny look and adopted a beautiful glow :)

2. Go a little bigger than the sizers you like! I loved the 400 sizers and I ended up with 475cc implants and I am HAPPY. No boob greed. Many PSs for some reason don't tell you that your breasts will be NOTICEABLY smaller than the sizers you like, especially if you go under the muscle. Luckily my patient coordinator informed me so I went bigger than the sizers I liked. I was nervous I'd end up too big but I'm happy :). Also if you want anything bigger than a C, you have no breast tissue & you are going high profile? Don't let your PS talk you into anything less than 400ccs. Ive read so many stories on here and the women who went under 400 and weren't looking for modest results are always unhappy, too small.

3. This is just a personal opinion and probably not even true but looking at the results of women on here. I don't like arm pit incision jobs lol. Seems the breasts always look like they may migrate to the armpits.

4. Also just a thought i've had. Why are some women paying $10,000 for a breast augmentation?? There are so many wonderful doctors with BEAUTIFUL work all over the world on here with average prices of $5,000-$8,000 . I mean if you fall in love with a doctor I guess do what feels right? But it seems some women on here are paying so much and theres no need.

Maybe we can start a tip thread! Add down below lol
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