28 Yrs Old, 5'6 140 Lbs with 4 Kids...550 Hp Mentor Silicone. Long Island City, NY

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Ok so I had my consultation on 3/7 with Urmen...

Ok so I had my consultation on 3/7 with Urmen Desai at Doctors plastic surgery. He was very sweet and suggested 550 cc under the muscle...I put a deposit down with a surgery date of 4/13. Unfortunately I received a call from the office that Desai is no longer at the facility...I was CRUSHED. I had my pre op with another Ps there named Christine Blaine, she was very upfront and right to the point. She also suggested 550 unders high profile as im an A cup wanting a D. I signed all these papers got my lab work and EKG done and was cleared for surgery. On 4/13 at 10:30 am I will hopefully be proportionate and have my dream body. After 4 kids im not perky anymore and desire a full look..

3 More Days To Go!!!

Just counting down the days, I'm so excited wish it was tomorrow..Lol

1 More Day

My Meds have just been delivered to my house. I called the office about my Rx and they stated they can no longer hand over prescriptions. It has to be sent electronically to my pharmacy, I have been using Evers pharmacy for 2 yrs now. There's never a Co payment and they deliver. Recieved Zofran for nausea, Colace stool softener, Percocet for pain, Flexeril to relax the muscles, and Cefdinir antibiotics. So meds are out the way, I HAVE to make one more stop to Walmart and possibly Target, for my wipes, ice packs and a pillow. BTW the Gap is having a awesome sell on sweatsuits with the zipper hoodie and matching pants, the set is about 30 had to rack up. Everything is working out so far.

I Did It!!!!!

So I arrived at 10:30 am for Prep, my surgical time was 11:30. Bp, pregnancy test, Iv hydration all were set up. Blaine came into the room to mark me at about 11:35, and we went over some pictures I had screened shot to my phone. I wanted her to have an idea of what look I was hoping to achieve. At 11:50 I was giving a sedative for relaxation, a few minutes later the anesthesiologist informed me the doctor was coming. Ladies I tell you I was pretty drugged up already, because of the sedative I didn't feel the anesthesia going to my iv, cuz that sh*t burns. I woke up a proud owner of 550 cc gummy bear unders at 2pm. I had no pain, just SLIGHT pressure. Taking shallow breaths helped alot. Pain level 3 out of 10, Pressure 2 out of ten by 8pm. Took a Percocet at 8 and planning to take my muscle relaxer at 10. ICING is a MUST, feels so good. I don't feel the cold from the ice pack at all!!!, just relief. Under boob numbness continues. I love my results so far, couldn't have asked for a better surgeon, she's AMAZING. Can't wait for them to D&F..

Day 1 Post Op

I woke up at 8:30 am with a pain level of 7/10. Morning boob kicked my butt today. I h
ad a very difficult time getting up. Thank goodness my mom was upstairs to hear me. She opened my pill bottles for me and retrieved my ice pack. At 2pm went back to the office for my follow up appointment, my surgeon wasn't there so I saw the PA. He said I looked great for 1 day, which made my day Lol. He also scheduled me for next Wednesday, so Blaine can assess me and demonstrate breast massages. After the pain subsided I felt pretty good, I still have pressure and some discomfort along the sides and bottom of my breast. Im very bloated and look like im 4 months pregnant. I have yet to have a bowel moment, but I have Dulcolax, Colace and fleet enemas on deck if i start feeling discomfort. BTW my brilliant contours bras came in the mail today, earlier then expected. They are beautiful and fit just right, I forgot to ask if I can start wearing them so I'll wait and call tomorrow to see what they say. I'm still in shock that I finally have the boobies I always dreamed about, patiently waiting for them to D&F. Lmao

1 Week Post Op

Hello Ladies!!!, it's been one week since my breast augmentation!!!!
I must say I'm unfortunately at that arkward stage where everything looks weird, feels weird and will be weird. My boobs are dropping unevenly and I can't stand it, I'm a little worried because I feel like they are SHAPED different as well. My left boob is rounded with a slight curve to it, and my right boob is sorta oblong like and dead center. I see my PS later on today and I will be asking questions because I'm not feeling it at all. I haven't been in any pain for the last 4 days or so, some morning boob that's not so bad and definitely easy to deal with. Im hoping I don't wind up with deformed boobs. :-(

The Girls Are Dropping Nicely

Hello Ladies!, alot has changed during the days following my 1 week post op appointment with Blaine. She removed my sterile strips from my incisions and showed me how to properly perform breast massages. I had concerns about the way my breast were formed and she patiently explained to me, it was early and they will look different next week and EVERY week after will look different as well. I'm still wearing my surgical bra at night, and my Brilliant Contours Butterfly bra during the day. At the moment my boobs look great but have more dropping to do of course. I've started to wear silicone strip on my incisions for scar therapy. I'm doing 10 sets of breast massages on each breast 3 x day sometimes even more, they get REALLY soft the more I do it. I asked Blaine when can I go about piercing my nipples and she adamantly expressed to wait for 6 weeks due to a high risk of getting an infection. I'm SO glad I listened because I swear the next day I realized my nipple numbness is over!!!!! I have complete sensation on my left breast, and there's a path directly under my right nipple that hasn't returned yet. Both nipples are back in action, I'm so relieved and blessed for these turn of events.... I have also started a regimen of massaging bio oil into my breast during my massages to combat stretch marks which have been doing wonders so far, (fingers crossed). I have also noticed I've been waking up on my side lately with some serious morning boob, that some kneading massages with moderate pressure relieves in seconds. Overall I'm more than satisfied with my results, though I'm expecting them to not stay even as the dropping and fluffing continues. I will update in a few days or sooner if any changes arises. All my ladies and ESPECIALLY my Blaine ladies HAPPY HEALING!!!
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

Christine Blaine is very knowledgeable and honest..Shes also experienced and I cant wait for my surgery. She made me feel very safe, and relieved me of all concerns. Her history with breast reconstructive surgery is also a plus.

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