21 Years Old, Silicone Breast Augmentation - Long Island City, NY

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Hi all! I am a 21 year old, African American girl....

Hi all! I am a 21 year old, African American girl. I'm Appx. 5"6 and my weight fluctuates between 120-130lbs. I have NO CHILDREN.My surgery is scheduled for April 19, 2016!!! I will be getting SILICONE breast implants. Originally my doctor and I decided on 425CCs in my LEFT, and 400CCs in my RIGHT breast. However, I'm not certain on the size. I may go bigger or possibly smaller. I have a big bottom, but I'm really slim, so my body is currently very disproportionate. I want my final results to be very natural! What are some sizes you guys recommend?I am pretty excited, I wanted a "boob job" since I was about 10 or 11. Everyone my age was already developing breast and I remained "flat chested." About 10years later and it is finally happening! I'm barely an A Cup and I would love to be a full C. All of my biological sisters are very busty, unfortunately I did not get those genes.Anywho, I am going through this process alone, because my family is very strict and conservative. I currently wear push up bras, inserts and extra padding to have a desired look. I am absolutely sick and tired of doing that. I want to look good in clothes, and feel comfortable. I don't wear swim suits at all, no tank tops, low cut shirts, or dresses! It sucks !!!If anyone has gone through the process or is planning on going through the process, I would absolutely love to hear about your experience, tips or your thoughts and fears, if you are planning on getting the procedure done. It would be really nice to hear from people who have stats close to mine. If anyone has YouTube channels, or Instagrams dedicated to their experience with getting a breast augmentation, I would love to follow you!!Last updated by SplendaIsMyFavorite on April 4, 2016

Pre Op Boob Video

Feeling unsure about sizing! Please help !!

Pre op boobs in Victoria Secret Bombshell Push Up Bra

Pictures of my breast in my go to bra. This bra is from VS. It's the BOMBSHELL PUSH UP BRA. It's supposed to add 2 cups sizes. But! That doesn't work when you don't have any boobies to begin with.

Pre Op pictures of breast

Barely an "A" hoping to be about a full "C"
So far, I am getting Anatomical Silicone Implants. 425CCs- Left 400CCs - Right
Open to suggestions

3 Weeks PREOP & Choosing a NEW SURGEON - Bummed????

I'm extremely saddened by the fact that my doctor Dr. Desai will no longer be practicing at Doctors Plastic Surgery. Unfortunately, now I have to find a new surgeon and I'm feeling kind of anxious. My surgery is 21 Days away and my mood went from stoked to being depressed. Has anyone else encountered something like this? How did you deal with it? Do any doctors have any advice that can help?

Starting from square one! The process of picking a new surgeon

I decided to go on more consultations with new doctors. Although I'm pretty bummed about the situation with Dr. Desai, getting a breast augmentation is something I want more than anything right now. So I've scheduled some appointments, and I'm starting my process all over again. So far I'm meeting with 2 new doctors, the first being tomorrow. I am trying to remain positive but I don't know how to feel.

Ps. As of now my surgery date is still the 18th of April. Hopefully I can go through with it.

1 Consult Down, 1 To Go!

Because I have to find a new doctor, I decided to go on some more consultations with hopes of keeping the same surgery date. I met with Dr Michael Bruck at Doctors Plastic Surgery and it was a great consultation. He was very knowledgeable and comforting. He answered every question I had, and we decided to go with 450CCs. Everything was great until he said he couldn't give me silicone implants. That broke my heart !! Just when I felt very optimistic again, I was crushed. So back to square one. Currently waiting for the next doctor to get out of surgery ????

Guess Who Has A NEW SURGEON?!?!

I went on 2 consultations today with 2 whole new doctors. Both consults went pretty well. One being good & the other being GREEEAAAAATTTT! I met Dr Christine Blaine and as she was walking into the room she was making jokes. The entire consult was entirely humorous. She was the first female PS I have met since starting this entire process years ago. I admit that the thought was a little nerve wrecking but instantly the feeling of anxiousness went away. We chatted a little bit, she asked me what I desired and made my wishes seem very possible. She made me feel extremely excited about this entire process all over again, after getting my hopes up a few hours prior and watching them fall. I had one more consultation scheduled but I cancelled it! Ha! Now I'm back to counting down the days, and I'm going to make a trip to Target really soon for some things that I need post surgery, like a bed rest pillow! Any other suggestions?

Cons- my surgery is pushed back a day
I have absolutely no negative feedback

Updated Stats-
Height- 5"6
Weight- 120lbs
Implant type- High Profile, Silicone
450 CCs

#Goal Natural looking results

Before & After

Some Boobie Inspiration

These girls seem to have body frames close to mines, and I love their boobies!
Side note: pictures were all found on RealSelf or Instagram. Although most of the pictures were from fitness or bikini pages (publicly displayed) I still cropped the faces out.

Some More Boob Inspiration

These girls seem to have body frames close to mines, and I love their boobies!
Side note: pictures were all found on RealSelf or Instagram. Although most of the pictures were from fitness or bikini pages (publicly displayed) I still cropped the faces out.

Last Few Boobie Inspiration Pics- Counting Down The Days!!

These girls seem to have body frames close to mines, and I love their boobies!
Side note: pictures were all found on RealSelf or Instagram. Although most of the pictures were from fitness or bikini pages (publicly displayed) I still cropped the faces out.

Counting Down The Days

April 19th Couldn't Come Sooner! I'm Soo Ready!

Can Someone Say Bedrest Pillow?!

I just purchased a super comfy bed rest pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond for $25! I'm waiting patiently (not!) for the 19th & it can't come any sooner !!! I'm sooo ready !

Pre Operative Visit & Medical Clearance!!

Hey Boob Fam! Today I went on my pre op visit where I also completed my medical clearance and blood work! For some reason I got crazy jitters this morning lol! During my PreOp visit, the nurse and I went over a bunch of paperwork. She thoroughly explained everything you could possibly think of, and I took PreOp PHOTOS! At my medical clearance, I got a normal check up, in addition to getting an EKG and a breast exam and all of that fun stuff! I got some blood drawn, and it wasn't too bad. I saw my surgeon one last time before surgery day, and I can't stress how much I love that woman!! I appreciate the fact that she keeps it very real, and that she is extremely confident in herself and her work. That makes me feel like I'm literally in a safe haven! I know I am going to be thrilled with my results no matter what, and I trust that she knows exactly what I want.

Here's a brief rundown of my finances soo far. . Everyone always tells you how much the procedure cost but never all of the inconvenient other stuff. So here goes my little list -
Breast Augmentation- $4900
Medical Clearance- $150
BA Care Package (Includes Surgical bra, Biocorneum (Scar Cream) & Chlorexidine Soap (For PreOp Shower(s)- $140
Blood Work- $30
That is a total of $5,220

I plan on getting "boob insurance" which costs $200 but I have up to 45days after surgery to get that. Basically, in the event where something bad happens with my implants (rupture, capsular, bottoming out, hematoma,etc) I can get them replaced without having to pay the full fee for new implants. All that I would pretty much have to finance is the Anesthesia, etc.

Height- 5"6
Weight- 120-130lbs
PreOp- 32AA (Nonexistent)
Implant type- Silicone
Shape- High Profile Round
CC Amount- 450CCs Left, Right tbd during surgery (right boob is larger)
Boob goal- Full C

H&M Seamless Medium Support Sports Bra

I will try to use this bra to monitor my progress after surgery (no padding).

Meds! Meds! & More Meds!!!

I got my prescriptions filled today & here is a list of things that were prescribed and their functions. .
Ondansetron- NAUSEA
Cyclobenzaprine- Muscle Relaxant
Cefdinir- Antibiotics
Oxycodone/ Acetaminophen- Narcotic/ Pain Reliever
Docusate- Stool Softener

T Minus 4days!!


While I was at work, I got a phone call saying my medical clearance was fine, blood work came out great & that I was cleared for surgery!!! Originally I was scheduled for 1PM but I got another phone call a few hours later saying they had a cancellation so my surgery time has been rescheduled for an earlier time which is exactly what I requested! Now my BA is scheduled for 10AM but I have to be there an hour early (9AM)! I'm super stoked!! This is really happening!!!! Tuesday needs to hurry up & get here! This gal is ready!

Tomorrow is the day!

Time went by soooo fast and this weekend went by extremely fast!! However, I'm feeling at ease! I plan on having a pretty easy day today. I'll be removing my acrylic nails, working out and possibly going by the supermarket to prepare meals for the first 2-3 days. Do any of you ladies have any last minute tips? They will be greatly appreciated!! This may be a silly question but on the day of surgery did you wear a bra to the facility? & what kind of shoes did you wear on your feet? For example: Sneakers? Uggs ? Flip flops ?

DIY: Ice Pack!!

Here's a quick DIY for those out there who like to save money whenever they can!

What you need:
-Rubbing Alcohol
-Ziplock Bags

To make the ice pack, all you have to do is mix 3 Parts water with 1 Part Alcohol. Put it inside of a resealable bag & then finally place it into the freezer.

It gets extremely cold but never actually hardens so it's easy to maneuver it around your body or in this case: BOOBS!

*This is reusable and a great way to save money.


Guess who is no longer captain of the itty bitty committee!! Sorry not sorry!!!

I took public transportation to the facility. When I arrived they called me right away. They did my IV, had me pee in a cup and I sat down in the PreOp room & watched "How To Get Away With Murder" with my Bestfriend! Unfortunately, my doctor was in surgery & was backed up so I didn't actually get taken to the O. R until 12:30.
In the O. R everyone was very nice. I felt like I was in extremely good hands! When my doctor walked in (Dr Christine Blaine) the first thing I said to her was "I better wake up with boobs!!!" She said "Oh you'll wake up with boobs!!" After surgery, when I came to, I was in the recovery section & Got a little emotional because I've got F****** Boobies!!!! Anywho, I kept dozing off! I was extremely exhausted & even now at the moment I keep on dozing off. My pain level is not bad. I want to say like a 7. Most of my pain is near my armpits. I do have some pain around the breast itself. My boobs don't feel extremely hard. However they are sitting up high.

Update on my implants !
L- 450
High Profile, Silicone Round
Incision- Inframammary (below the crease)
Location- behind the muscle

Surprisingly, I can do a lot on my own. I'm able to get in & out of bed. I can use the bathroom on my own. I can bring my arms up to the sides, and open up medicine etc.

I have my post op day 1 appointment tomorrow at 12:30. So I'll have them take a post op picture there.

I just want to also take the time out to thank you girls! You have all been extremely supportive and I don't think I could have did this in peace without you ladies! You are appreciated & my heart is full!!!

My boobs look small to me soo far! In my sweater they look smaller than my stuffing job prior to surgery lol! On that note, boy am I happy I no longer have to stuff my bras! Below there are a few photos, that is the best I can do so far !

Post Op Appointment & Pictures!

I just left my post op appointment & I received nothing but good news! My doctor is the absolute best ! Like I literally love her!!! I was told my boobies looked great so far! She squeezed them and told me that today will be my worst day! Gratefully, today isn't that bad at all. On my way to the facility I decided to take public transportation. That was like a 10 minute walk from my house. I won't lie, at one point I did feel a bit light headed but nothing extreme. So far my greatest obstacle was opening only one door. I can go up & down stairs fine. I can feed myself, go to the bathroom on my own and get in & out of bed on my own. This experience is not as bad as I imagined it would be, so I'm extremely grateful!!

Anyways, here are some pictures

Post Op Appointment & Pictures

Boobie update & numbness in butt

Yesterday was pretty ok. I took a muscle relaxant during the day and took Oxy at night to help me sleep. The only place where I am experiencing pain is between my rib cage and armpits. I really feel it when I accidentally contract my pectoral muscle or if I move too fast. I don't have that "elephant sitting on my chest feeling." I don't feel any extra weight. My boobs are still sitting kind of high but they did drop tremendously. They aren't extremely hard, they are just a little firm so I'm still able poke at them. I have that weird air thing in the middle of my chest. When I press down on it, there is this weird sound. My left incision stings a little. But nothing too traumatic. The only terrible thing right now, is how numb my butt is. It hurts soo bad. I think it's because of how I'm sleeping but I don't have any other option right now. I've tried massaging it, I've tried stretching those muscles but so far nothing has helped. It even bothers me when I walk. Did anyone else experience a lot of discomfort in their bottom? What helped you?

Besides that, I am not doing too bad & I am absolutely loving the girls!!!

Post Op Day 2 Update

Ok Ladies! I Lied!! The elephant analogy is becoming very real! There is soo much pressure on my chest. I can feel it especially when eating. It feels like the food is sitting right there. I have not taken any pills all day except my antibiotics so I'm starting to feel everything. I don't want to take pills because I don't like how they make me feel but if I start to feel a tremendous amount of pain/ pressure I'll take a pain killer and muscle relaxant. Right now my pain level is a 3. Pressure level is a 7, so I'm experiencing a little discomfort but nothing I can't handle.

My appetite is still a bit poor. Yesterday was Post Op Day 1 and I forced myself to eat something little towards the night. This morning I had a late breakfast but I stopped eating from the discomfort.

In all, so far this experience isn't as bad as I thought it would be, so I am extremely grateful.

Post Op Day 3

I took my first real shower today and it went well. I admit, I was a bit terrified because of some girls experience while showering. After showering I dried my incisions with a towel, then I blow dried them on the cool setting. As I was getting dressed my incision sites starting bothering me, it was kind of like a stinging pain & then before you know it, my boobs started feeling very tight. Right now I'm experiencing some discomfort so I think I'm going to take a muscle relaxant. There's a lot of pressure on my chest but it doesn't bother me when I breathe.

My boobs look smaller in clothes now then they did before (I used to be a double stuffer). However when I take off my surgical bra they look humongous. I can't wait till all of the swelling subsides !!

Here are some photos from before and after my shower along with the incisions.

4 Days Post

I wasn't planning on doing an update today, but I woke up and naturally touched my breasts and noticed that almost all of the swelling, and fluids/ air between my cleavage gap has subsided!! I'm still having major Frankenboob so my boobs still look terrible without the bra but they are healing and that's the important part! I love how they look in the bra, and I can't wait to love them without! I'm starting to gain full range of motion in my arms, so that's great and sleeping last night wasn't too bad at all. I haven't really taken any pills religiously since day 1. On day 2 I think I took one muscle relaxant during the day and one oxy to help me sleep, and on day 3 I took one muscle relaxant because I experienced a lot of tightness and discomfort. I took antibiotics everyday, twice a day as instructed. In all, the pain hasn't been too bad, just a lot of pressure.

Day 5

Today has been pretty ok, besides the terrible morning boob and pressure throughout the day, I feel fine. My shoulders do look more broad to me, which kind of sucks but I know it will get better. My only real complaint is the constipation. Today has been the first time in over a week that I've been able to use the bathroom, it was hard. . But at least I went. It's my fault for shying away from the stool softeners that were prescribed to me. Anywho, I've also noticed how poor my posture has been since getting my breast augmentation. I'm trying to force myself to stand straight but it's so hard. I used to have perfect posture and now I walk around like a hunchback. Has anyone else noticed a change in their posture ? Also, sleeping on my back still sucks but I guess I'm learning to adjust.

Day 6- First Day Back To Work!

Hey RealSelf Fam!
Today was my first day back to work. Let me start by saying one word! ELEPHANT! When I arrived to work, I was already out of breath from walking to the train & then walking to work after the train. *** Side note: for the ladies like myself who live in NYC or anywhere where you travel via train/ bus. . PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IS NOT YOUR FRIEND DURING EARLY STAGES OF RECOVERY! I was on the train blah blah blah & I had to hold the pole because there were no seats available at the time & whenever the train jerked really hard, it took me with it! Naturally, you hold onto the pole tighter so you don't fall. I did, and it was so fast and vigorous that my pectoral muscle contracted so tightly to the point where I thought my boob would burst and start leaking blood! Like I'm not even kidding! Be that annoying person to try to run for a seat and sit your a** down! ***

. . . Now back to my update about work! I arrived, I was exhausted and had trouble breathing. I work retail so it's a fast paced environment. With that in mind, I decided I would go on the register to avoid doing anything to hurt myself. Register wasn't bad except even that was exhausting. I caught myself constantly stopping to try to breathe and just trying to do something to help relieve all of the pressure I was feeling on my chest. All of a sudden, my boobs weighed a ton & I felt the need to constantly go to the restroom just to gently massage them. I forgot my pain killers and muscle relaxants at home & didn't even have my normal supply of "just in case" meds (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc). At the end of the day, I SURVIVED but I wish I took more time off. I heard so many stories about all of the ladies who were back to work within 3 days, and to be frank, I'm not that chick !! In all, it wasn't terrible, it just wasn't amazing.

Moral of the story - Let your body heal. Don't plan according to someone else's experience. You are not them! Do things on your own time! Seriously y'all, HEALTH is WEALTH!

Hugs & SPLENDA Kisses ;-)

1 Week & 2 Days Post

Hey ladies! I apologize for being a little MIA but I wanted to wait until my one week appointment to post an update. So here it goes! Yesterday was my 1 week appointment and as I was on my way I got a phone call saying Dr Blaine had an emergency and had to reschedule. My appointment was rescheduled for today, which was very inconvenient for 2 reasons. One being, because I had to work at the same time I was supposed to be at the appointment, while I made sure to be off yesterday. I had no choice but to go to the appointment. . . It was far more important. The second reason being that it actually did not matter wether or not I went yesterday or today because my doctor was not available to see me anyway! Back to my update- When I got there, I got settled in yada yada yada. I took off my post op bra and the nurse said "Wow! You're still really swollen. ." Naturally that terrified me, but she explained that I was just a lot more swollen then expected but it wasn't a bad thing. She said my body will heal at it's own pace. I explained that I wasn't in any pain at all. She said I had nothing to worry about. But then I referred back to my non existent breast before surgery and compared it to my 450CCs breast size now and was automatically at ease. Anywho, the nurse removed my sutures and showed me how to do my massages. She thought that my incisions looked amazing as if I had already begun treating them!! She also included the fact that she could barely see them, which made me extremely happy! As for massaging, I basically squeeze my boob at the bottom upwards and hold for 10 seconds then squeeze from the top downwards for another 10 seconds. I repeat this process 10x in one sitting and 3x per day. I also learned how to rub in my scar cream which I just used for the first time a few minutes ago. I will update you guys with pictures tomorrow.

* I noticed that after doing my massages, my incisions felt raised. Before doing them they were flat, but you can not see them when I'm standing upright.

10 Days Post

I took some photos of my boobies. Captured the front, side, bottom and incisions. My boobs look huge in pictures but they are very proportionate to my body! I promise! In the pictures you can see extreme side boob, before having my BA, I naturally had a little side boob but it has clearly developed way more.
Photos taken using a selfie stick.

2 Weeks Post Op Update!

My girls are 2 weeks old today !!! Well yesterday since its past midnight lol! I'm doing pretty well. In my last update I told you guys that I learned how to do massages and was instructed to begin scar treatment. Both are going well. Massaging has become easy, and I'm already noticing a change in my boobs. They are surprisingly much more soft than I thought they would be (I felt this way from day one) and they are getting more and more soft as the days go by. My scars are feeling much better. I still get a little pain here and there but nothing I would even take a pill for. They are beginning to become more flat and they have scabs now! As for my boobs, there are times when they feel very tender and hurt but only when I press down at them. I still don't have full sensation in them, but my right one is almost there. The left one is still numb in a lot of areas including my nipple. I forgot to mention this in my one week update but my skin has been peeling. It started around day 6/7, it helps to simply moisturize. The peeling just indicates that my skin is stretching which is a good thing in this case! Anyways here are some photos!

Scars At 2 Weeks

Here are some photos of my scars! I have only been applying scar cream for 5 days so far, at least 2 times per day.

Boobs At 2 Weeks

I'm not sure why the photos didn't post with my original 2 weeks update but here they go. .

Something I Noticed About My Breasts

I noticed a line above my crease that is starting to give my boobs the appearance of "bottoming out" I haven't made much of it, I think it may be from massaging. . I noticed that's wear the lines have formed but I'm not sure. I did notice one girl with the same issue but hers turned out to be nothing and went away. I am watching it closely, and I will see my doctor if necessary. Here are a few photos where you can possibly see what I'm talking about. . It looks like a shadow but it's a line. Has anyone else noticed something like this?

3 Weeks Boobie Update!!!

I can't believe I have had boobs for 3 weeks! Lol, It feels much longer than that! That's 3 weeks without wearing 2 bras, and 3 weeks without constantly fixing those bras. 3 weeks without avoiding mirrors, and 3 weeks without looking at myself in disgust! Can you tell I'm grateful lol!! So the past 3 weeks have been much better than I expected. I know everyone's experience is different but I thought that I would be one of the girls who went through hell. Gratefully I did not, and I'm even more grateful that "the worst" is over and long gone! At this point in recovery, massaging and scar treatment are my best friends. I want to say that I'm feeling 80% back to normal. I can reach my arms up to about 90%, I feel discomfort when trying to stretch them all the way. I still don't have full sensation in my breasts and my pectoral muscles are still doing this painful and uncomfortable jumping/ clenching thing when I reach for something too fast, or try to use my arm to help me get up, etc. Sleeping has gotten much better, I still try to fall asleep on my back but sometimes I end up on my side, with a pillow or my arm under my boob for protection. I also still wake up multiple times throughout the night but I don't know if it's from the breast augmentation or just other stress. . The appearance of my breast are changing drastically. I actually didn't notice it until looking back at my other updates. They are still high up but with a much softer appearance, so I know they are starting to settle in their pockets. My skin isn't really peeling much anymore. A lot of the swelling has subsided. I wake up and my boobs feel fine. I'm still wearing my surgical bra 24/7, the only annoying thing about that is that you can see my nipples depending on what I'm wearing because the bra is so thin. And when I'm cold, forget about it! However, in my opinion, the bra is very comfortable. I try not to look at my scars. You know the saying " a watched pot never boils" well in this case a watched scar never heals! So I only look at them whenever I am taking pictures for my update. So about once a week. My reason for trying to do so, is so I can actually notice the difference in my scars as they heal. Next week is my 1 month appointment and I am looking forward to it! I'll do another update then.

1 Month Post Op!!!!

So I am officially 1 Month Post BA and it feels like I've had boobies much longer than that! I'm really happy with my results, thus far and I don't really have any complaints. I am trying to massage 3x per day as directed, but honestly work can be so overwhelming and time consuming . . As a result I end up only massaging 2x per day like twice a week. I'm still doing my scar treatment, which is supposed to be done 2x a day but I try to do it 3x with hopes of maximizing the chance of amazing results. My skin is still peeling a bit but I keep my breast moisturized. I went to my 1 Month APP today and my doctor seemed thrilled with the results. My only instructions were to keep massaging my breast and to begin massaging my incisions. They said that I'm still swollen (you can tell from how shiny my skin is). I'm cleared to sleep on my side, and pretty much everything else. I just have to continue listening to my body. I asked about a replacement for my scar cream when I run out and I was told I could use Maderma which I already have or ScarGuard SIlicone Sheets. I've included some pictures, you can see that my boobs really aren't big, you'll see how proportionate my body is now, and my incisions. Although, I still have soo much more healing to go, I love how they look so far!!

Dropping & Fluffing

SLOWLY but surely my breasts are dropping & fluffing. . For someone who wants natural looking results like myself, this process is your best friend! Like you will appreciate the crap out of it! I say this because you don't go from being flat chested to looking like Pamela Anderson in one day. It's a process, it takes time & every week you'll notice a slight difference. & Every week you'll notice your breast will look a little bigger. . My boobs started out so small after surgery because of the skin & muscle tightness. All you could see under clothing were boobs that look to be a small a cup and unfortunately the biggest nipples ever! As the weeks went by, the projection became more and more visible. For myself, the augmentation is not noticeable at all because I was a major stuffer and because my clothes still fit exactly the same. Depending on what I'm wearing, one might assume I'm wearing a push up bra. I don't really intend to show them off until they drop some more, but I'm also not rushing the process. I have been massaging 3x per day but as I stated before some days I only massage 2x because of my hectic work schedule. That is absolutely no excuse but I have to be honest with you ladies! I don't think I'll do another real update until I'm 3Mnths post because not much has changed. . I'll probably just post photos if I think something noticeable occurs . . Happy healing ladies!!!

2 Months Post

So at 2 months there's not really much to update you all on. My breast still have tons of healing to do, but they are definitely dropping! I honestly feel lazy sometimes when it comes to massages but I still push through. I'm experiencing weird sensations and at times heightened sensitivity. My skin is still shiny, however I've gained back a lot more feeling in my breasts. I only have 2 concerns at this point. . My nipples show through everything!!! But I could simply wear different bras, Lol. But my 2nd actual real concern are my scars. They are healing, and yes I can see the difference. However they still feel a bit raised, and I don't favor their appearance :( I'm going to try something else for a scar treatment but I really feel a little worried. I know it has only been 2 Months so I'm trying not to have a titty attack! Lmao!! Here are some photos, the camera was at a weird angle or maybe it's the way I was standing but here they go!

3 Months Post Op!!!

Hey boobie pals, so yesterday was my 3 month appointment and it went well. My surgeon Dr. Blaine thought I looked wonderful, and that my boobs were dropping well and at a good pace. The only concern that I expressed to her was of the scars as I shared with you all in my previous posts. She told me that I kind of need to dig my fingers into the incision sites to break down the scar tissue. She noticed that some areas were already flat and recommended that I focused on the areas that are raised. I asked about using silicone sheets and she told me that they are very effective and would be extremely helpful to my scars. I was instructed to try that for a while, and if I don't like my results after a few months, she will give me a shot in my scars.
On the contrary I love my boobs and I am completely satisfied with my size and look. I'm so glad I really thought about the look I wanted to achieve and the size. I don't ever feel like I wish I went smaller or larger which makes me even more happy. I still don't have the full normal sensation in my breasts but most of the numbness is gone. I get this weird feeling, it's kind of hard to explain, lol. . Anywho, I did get measured at Victoria Secret and I am a 32D, as I suspected. (I'm currently wearing a 34C bra.) I did not buy any new bras yet, but I will and very soon.

Practicing Self Love

Hey beauties!
Insecurities can be one hell of a B****! No matter how much you alter yourself on the outside, you are still the same individual on the inside. . We are all BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT creatures of great substance and If you don't work on ACCEPTANCE, and practicing SELF LOVE, you will keep trying to change everything about you, even the most beautiful parts. . The parts that make you, YOU! Learn to look in the mirror, and actually SEE YOURSELF! Stand there naked if you have to, and love those fake tatas! And those stretch marks! And then look at your face! Like I mean really look!! And tell yourself out loud "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE YOU"! Then SMILE!!!! Think about all the things you "hate" about yourself and find ways to at least learn to like them! Then think about all the things you love about yourself and why they make you HAPPY?! Meditate! Eat good food and DANCE! A LOT! Do things you've always wanted to do!
Too many of US (including myself) SUFFER from a SELF LOVE DEFICIT, and are waiting to be saved. . Waiting for someone to tell us how beautiful we are. . Or how much they love us. The truth is: We have to start with ourselves! If I'm not too fond of myself, what can I really expect from others in return?
No I am not an expert, no I'm not insinuating anything other than loving who you are INTERNALLY and finally ETERNALLY! This has NOTHING to do with plastic surgery, or the way you look! People (including myself) tend to confuse the two, and find some sort of correlation. For instance, you wake up one morning sad and automatically start to put yourself down about the way you look. You tell yourself "well maybe if my nose wasn't as broad, or maybe if my butt was bigger, I'd love myself a little more". . What you are feeling on the inside won't change even if you had a perfect nose or ass. I share this because sometimes I do like the way I look, but most of the time I hate the way I feel. I have got these big and beautiful boobies that I love to shake all day and sometimes I still see that flat chested girl who hid from herself. I'm still learning to love me, and I have finally grasped the idea that it has nothing to do with how I look! Yes, I have known that my entire life, we all did! BUT! Until you force yourself to grow. . like I mean actually grow! Spiritually, and intellectually you won't actually understand it! My breast augmentation was without a doubt a confidence builder on the outside but I am still growing on the inside and unfortunately my boobies won't be able to cure that. So COPE with your sadness, and finally make PEACE with it!
The message here is to make sure you are ALSO working on yourself on the INSIDE while altering the things you don't so much like on the outside.

Enough of my annoying rambling! My only intention is to spread a little LIGHT!!

X & O's, Love SPLENDA <3!


Hey RealSelf Family!

So today marks my 6 month milestone on this busty journey and not much has changed since my last update. I am still experiencing some numbness in certain areas, and I still haven't gained full sensation all throughout my breasts. I know it can take up to a year for your breast to completely drop and fluff but I feel like mines are done with that part of the healing process... but we'll see.

In my previous update, I mentioned my scars being a concern for me, and they still are. As a person of color, my skin is prone to scarring, so unfortunately it's a little harder for my scars to heal. I have what is known to be as a hypertrophic scar. It basically means that my scars are raised, instead of being flat. I tried to treat them on my own by using silicone scar sheets, but I did not see much of a difference. As a result, I ended up scheduling another appointment. So, today I paid my surgeon a visit and we revisited the option for steroid injections. She gave me injections in both incision sites, and said I could continue massaging them in addition to using the scar sheets. If for any reason in about 2-3 months they are still raised, she said she will give me another injection. Right now my incisions do hurt and sting a little. . nothing too serious and I'm experiencing a mild pain in my breast. I just pray this works lol!!!

Anywho, here are a few photos of my boobies at 6 months. The photos of the incisions were taken today, BEFORE I got the injections. I will do a comparison photo in a few weeks just to show you guys any changes.

I hope you are all doing well and healing perfectly!

X & O's, Splenda

8.5 Months Post Op!

Hey RealSelf fam! So this is just a quick update on the boobies! Believe it or not but I am still dropping and fluffing!! I got measured at Victoria's Secret a while ago, and I am a 32DD. I totally forgot to update you guys on that around my 3Mnths update. Anywho, I pretty much have full sensation in both breasts except for literally one spot! I still get some numbness but like only during the morning, when I first wake up. In my last update, I talked a lot about my scars. . . They are doing a lot better! The steroid injections worked magic! I thought because I could still feel my scars in certain areas that I might need another round but my surgeon said that they are healing perfectly and she doesn't want to risk thinning that area of my skin. However, if in a few months I'm still concerned, or if they start to rise again, she will do the injections. Besides that, I have also been using Mederma Scar Gel and that is helping to lighten the scars. The only con is that, it is causing my skin to peel. Besides the scar thing, which isn't that bad at all! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my boobs!!! Like saying I love them would be an understatement! There's not a single day where I regret the choice I've made!!

Here's a few progress photos from today to show you my boobies and scars. I think I'm going to do comparison photos at my 1yr mark.

8.5 Months Scar Photos

9 Months Post Op!!!!!!!!!

So today my babies are officially 9 Months Old!!! (I sound like a proud mama, lmaooo!) However, I couldn't be any happier!!! I love them with all of my heart, and wouldn't have them any other way! They are bouncy, they are soft, and they look proportional to my body, so I am in fact a happy camper! Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Blaine!!!!!! At this point, I don't have anything new to update you all on that I haven't mentioned about 2 weeks ago. I'm still taking care of my scars, as mentioned and I really think my boobies are still "fluffing," lol, some days they just appear bigger. . Anyways, here are some photos taken today!!
Thank you all for being apart of my journey & HAPPY HEALING <3

Feeling Spontaneous At 9 Months

So this morning I woke up and decided to go get my nipples pierced!!!! Ahhhhh! Haha, I'm crazy, I know! Anyways, It did hurt but less than I expected it to. They kinda just stung immediately after they were pierced and now there's a dull pain, and I am extremely aware of my nipples. The sensitivity levels have heightened, like crazy. Anyways, I absolutely love how they look, and I feel so much more in love with my boobies!!
Side note- my surgeon DID approve of me getting piercings a while ago, and as usual, I did my homework on pros and cons, in addition to side effects and all of that jazz.

I will keep you guys posted on the healing process & would be glad to answer any questions you might have about my experience :)
Christine Blaine

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