60 Years Old, PDT on Face, 2 Days into It, So Far No Big Deal - Long Beach, CA

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So I had dry scaly patches on my face for a couple...

So I had dry scaly patches on my face for a couple years (cheek and nose). Loved the sun all my life. Got a very light facial last January and a couple weeks later got red spots in places I never had before, like above my lip and the other cheek. It went away. Went to Hawaii in March and my face exploded! Bright red dots on cheeks, above the lips, and I thought the facial had caused it. Ended up in Urgent Care on Maui getting Prednisone to calm it down. Back home the dermatologist recommends PDT, blue light. Took me until now, November, to schedule my workload. I see You Tube online and expect the worst. Not so! I feel like I got a fairly bad sunburn, the red spots that were present in Hawaii have returned but no worse than at that time. I keep waiting for the tight skin, purging, burning, etc., and nothing. I'm totally comfortable except look like I have polka-dots or severe rosecea. Scaly spots still there. Nothing falling off. I feel lucky - but cheated. Is the worst (best) yet to come?

Getting worried

It's Sunday, day 5 and I definitely look like a pepperoni pizza. Red blotchy patches on cheeks, under nose, on nose. Super Rosecea-looking cheeks. I guess what worries me is that there are also bright red (and brown) places where there are no visible signs of the pre-cancer. For example, I had a little pink spot under one eye that looked like a scratch and indeed, my cat probably did scratch me with his snaggle tooth one morning as he likes to rub my face to wake me up. Anyway nothing a dab of make-up couldn't cover. Now it's bright red - will it stay that way?

More brown spots on the side of my face (sun/age spots) seem to have appeared.

Guess time will tell it's only day five but I'm starting to wonder how much of this will remain after the "treatment" is over. Who the heck talked me into this anyway?

Posting pics despite my better judgement

Curious if anyone else who had PDT looks like their Rosecea exploded.

Monday morning day 6

Day 6 counting the day of the procedure.
Dr. Hadas Skupsky

Laser Skin Care Center

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