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I had my implants 6 months ago, and never posted...

I had my implants 6 months ago, and never posted anything to this site before, however I read a lot of reviews and comments from other people, and this site has been a real help to me. I'm always especially happy to see a male getting this surgery because it is mostly women that I see here. Now that I am 6 months post-op, I will say I am definitely happy with the results, but I was not happy at first. For the first few months, I thought my hips looked rounded, like a woman's, and I was pretty upset and thought maybe the doctor gave me the wrong shape implants or somehow did not put them in the proper position. Everybody told me to just be patient and wait but after 2 months I found it hard to believe that it was going to get any better.....thankfully, I was wrong, it took at least 4 months or more for all of the swelling to go away and everything to settle in and then after that I liked the results and was happy. So my best advice, is to be patient and wait 6 months before you form any judgments as to whether you like the results or not, I read this advice over and over again from everybody but I refused to believe it myself, turns out it was quite true. Not going to go into a long story, so to summarize: I took 3 weeks off of work, and even after that I had a lot of trouble trying to sit at a desk for hours at a time, so the full recovery was quite a bit longer than expected.....had to leave drains in longer than anticipated because fluid level was not diminishing as quickly as I had hoped, so even though they are horrible, don't cheat on the drainage daily diary because I do not think it would be a good idea to pull them out prematurely. I can only think of 2 things worth mentioning, one is that my incision opened back up a bit about 4 weeks post-op and I had some drainage of clear fluid, really was disturbing but turned out nothing to worry about, did not even have to go back to Dr.'s office, he told me to just keep it clean and let it close naturally, and I went on another 2 weeks of antibiotics just to be on the safe side since it would be more prone to infection while it was open. And secondly, when I read other peoples' posts I am amazed that some people say when they woke up from surgery they had a lot of pain, I had the most extraordinary anesthesiologist, he talked to me for quite a while before the surgery, I woke up feeling wonderful, did not even notice any pain whatsoever until the next day. Just Google "Goldilocks anesthesia" to read about the method he uses, there is no reason you should wake up from surgery and experience any pain. Before the procedure, I was horrified by how badly my butt looked, I was very self conscious about anybody at my gym seeing me change, so I always tried to turn my backside towards the wall or the lockers so nobody could see. I would not even walk around my own house nude, always at least had to have a towel wrapped around me, as I did not want my own partner to see my butt with no clothes on. Now, I am completely comfortable in these situations; it was well worth the money and discomfort. One Dr. was adamantly opposed to implants and insisted on fat transfer instead, but there was no guarantee that he could harvest enough fat to give me the results I wanted, and no guarantee how much of that fat would remain long term. I've read too many posts from people who said the fat all went away in time, so it was a waste of money. That Dr. said that implants had a high risk of complications, but I preferred to take that risk, rather than spending all that money and ending up getting a disappointing result....turns out I made the right choice !!
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