Looking Forward to Rhinoplasty in April - Lone Tree, CO

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I couldn't find anywhere to post this and it's not...

I couldn't find anywhere to post this and it's not my review yet. So far Ive been to 5 different consultations and I've picked my Dr. He was very personable, had all the accredations I was looking for and really seemed like he understands my goals of a natural subtle looking rhinoplasty. The date is set for the end of April.

5 weeks post op

I'm just giving my update so far...the surgery felt like it went so quick, I had some pain in my collumella when I woke up and they have me a painkiller for the drive home but that was the only pain medicine I had for the entire recovery. It was so weird to not have any pain when I knew my bones had been broken. I just had pressure like a sinus infection. When I got home, myDr. Had sent flowers to my house and called to check up later that evening. My nose would bleed a tiny bit the first couple days then just completely stopped. Ihad my cast off after 5 days. It has Definately been an emotional experience. I still don't feel like I recognize myself in the mirror and that's been tough. I went back to work after 2 1/2 weeks and everyone kept asking me if I had a nose job! My tip was droopy and it was lifted during surgery so that's what gave it away I think. I have to go back in to have a procedure to lift my nostrils as I have hanging nostrils and it's really throwing off the collumella/ nostril relationship. I'm hoping the tip will drop more and the uneven swelling goes away soon. It's really bugging me that everyone keeps asking me if I had my nose done, I really thought people wouldn't even notice

4 months post op...

So I'm 4 months post op and getting a bit discouraged. I've been trying to be patient but the issues I have seem to be getting worse as swelling goes down. One side of my nose seems to be sinking in and nose tip is pulling to the right a bit. Every time I look in the mirror I see the sunken in area and it really sucks :/ if anyone has had this happen or knows what might be happening I would really appreciate any comments or info

Retracted columella, collapsed side

Almost 9 months post op and very unhappy with my results. My columella is very retracted causing me to look like I have a long upper lip. It was retracted before surgery but that was supposed to be fixed but wasn't, it actually feels shorter and tighter to the septum after surgery. My right side looks collapsed to me but doctor said the bone was shaved to much. It looks like a line down one side of my nose and the tip is pulling more to the collapsed side . It's so difficult mentally to deal with this and realize that I need to look for revision specialists. I saved up for this surgery and now I have to start all over and I'm sure it'll take me a few years.

Without fillers

This makes me so sad/angry
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