Looking Forward to Rhinoplasty in April - Lone Tree, CO

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I couldn't find anywhere to post this and it's not...

I couldn't find anywhere to post this and it's not my review yet. So far Ive been to 5 different consultations and I've picked my Dr. He was very personable, had all the accredations I was looking for and really seemed like he understands my goals of a natural subtle looking rhinoplasty. The date is set for the end of April.

5 weeks post op

I'm just giving my update so far...the surgery felt like it went so quick, I had some pain in my collumella when I woke up and they have me a painkiller for the drive home but that was the only pain medicine I had for the entire recovery. It was so weird to not have any pain when I knew my bones had been broken. I just had pressure like a sinus infection. When I got home, myDr. Had sent flowers to my house and called to check up later that evening. My nose would bleed a tiny bit the first couple days then just completely stopped. Ihad my cast off after 5 days. It has Definately been an emotional experience. I still don't feel like I recognize myself in the mirror and that's been tough. I went back to work after 2 1/2 weeks and everyone kept asking me if I had a nose job! My tip was droopy and it was lifted during surgery so that's what gave it away I think. I have to go back in to have a procedure to lift my nostrils as I have hanging nostrils and it's really throwing off the collumella/ nostril relationship. I'm hoping the tip will drop more and the uneven swelling goes away soon. It's really bugging me that everyone keeps asking me if I had my nose done, I really thought people wouldn't even notice

4 months post op...

So I'm 4 months post op and getting a bit discouraged. I've been trying to be patient but the issues I have seem to be getting worse as swelling goes down. One side of my nose seems to be sinking in and nose tip is pulling to the right a bit. Every time I look in the mirror I see the sunken in area and it really sucks :/ if anyone has had this happen or knows what might be happening I would really appreciate any comments or info

Retracted columella, collapsed side

Almost 9 months post op and very unhappy with my results. My columella is very retracted causing me to look like I have a long upper lip. It was retracted before surgery but that was supposed to be fixed but wasn't, it actually feels shorter and tighter to the septum after surgery. My right side looks collapsed to me but doctor said the bone was shaved to much. It looks like a line down one side of my nose and the tip is pulling more to the collapsed side . It's so difficult mentally to deal with this and realize that I need to look for revision specialists. I saved up for this surgery and now I have to start all over and I'm sure it'll take me a few years.

Without fillers

This makes me so sad/angry

Small in office revision...same dr

I decided to go ahead and have my original dr do the in office revision. He put a sheet of goretex in my nasal sidewall and I had a piece of my septum touching my other nasal sidewall so he was supposed to take that out and put it in my columella. He he said he would not put goretex in my columella because tht area gets bumped a lot and can cause issues...Everything was fine until about 2 was after, I noticed goo coming out the top of my nostril, I went in, he looked at it and didn't see infection but put me on antibiotic just to be safe. 2 more weeks passed and I was looking up into my nose because it was so big and swollen in that same area and saw a hole about the size of a pencil eraser with something white coming out it. I assumed it was the cartilage coming out but it looked like a piece of plastic. The office got me in quickly, he looked at it and trimmed it and said it was the graft coming out and said the hole will close itself in a week. So about a week and a half passes and the hole never got smaller and the graft was still pushing itself out! Then I noticed this gold crust on the incision a few millimeters under it and I used a q -tip and clears the crust and under it was another hole with white plastic showing through! I was freaking out about this and I went in to see him to see what was going on and also the whole columella was crooked, swollen by the whole and hanging down farther than the other side so I really didn't like the appearance either. I went in and he said he can trim it more and put a stitch in the hole and I said well what about the other hole and he just said we could probably just remove it and replace it with some cartilage from the ear in a few weeks and said it was goretex that was actually in it. Right when he told me it was goretex I just said to take it out. A couple hours later I felt so much better as that pressure/ pain from the Graft was no longer there. He offered to redo the columella with ear cartilage at my last appoinent but I said no. I know It will just be crooked anyways because my nose tip is crooked and it really emphasized my notched nostril on my left side.

So unhappy ???? seeking revision

I'm so unhappy with my nose and I'm looking for a revision specialist. I'm going to a couple consults here but I'm also looking at Lamperti, Thomas Le, steven Pearlman, Richard Davis and David w Kim. I just have to save up a ton of money and it's going to take me a couple years. The collapse on the side looks better since he put the goretex sheet in but the rest is still pretty bad. I believe I have an inverted v deformity, retracted columella, crooked nasal tip, notched nostril (least of my concerns) crooked nasal bones and I think I'm over rotated. I asked for just a subtle change and I just look completely different

Thoughts on my dr

I really trusted my surgeon and I had complete confidence in him. I still think he was very nice and his office staff were all so nice and helpful, They never made me feel llike a nuisance with my concerns. I totally understand tht everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect and everyone heals differently as well. I went into this knowing that but I also thought he would fix it if things did go wrong. Granted, I did refuse the ear cartilage after the goretex was removed but there really is a lot of other issues with my nose tht should have been fixed and not just bringing down the columella. I do think he tried to fix my nose with the in office procedures but I just think I may have needed a full redo. Idk maybe I'm wrong but I'll find out soon when I meet with the other doctors

Bad results

Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon

Unfortunately I ended up with very bad results from my primary with dr weber. The pictures on my profile show everything that is wrong with my nose.I do think he and his office staff were very nice and tried to help me when the problems occurred but The issues were never fully corrected and now I have to find a revision specialist.

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