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I have always been very thin, but only at an...

I have always been very thin, but only at an extremely unhealthy weight for me (108lbs at 5'4) have I ever not had a double chin. Currently I am 120lbs and just have this horrible slope to my neck that makes me look so much heavier than I am. I am taking the plunge and getting submental lipo two weeks after a tummy tuck (want to combine healing times but wanted different surgeons for the procedures). So excited to look my REAL weight!

Today was the day!

That was surprisingly easy! 2.5 mg of valium to relax a bit, some numbing shots all around, and then out it went. The whole process from start to finish was probably 1.5 hours (had to have time for the valium and local anesthetic to work). I think being totally awake is not for the sqeamish as the sounds were something quite odd and surreal, but it was definitely not worse than doing something like getting a cavity filled. I ended up with three small incisions, a stitch in each, and am now in my lovely compression garment :). My son is calling it "mama's big band aid."

I'm not going to write my full review for Dr. Weber yet, but thus far I can say I am nothing short then overwhelmingly impressed. His kindness, bedside manner, and sensitivity really put me at ease. He called me to check in this evening, and responded almost immediately to a text I sent him with a concern about some seepage from one of my incisions. So as far as all of the doctor/practice related ratings would go, five stars all around. Will have to wait a bit to see what the results look like before I can finish!

The local anesthetic wore off about an hour ago and I'm just using tylenol for the minor discomfort. I believe he said between 10-20 cc were removed, so it wasn't a huge amount by any means, but invasive none the less. I will be sleeping in a recliner tonight to keep from rolling to my side, as I can already tell I feel a bit tight and tender to the touch.

A tip for those of you considering this--the compression garment I got to wear after covered my ears and was actually painfully pinning them down. The instructions said that you can cut small earholes without affecting the integrity of the garment, which I did, and not it's not bothering me in the slightest. DEFINITELY not going out in this thing, and having to wear it for a week is going to make me pretty home bound, but I may (in three or four days) use my alotted shower time to have it off to do something like grocery shopping. And I'll just be a bit dirtier than usual :). I'll post pics soon.

1dpo pics

Hard to tell if there is a difference yet!
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