52 yo (21 yo implants under muscle). Explant complete! Freedom FOREVER!!

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After two children, my 34b boobies looked sad....

After two children, my 34b boobies looked sad. Living in Dallas at the time (where everything is BIG) decided to get implants. I told my Dr "I want big" and big he did. Almost 600cc's! For my 5'4" frame, 130lb at the time, were WAY TOO BIG for my body. I have been so self conscious of these boobs for 21 years and really can't wait to get them removed. Luckily I haven't had any health issues but finding clothes to fit has been dreadful! My husband is completely supportive of my wanting them removed... which will make this transition so much easier. My fear of having the implants removed is that I will look like I have tube-socks hanging from my chest. My friend told me about RealSelf and this website has given me the courage to get this done. I have found Dr. Tanya Atagi, who was referred to me from my friend (who also had implants removed by Dr. Atagi). I have made my consultation appointment for Tuesday October 6, 2015... and if no issues are discovered, I will then go in for a pre-op and hopefully removal the first week in November. It can't be soon enough! I am so looking forward to being ME again! I will keep you posted throughout my process! PS the right breast looks larger but think it's just the camera angle as I had to use my right hand to juggle the camera.

Lose weight before explant?

Thinking losing a little weight (10 lbs) before explant.. or even before consult.. would be beneficial so have a little less breast tissue. Just don't want two saggy empty balloons laying on my chest. Thoughts?

Consult Tues 9-22-15! Moved up due to cancellation!

OMG! My Dr had a cancellation and was able to move my consult up from Oct 6 to Sept 22! I am excited, anxious, scared and eager to learn about the process, transition and new ME! Well, really getting to know the OLD ME! Realself.com has helped me so much and reading everyone's stories have given me amazing courage and inspiration to move forward! I noticed I don't have as many "before" pictures like a lot of you do... but I promise to show photos of my journey along the way. I am very excited and feel somewhat empowered and just want to say that "real is sexy"! Thank you to YOU if I read your story (and I probably did). I pray that during the consult the Dr finds no issues and that it can be an in-office visit. Just wanted to check in and will update next Tuesday! Woohoo!

Consult tomorrow!

I can't believe tomorrow I see the PS to discuss getting these balloons/rocks off my chest! I am so excited and hope she finds no complications and able to do explant at her office. My understanding if there are concerns it would be at the hospital (ugh + more $$). Nevertheless, I feel more confident than ever... really due to Realself.com and following other amazing, courageous women who want to be real again. My prayers are no potential complications and able to do beginning of November. Of course I am afraid, moving forward that I won't look beautiful and sexy for my husband. We have been married almost 30 years and he is onboard and very supportive. He doesn't ask many questions but I made him promise that when he does... He will ask. He has enjoyed these big boobies for
21 of our 30 years together. Seriously think it will be more of an adjustment for him than me. Me... It's a relief and renewal of my real self! Okay... 9:00am tomorrow! Will let you know what she says and plans for moving forward! ??

Consult Complete! Surgery Scheduled 10-29-15

Today I met my PS for the first time! Love her, the staff and the entire environment. I had a little anxiety this morning, but my excitement totally out-weighed the negative chatter. The Dr and I discussed history and "why" I wanted them out. I told her that it was a HUGE mistake (no pun intended) 21 years ago.. and have never felt comfortable with myself since. She said I had some good existing breast tissue (started with a b-cup before augmentation). She did not see any potential encapsulation although she said she will learn more once inside. SURGERY SCHEDULED THURSDAY OCTOBER 29th!!! Have all my pre-op and post-op visits scheduled! She also does NOT do drains or wrap tightly in bandages... so glad to hear this news! WHY, I asked? She leaves the scar capsule in place after explant. Reason is, she said that when the scar capsule is removed then you have internal raw, weeping tissue (that drains) and also risk the fresh skin "healing and sticking" together, which could create a flatter look for the end result. Totally makes sense!!! With the scar capsule intact, it doesn't create an area that will adhere to each other, so to speak. She also said that scar tissue, in general, contracts when healing... so she feels this lends to a natural "lift" with the scar tissue shrinking and lifting and tightening naturally. I told her I did not intend to do a breast lift and she said that if I do want to consider, wait at least 6 months... just to see how well I heal, lift and "fluff."

I couldn't be happier and just wish the explant was tomorrow. I have everything in place... dates, time off from work, and purchased some nice jog bras and non-wire soft bras and even a pretty padded lacy sleep bra. I will leave her office, after the explant, in a soft, front-zipper jog bra. I am also going to be able to do this procedure in her office, with numbing. Wont feel a thing. I have transportation after the procedure to go home. I hold out great hope and very excited for the future as "me" again... well, the real me. It's still me. :)

Pre-Op scheduled!!

Wow! Reality is sinking in! Pre-op scheduled in 7 days (Oct 12)! I am very excited and anxious at the same time. I am so grateful for this website as it has given me confidence, information, support and truly appreciate the stories from everyone! This is a huge decision for me and, of course, want a very good outcome. My fear is I will have ugly, deflated, unattractive boobies! I am sure that's a natural fear. My hubby (30 years) is supportive of my decision but he has had the "girls" for 21 of those years. I know he loves me no matter, but always want to be pretty and attractive for him. Mind over matter. My attitude must remain strong! I wish I never made the decision for implants. But what's done is done. Looking forward to being me again... my true me. ??

Post-Op Bra - Great find!

Hello RS ladies! I discovered a company that specializes in bras (& other garments) especially for post-surgical use. The brand is CareFix and really impressed with their selections! I chose the "ALICE" post-op bra (they all have names). It just arrived and looks very comfortable... adjustable straps, front closure. My PS does not do drains, and she just requires a front zip jog bra (this fits the bill with better options) but this company also offers bras to accomodate drains. It's worth checking out. I just wanted to share with you!

Pre-op complete!

Had my pre-op today! Thought I would be really nervous but actually felt very calm. Sort of comfirmed to me of my decision. They went over all medications, do's & don't's and then took before & after photos. I am so happy to have found RS as reading stories of other women have truly given me courage that I didn't think I had. I have had more sleepless nights (more than normal) and I have even dreamed (several times) that I had the surgery (anyone else experience that?) I am so looking forward to getting my blobs off my chest and looking "real" again. Happy! Was a surprisingly positive day! Can't wait to be FREE! ??

List of Meds Prescribed...

Wow! Had no idea but looks like they covered everything:
-Anti-Bacterial (Keflex)
-Anti-Inflammatory (Celebrex)
-Anti-Nausea (Zofran)
-Sedative (Halcion)
-Pain Relief (Norco)
-Swelling & Bruising Reducer (Sinecch)
-Probiotic (Probio/Max) take 2wks pre-op & 2wks post-op. (Dr believes a healthy gut provides healthier healing).
-Lots of fluids and healthy eating

Ready to get this party started!! OX ??

SLEEPLESS in Colorado

So since I've made this decision I have noticed I have had more sleepless nights. Pre-op yesterday and very confident in moving forward! BUT, I could'nt shut off the "mind chatter" about the procedure (before/after). Feel asleep at 4:30am and up at 7:30am! Oh my! This can't continue! (this was after taking Trazadone!). Any suggestions for sleep?

Palmer's Toning & Firming Cocoa Butter

Okay... I have read MANY reviews on this stuff.. starting with RS. Read glowing reviews as well on Amazon. Sooooo, I want to do everything I can to get the best results. I just received a 3-pack and started today. This stuff is amazing! I am hoping to get these boobies healthy with strong collagen and elastin (& hope w/tightening) and will use on the girls (starting today) and maybe for the entire healing process and beyond. BUT this stuff feel so good on my skin I am going to use neck to toes! Oh my! My body never felt so good, soft and supple! Just wanted to say "thumbs up" to the RS recommendation and hope it helps... even in the smallest way. Nevertheless I think this is my new all-over body lotion! ????

12 Days Pre Op

Have to say, if it wasn't for RealSelf.. I would not have made this decision to explant. As of today I am 12 days out from my explant. Implants for 21 years. Regretted my decision for 20 of those years. RS had been an amazing find for me to make the change back to ME. So.. very excited for my decision (explant) and thanks so much for Real Self followers (YOU) to help me through this transition.

Amazing for Scars!

RS beauties... I am an Esthetician and am a BIG fan of natural healing. EMU Oil has so many amazing healing qualities which include: scar healing, bruise reduction agent, relieves inflammation, muscle soreness, minor cuts & scrapes, dry/itchy skin. In addition helps with muscle soreness, arthritis pain, radiation burns, sunburn, eczema, anti-aging, skin thickening agent and skin moisturizer. LOVE THIS STUFF! Prefer this brand but anything that is 100% pure super-refined would be perfect! Have mine ready to use post-op! Love you! ??

72 more hours! Let the countdown begin!

I can't believe in less than 72 hours I will be home and and healing! I am so excited to be Free of these heavy ridiculous fake mounds I have called boobs for 21 years! I am nervous, of course, but the outcome far outweighs my fears! Tic-Toc! Pray my heart stays calm and I will lay my head on my pillow with no anxiety. ??????????????????????

Explant tomorrow! Bra Burning tonight! EMPOWERING!

Wow! Here I am! Tomorrow is it! Hard to believe that after the decision was made (2.5 mo ago) how quickly this journey has been! Tonight I did a bra burning in my outdoor chiminea... sort of a part of me forever in the sky. No tears were shed, at all! More of a smile! It was incredibly empowering and cleansing. I am ready for tomorrow and will tackle it head on. Good mind, good spirits & positive thoughts. I just want to say to all my new RS friends I don't think I could have done this without you! I haven't met any of you but truly feel that some of my biggest RS "cheerleaders" I call friends! All the stories and photos of your journey truly gave me
Courage for mine. I wish I could give you all a big-ass HUG in person but this (((HUG))) will have to do. Thank you all again for your prayers and support! I will definitely check in after surgery. Love & hugs

DONE! Implants OUT & feeling great!

Surgery at 4:00pm. Before entering the procedure room, in another room nurses started the sedatives, anti Nausua and pain med. My mom was able to stay with me to chat. Everyone was so incredibly nice and I always throw a few jokes in here and there. Once ready I moved into the surgery room. Simple. Clean. Light calm music playing. The nurse came in and triple washed/sterilized by breasts, tummy and arms. The nurse numbed the area for the pain killer injections with this frozen solution. I did feel the injection for a moment but very manageable. The PS began by cutting off the old existing scar then went another layer as I was under the muscle. She wanted to drain the implants before removal so had bowls next to my sides to capture the warm saline fluid in my implants. This was to make it easier to remove. Removal was a breeze and sewing up with no issues. Leaving the hospital did not need assistance. Mom and I stopped at Walgreens to pick up prescription. Came home and made soup and Grilled Sandwiches. I feel so good I have to remind myself I still need to lay low and heal. I am wanting to share my first pics with you. I couldn't help it to peak! Yay! They are sad (too be expected. Praying for uplift and fluff!

Article re: Breast Explant on the Rise

Why Thousands of Women Are Having Their Breast Implants Removed. (copy & paste this URL into your browser):

Post Op - Day 1

It's been 24 hours and feeling pretty good! Have taken it very easy today... lots of horizontal rest and catching up with Netfliix. Have only taken 1 pain pill and 2 Tylenol today. Just tender but really no big deal. I am posting my 1 day pics. I am not liking my left breast.. seems uber flat! Ugh! I am impatient and realize it's only been 24 hours! Simmer down! Time heals and I know I will morph daily. What I am loving is they are so soft, warm and squishy! I have forgotten what a real boob feels like!

72 Hours POST OP

Wow! I can't tell you how good I feel! Just 1 day of pain pills, yesterday Tylenol only and today, nothing. My shower yesterday was awesome! Washed my hair and even took a walk up to the local Starbucks and had coffee with a friend. Felt good tonght air. Hard to lay low for me. Today was church, grocery store and tonight potluck for Broncos game. Other than feeling the tightness of the sutures I have really had zero discomfort. Oh and what was cool today when I was walking to my car... I actually felt REAL BOOB bounce. Not much... but bounce. Yay! So good to be free of my alien boobs! Aaahhhh!

Post Op - 7 Days

Wow! 7 days? Seems like forever! Other than Day 1 being "tender" ... life was back to normal after that. No pain. Full range of motion of my arms. No pain pills. Tylenol manageable 3 days. Other than not feeling heavy fake implants.. Life is back. In return to work tomorrow but seriously could have returned a few days ago. At first I truly hated my tight compression jog bra but have learned to love it! I know it's for a reason so I have become friends. I feel my left breast looks flatter but hope all will fill out over time. I can't wait for tomorrow at work. Gonna walk in with confidence and head held high! Yay for my new "real" me! OX

Post Op - 2 weeks

I can't begin to tell you how good I feel, mentally and physically! OMG! Freedom! I have had zero problems, issues, maybe 10% bruising, not itchy at all! Aaahhh! I still have my sutures in, only because of my work schedule. They come out on Monday. It's so weird that, today, it's been two weeks!!! It has been so wonderful with zero issues, that it feels like 2 years! I feel I am having some positive lifting and a little fluffing, esp left boobie. I have been diligent in wearing tight compression jog bra at night and a more feminine cup bra in the days. Purpose is to eliminate any pocket or fluid build up, as well as helping the breast in reshaping. And using my Palmers Firming Cocoa Butter lotion daily (love this stuff). I am not sure if I have had much change in my boobies... maybe you may. Anyway, I feel awesome, liberated and free of FAKE! I love my new girls! I forgot what real boobs feel like! Soft, warm, comforting! Instead of stupid perky and not-normal-firm!!! So happy right now I could just scream!!! Yay!!!! OX

Feeling a little... Not sure what.

So today I went to look for a real bra for the first time. Before implants I was a 36b. With implants a full d/dd (depending on what brand). I have more tissue than before implants so assuming I would be a 36c. Nothing fit right! Like the cup was too small, not enough lift, etc. I am not a d. I feel unsexy and not very happy right now. I think I will go for a professional fit. :(

Post Op - 3 weeks

Ladies I feel like a million bucks! I love my new "me" and almost feels surreal! I went for a professional bra fitting at Bosum Buddies and was measured as a 36C!! What? I was B cup before implants and D cup with. But I am sure with age, menopause and a little weight gain gave me a little more breast tissue. I found two bras at the Bosum Buddies and a couple more at Kohl's. Very happy! Feel great and what is so awesome is that no one noticed and If they did, nothing was said. Yay! Sutures out... All healing great! Using EMU oil on my incision and Palmers Cocoa Firming cream daily! OX

Post Op -4 Weeks

Hello lovely ladies! Sorry I have been MIA since Thanksgiving but was on vacation. Hope everyone had a blessed holiday!!!

I wanted to post my pics at 4 weeks post op. I am feeling great and am getting reacquainted with "me" again. I love being real and like how I look in a bra and shirt but still trying to embrace looking at my new Tata's. I suppose since I have been so huge for 21 years I just dont know what my real boobs would have looked like (w/o implants) .. or should look like at 52.

I am now in a mission to lose 15 pounds - weight that I think I subconsciously carried to make my implant look not as fake. It's funny, when I told a select group of people I was having an explant they were like "their not real?". They were pretty (but too big in my brain). I have been hesitant to lose this weight because it will most likely affect my breast size and afraid the "fluff fairy" will pass me by. I am okay with that I suppose. I know I will feel healthier being at my preferred weight.

I don't notice much difference - still think my left breast is still too "slopy.

Also, question... for those of you that have explanted, did you get random tweeks or sensations in your breasts? More on my left side... I am almost 6 weeks out. Just curious. Thanks again all you beautiful and strong RS women out there! Thanks again for supporting me along my journey!! I will post pics again at my 3 month mark. HUGS & mucho love!!!

Post Op - 6 Mo

Hello lovies... hard to believe it's been 6 months since the aliens were removed! Honestly, haven't missed them at all! The healing went without a hitch and the random weird "zapping" sensations subsided around the end of month two. Dr said most likely nerves healing. Since I see these every day I don't see a dramatic change but think they fluffed up a little. I am okay with how they look and feel... so nice to put on clothing and not be 2 giant boobs with a woman behind them. Feel it's just "me" walking into a room. My plan of wearing not so snug clothing 1 mo pre and 1 mo post worked beautifully in making this a quiet transition. Other than close friends knowing.. no one noticed or said anything (which is what I wanted). Now to address the weight issue. I had (perhaps subconsciously) carried an extra 10-15 lbs just so I didn't look to freakishly big. So, up until last week I still hung on to that extra weight because I was afraid to lose the boobies I was left with. Not any more! I chose health over tatas! I have lost 5 pounds and will keep losing! I am embracing what God gives me. I will keep you posted and we shall see. Sorry I have been off the radar but life has been busy. Thought it's good to show 6 mo out. I am so proud of each of you who have decided to explant. Just remember, breasts do NOT define you. You are a beautiful YOU - embrace it! Thanks also to all my RS buddies who truly helped me through this journey, don't think I could have made it without you!!! OX Hugs!
Dr. Tanya Atagi

From the recommendation from a friend, the first initial phone call, the consultation and pre-op, I am nothing but impressed! Dr Atagi is amazing. I felt calm and totally felt at ease. Everyone, including Dr Atagi, is professional, comforting, listening with a good dose of joking (which makes everything a little lighter) and encouraging. I have zero doubt, in my mind, that Dr Atagi and her team was the absolute right choice! 10 days and counting!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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