Day 2 of my Face and Neck Lift - London, GB

I have been pondering over a face and neck lift...

I have been pondering over a face and neck lift for the past few years searching on the web for reviews and recommended surgeons. I finally made the decision when I found Dominic's website and was so impressed by the many excellent reviews.So, I made an appointment for a consultation in March this year. I then had to wait until now for THE BIG DAY. But it has come round so quickly.

Prior to the operation, I had 2 separate appointments for lymphatic drainage on the face.... All part of the treatment and skin care analysis which includes a range of skin care specifically for you. Also some make up and concealer for afterwards. You are also given a bag of medication which you start taking 2 days prior to surgery.

So,yesterday I arrived .....a little nervous but the sleeping tablet I was prescribed to take the night before (part of the medication) seemed to help with the nerves. I had experienced all kind of negative thoughts for days running up to the surgery....was I being vain.....what would my late parents have many sick people and worried about how I look.....etc etc. But I am here now, too late to change my mind so I am asked to take a seat by the lovely receptionist... I am an hour early so I busy myself with catching up on newspapers and glossy magazines which are available in the waiting area. Then the receptionist advises me that Dominic is running late so off i go to do a little retail therapy just to take my mind off the situation.
At 230, I'm back and the lovely Dominic greets me and takes me to the procedure room, where I change into a gown and surgery socks. The very beautiful anaesthetist greets me and makes me feel at ease and gives me a sedative before the anaesthetic.
Then the work begins. I have to say the whole experience was so relaxing, great funky music being played and I really can't believe i was there for around 4 hours. It went so quickly , I think I dosed a few times. The lovely nurse regularly asked if I was ok and Dominic was asking me to move my mouth etc and reassuring me.

So, I'm out , fully bandaged up , head scarf and sun glasses adorned and walking with my partner to the hotel. Only 10 minutes walk. There is no pain just a bit uncomfortable which is to be expected. Dominic arrives at around 7 pm to change the bandage, sort out the ice back and arrange my pillows as it's important to sit up all night. I haven't yet looked in the mirror as this is my way of dealing with it all. I just want to see the end result.

I have had very little sleep all night as I find it difficult to sleep upright. I made myself a cup of tea and rang room service for more ice as it's important to ice.

At 10 I go back to see Dominic for check up and lymphatic drainage and then home

So that's all for now but look out for my next update.
London Facial Plastic Surgeon


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