My Tattoo Removal Journey - London, WV

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I am just starting out with my tattoo removal...

I am just starting out with my tattoo removal journey, and we'll aware it's going to be a long and painful process.

I've had a tattoo on my wrist for probably about 7 years now and have wanted it gone for pretty much the entire 7 years! I was in a long term relationship and we very stupidly decided to get matching tattoos. I wanted something small and cute on my ankle, but ended up getting a large tattoo on my wrist. We had always loved Kandinsky paintings, and so decided to get a circle tattoo...It looked lovely in a painting, but I hated it the second I had it done.

Anyway the relationship ended 5 years ago, and I am still left with this tattoo as a constant reminder; so finally am doing something about it. I'm quite lucky that it had faded already, and as it was so painful having it done, I never had it retouched.

I had my first session 6 days ago, which wasn't as initially painful as I expected. It was the hours after having it done which were the worse- I can only describe it as a deep bring sensation. My wrist swelled up for a few hours, but after that settled down.

There was a lot of pinpoint bleeding, and within a couple of hours the blister formed. The black ink around the outside was fine, but the blue ink really blistered and was painful.

After 6 days the blisters have gone, but it's still very red and sore. I am noticing small patches form already on the black, but the blue ink still needs a lot of healing.

Sorry if the pics are a little graphic, but thought it might help prepare someone who is thinking of going through this.

I've got my next session booked for 5 weeks time, so hopefully everything will be healed up by then.

2 weeks after my first session

So its been 2 weeks and it's starting to heal up nicely. Still a little tender, and I have a few bumps forming on the black ink...It doesn't hurt and so guess it's just part of the healing process.

The blue has faded more than I expected already, although it's not fully healed up, and so can't be sure by how much yet. This part blistered the most and so I am a little worried that I could get scar damage here....I'm probably over thinking it a bit!!
I'm also noticing a lot of small grey patches forming, they aren't very large, but everyday it seems to be getting slightly lighter...They are lots of little circles...The photos don't show these too clearly.

I've got about 4 weeks till my next session, which hopefully will give my skin enough time to heal up.

second session done

So I had my second session done yesterday, and it seems to be healing very different from the first time. I had a big falling out with the woman who performed it, so think not sure I'll be going back bf wants me to report her, so thought I'd share my experience on here...

I was supposed to have my second session done about 2 weeks ago, but she cancelled the appointment and so I had to reschedule....well I say cancel, but really she just closed the clinic that day and didn't tell me, so I was left standing outside for 20 minutes before giving up and going home. Anyway she eventually emailed me back informing me her mother had passed away so the clinic was closed for 2 I felt really bad about being angry and booked back in to have another session.

Anyway, I arrived for my treatment (after waiting on the doorstep 10 minutes to be let in) and not only did she have no idea who I was or why I was there, she had another treatment booked I sat patiently and waited another 20 minutes to be seen!

First time I was there she offered my a 'lifetime deal' of 10 or more treatments for £200. I wasn't sure if that was right for me and so told her I would do the 3 treatments I had originally paid for, and take it from soon as I told her I didn't want the deal I could see her mood and attitude immediately change...literally without warning she started the treatment (before I had put the protective goggles on!) Which actually made me cry out in shock. Worst thing was she hadn't even checked what setting it was on, so the bottom part of ths tattoo has a blister from high setting.

It was a lot more painful than I remember and I asked her to stop for a bit, but she didn't. So I had the whole thing done in one go without any breaks. She spend maybe 1-2 minutes doing the treatment and then told me I was ready to go...

I have 1 more treatment left, but my bf really doesn't want me to go back to her...and I'm not sure I do either.

But it's not blistered like it did last time, but instead my wrist feels a bit achy and swollen. I have little red blood spots on the blue patch, but it so far hasn't blistered like the first time...which I'm not complaining about!!!

Skin test before 3rd session

I decided not to go back to the same clinic where I had my first 2 sessions, and found a really great one in North London. The tattoo remover is actually a doctor who has been doing this for 20yrs. He was horrified when I showed him pictures of my first 2 sessions and said she has caused me permanent scaring because of the high laser.

So I had a skin test done today, which hardly hurt at all, and am booked in tomorrow for my session. It was a little disheartening when he said its going to take 10-20 sessions to remove it, especially because she'said caused a lot of damage to my wrist. Fingers crossed its a more enjoyable experience from now on :)

3rd session done

Just had my third tattoo session (this time at a new place) and went really well. Hardly any pain and only a little bit of blistering. Think this place is using a weaker laser, which probably mean more sessions but would prefer that to the burns and blisters I had before.

Hopefully in a few weeks I'll start notice some more fading

session 4 done

So I had my forth session yesterday. I'd left 6 weeks between the last session, to ensure it had healed completely.

Not much blistering this time and am starting to really see some fading now...although still got a long way to go before its completely gone.

6 session done

Well I've bought another 4 sessions through the same company as they are brilliant...I know I've got a lot more sessions ahead of me, but starting to see it fading now. It used to be pure black and dark blue, and now it's a grey colour with flakes of white through it.

7th session done

So just had my seventh session the other day, and this time she increased the settings...which means there was more blistering than the last session. But really starting to see it fading now

2 weeks after 7th treatment

Really noticing a difference after this last session

10th session completed

So just had my 10th session yesterday. Starting to realise I've still got a long way to go, but at least it's starting to really fade now. I've been told to now wait 8 weeks between sessions, to give it longer to heal. It's getting a lot more painful as they increase the laser settings. I've also got some scarring from my first session, which is apparently making it harder to get all the ink out. But I'm really happy with the clinic I go to now and have an actual doctor performing the treatment, so much better than before.

After 10th session

Forgot to post the after pic from 10th session.

11th session complete

Really good session yesterday. Had a really good chat with the Doctor about the treatments, and was encouraging that he's confident it'll eventually completely go....just not idea how many more sessions I'll need. But after over a year, I'm just going to keep going with it- if it takes another 2 years to go it's not the end of the world, at least I've started the process.

Not much blistering this time and just a little pinprick bleeding. Apparently we are up to 140 watts now, but the machine can go up to 1100 so might still have a way to go! Leaving it 2 months between treatments to give it longer to heal up.

Sorry if pictures are a little graphic- will post more once it's healed up to show the change

Another session completed

So it's taking a long time, and even the doctor and the clinic is surprised about how slowly my body is reacting to the treatments. He's trying a new treatment on me- so has done a small test patch to see if it makes any difference. It's definitely fading, just slowly!
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