25 Year Old Male, Gym 5 Days a Week Struggling to Lose Belly Fat, VASER on upper and lower abdomen and Flanks

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I decided to get vaser after doing some research...

I decided to get vaser after doing some research online, it took almost a year but I finally went ahead with Dr. Grant who i had read good reviews about and having met him he seemed like a perfectionist. Someone who knew what he was doing, he unlike other surgeons I had met, really wants you to have a more natural look so when he is saying you need x y and z done just do it because vaser on one area alone will look weird unless you have a really low body fat percentage.

Pre - OP discussion on areas -

I decided to have Vaser done on my upper and lower Abdomen and flanks. I opted for mid def rather than Hi def mostly due to the cost. I arranged payment and within 2 weeks I was going to be on the operating table. I had my prescriptions sent over to me and that included a antibiotic, Codeine and some paracetamol.

Day of Op

So I walked in just before 9, there were about 5 nurses and 1 anesthesian, I had to sign a lot of documents and eventually change into my operating garments. Waited for Dr Grant to arrive and when he did he marked up my body and took several pictures of me lifting my arms every 90 degrees before I laid down on my back and was given the local sedation. All was going well as I fell asleep and experienced zero pain however when it came to doing the front I woke up half way through and let me tell you the pain is no bueno. It hurt so much, on the scale of pain it was up there quite high. They realised I was awake and were unsure how to proceed as in whether to give me more of the anesthesia or to wait it out. I forced myself to sleep and tried but eventually it finished and I was one sweaty nauseous mess. Two nurses dressed me and the other nurses were a little worried for me as I was wide eyed and barely responsive. They grabbed a wet towel and put it over my head and they then took me to another room to monitor me for 30 minutes before I was allowed out to the waiting room. All in all I had nearly 5 litres taken from my body, two from the flank and three from the front.

Day of Op continued...

I forgot to mention how amazing the nursing staff were, they really cared and looked after me post the operation and kept changing the bags for me. I was waiting from 1pm onwards for my friend to come collect me as I was told I would be done at 3pm and I asked him to come at 4pm. But all the nurses waited for me until I was collected. Make sure you bring a zip up hoodie and tracksuit which is at least 3x bigger than what you would normally wear as the 4D vest and the pouches you have from the surgery to collect the fluid makes you huge around the stomach area. One thing I failed to take into account was the pouches and how they are not discreet at all. As I had not told my family I decided to spend two days in a hotel to rest up before the drains and pouches could be removed.

I was not hungry post OP but went to Harrods and had some ice cream, it was whilst I was eating that the sudden urge to pee came about and it was weird as I barely drank any water but it was from the saline that is pumped into your body. You will pee a lot for the next 24 hours and I mean a lot. Once I got back to the hotel I changed my pouches and slept, the sleep is uncomfortable as you wake up to pee but not unbearable.

Day one post op

Woke up early to assess whether I would need to change the bags but there was barely any fluid in the bags. Got dressed and used a towel to clean where I could and headed to see the Nurse for a check up. It barely lasted 5 minutes and it was over and done. Went back to the hotel and rested and regained my hunger.

Barely any pain or discomfort and that worried me. I was taking Codeine and paracetamol along with the antibiotics on time. One thing I wish I knew about before surgery was to buy some Arnica tablets from boots. They are a god send, homeopathic so they say it may not work but what it does is that it thins your blood. Which is handy when it comes to bruising as it helps thin the thick blood that gives you the purplish colour on your body.

Day 2 Post op

So I spoke a tad too early, I was in pain from the drains! The drains thankfully come out today but it was painful. It felt like someone was sticking needles in your inside and constantly stabbing you, I could not sit down and standing I had to be careful of my position. When the Nurse took of the 4D vest, I started feeling nauseous and sweaty again and when the stitching came off it was such a relief. I finally saw a glimpse of my stomach and it was flat.

I then attended my first MLD session with Raddy, who is super knowledgeable about everything relating to the surgery. An extremely friendly person who performed a few checks and took some pictures for Dr Grant who was away for his wedding. She helped take off the 4D vest and I was adamant that I would not want to see what I look like but I caught a glimpse in the reflection of the machine and braved it for the mirror and really really liked what I saw.

The MLD started with some soft stokes on the stomach and flanks and this is not a typical massage in that there is no grabbing but gentle strokes to release some fluid from the holes from the drains. Once the front was done I had a ultrasound performed and then it was time for the back and there was barely and fluid coming out. She helped me dress and noticed that the 4D vest was not comfortable so she cut it up to make it better suited for my body, gave me a tonne of advice and told to contact her whenever. Sadly she too was going to be away for two weeks so I had to find another MLD therapist.

Went home and stopped taking Codeine. had no real issues, slight discomfort but no real pain. Slept on my back today.

Day 3 post op

No real pain today, was fine. My biggest gripe is with the 4D vest, honestly the worst thing to wear. Went back to work today and was making sure I was taking Arnica a lot. The reason I came of Codeine early was because of the side effects. It makes you constipated and I haven't been to the toilet in four days. Came back from work and showered and rested. Woke up the next day and needed the toilet and boy did it hurt! without too much detail the hole had shrunk and once it started it would not stop and the pain as it tore all the tissue around it was excruciating. On the plus side I could finally poop.

Day 11

Had a few issues this week, had some pain on the side at the beginning of the week and it was due to not having more MLD sessions so I booked 5 in one go and the pain every time I would go would disappear. I cannot stress the importance of having MLD and having a lot of them, the first one rushed all the excess fluid out of my system. Make sure you drink a tonne of water more so than normal to help flush the toxins away. Arnica is helping me massively. barely any bruising now, for it to heal my body within a week is awesome. However the 4D vest is really annoying, I have had to wear jackets everywhere I go to hide it, running out of clothes big enough to cover it and I work as a lawyer so it is proving really difficult to get away with no tucking my shirt in. Luckily I am working in house and not private practice. On Thursday after showering I noticed that my chest on the right hand side had deflated to almost nothing whilst the left retained some shape. It looked so bizarre. I work out and my chest was not perfect but it was never flat so to see the right hand side almost collapse scared me. I contacted the Clinic and they booked an appointment with Dr Grant this Monday so will see how that goes.

Continuing with the MLD sessions and will update when I can.

Finally I can take it off

So I met Dr Grant and explained the chest issue, he said to lower the 4D vest and get it massaged to help the swelling. It has been a painful 4 weeks but I can finally take off the vest and I am so happy with the result. Honestly I went from a blob to now having lines on my abdominals and seeing the first two abs. I have a two pac ha. Going to the gym so hopefully will be able to see a more noticeable difference. Being very careful with what I eat. Will soon update with pics to show before and after. Changing to WORTH IT.
Dr. Grant Hamlet

Really great, defo recommend

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