Vaser Lipo on Inner, Outer Thighs and Buttocks + Fat transfer Review - London, GB

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I am 33 year old female, 170 height and 67 kg in...

I am 33 year old female, 170 height and 67 kg in weight. I've been relatively slim and fit all my life, however my thighs and bottom always tended to be lager then I wanted. After pregnancy, the skin on my stomach stretched and I developed fat deposits on my sides. Regardless of daily exercise and intense dieting, I managed to shift only modest amounts of fat. Yes, I did get slimmer on my face and upper body, including breasts (unfortunately) but not really in the areas I wanted to.

So, these are the reasons why I decided to have Vaser lipo done.
I've been doing lots of research and reading reviews on this procedure which I found useful, that's why I decided to post my own review and I hope somebody will find it helpful.

So, I had a Vaser lipo done on my inner & outer thighs, bottom and flanks. In addition, I had fat injections into my buttocks to modify its shape from the "square" to more "round" . The procedure took place on the 19th December 2015 with DR Grant Hamlet.

I was administered twilight anaesthesia and pain relief injections in the areas where the procedure was performed. It took the plastic surgeon about four hours to do the job.

Once the procedure was accomplished, nurses dressed me up in a tight garment with quite heavy armour -like padding underneath it. I had a drain tube to my back, it's a standard procedure to drain excess of fluid.
I went home about 30 min after the procedure was finished.

In terms of pain: The lipo procedure was not painful, however as I was only half-conscious I do not remember a lot. The fat injections into my buttocks I found quite uncomfortable but manageable.

The first night I slept for about 7 hours, I felt quite achy every time I tried to move in bed. Pain relief tablets helped me a lot.
I leaked quite a bit of fluid through the catheter. Bruising and swelling appeared the same day after the procedure. I could move around the house ok.

2nd day after Vaser lipo

Today is the day number 2. I am still quite swollen a bruised. I went to have my lipo-massage and also had my garment adjusted. I feel a bit better now.

I've seen myself in the mirror. The buttocks shape is definitely changed and looks more round instead of square.
Flanks are gone and I have my thin waist back like it was before pregnancy!
Thighs are still swollen but I could see that they became smaller on top.

I am still on pain relief medication and the garment is uncomfortable to wear. I also have to be very careful sitting or lying on my bottom due to fat injections. (Injected fat cells need time to grow into my body and be rapped around by blood vessels). So I either stand or sit on my knees or lie on my stomach.

Photos before Vaser lipo procedure

Day 3 after Vaser

Today I've had my 2nd lipo-massage session, it made me feel better. Raddy removed some of the padding under my garment and it's now a bit easier to move around.
The swelling and bruising are gradually reducing and I am getting smaller in size.
My incisions are itchy and I have numbing sensation in my left buttocks. However, I've been told that these sensations are normal. I've also managed to walk a couple of miles today. After the walk my body was aching, so I had to rest.
It still painful to sit on my bottom. I am going to take a shower today and use bio oil to gently massage the areas.

3 days post op photos

3 days post op

4th day post-op

Today is the 4th day post-op but feels like it's been 2 weeks!
Today I am having more pain than usual, it's still painful to seat on my bottom.
Also the garment makes me feel uncomfortable and it rubs on the top of my inner thighs. I can not wait to get rid of this garment, however, I'll have to wear it for at least 4 weeks.

I've seen my therapist for a massage session today. She applied gentle pressure with her hands on the operated areas. She also used an ultrasound device to help relieve this areas and the skin in general to recover more quickly. I was very tired and in pain, when i got back home I just went to sleep.
The swelling gradually is coming down and the bruises are fading. Some of the areas are feeling numb and some of the areas are hurting.

I am happy with Vaser lipo results so far. However, Vaser lipo is still an operation and not a lunch-time procedure. It definitely should not been taken lightly. I've been off work for 4 days and feel that I need more time for recovery.
I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Day 5 after Vaser lipo

Ok, today is a day No5 post op & I am back to work now (it’s good though, that tomorrow is Xmas day & I’ll be at home).
I feel better in terms of pain, however I take painkillers regularly.
My work is desk bound, so as I`ve had a fat transfer into my buttocks, I am allowed to sit only on the edge of my bottom. In order to support my body, I try to lean with my elbows and stomach on the desk. These measures are required because I must avoid putting lots of pressure on the fat-transferred areas. It has been explained to me that the transferred fat needs at least 6 weeks to become wrapped around by blood vessels to survive. I`ve also read some research that claims that on average 50% of transferred fat tends to die and become expelled from the body naturally. That`s why patients need to be very careful putting any pressure on these areas. I guess I`ll need to wait and see how the results will turn out for me.
I try to remain standing as much as possible and I sleep on my stomach. If I need to sit down, I sit on my knees at home. I would not be truthful if I`d say that it is all comfortable. However, as I`m getting stronger every day, I find a way of dealing with the “sitting on the bottom” issue.
I also bought a special pillow for sitting, my surgeon recommended it to me, please see the pic attached. It is padded and takes away some of the pressure. So far I am pleased with a rounded shape of my bottom.

In terms of vaser lipo on my thighs and flanks, I am happy that I went ahead with this procedure.

Day 6 after Vaser lipo

Here is my update for today:
I would give 4on the scale 10 in terms of pain. I've stopped taking codeine now and taken 2 solphadeine dissolvable tablets during the day.

Swelling has increased, may be it is because I've spent the hole day on my feet cooking.
My body is still covered with substantial bruising.
Compression garment rubs the top of my thighs. There is also a padding behind my back under the garment which presses on my bruised flanks.

I do not want to sound like i am whining here but I thinks it's good to be truthful.

I also tend to get tired quicker than usual.
On the positive side my problem with constipation seems to be getting better. I am glad that I had some laxatives at home.
Also I've got to be careful with my diet because I can not exercise for obvious reasons and it's so easy to get carried away with eating festive food. No carbs for me tomorrow.

9 days after Vaser lipo

Today is the 9th day post-op. Below is an update on my current recovery condition:
- I spent the last two days resting at home. The recovery process is taking a bit longer than I initially hoped for. My massage therapist told me that it's usually takes 2 weeks before any significant improvement takes place in terms of discomfort.

- I've also had MLD session today and I am feeling a lot better now. Raddy used a syringe to remove an accumulated liquid pocket in the middle of my low back. It was not painful.
Small swelling is still present but it's early days.
She also changed dressings where the incisions were made.
My therapist was quite pleased with the recovery progress my body is making and suggested that I massage my thighs lightly when I am at home (motions should be from bottom up to the top of a thigh).
Raddy is such a positive person!

- I went shopping before my massage session browsing for a slim fit jeans.
I have not worn slim fit jeans since I left high school. Well, I have not bought them yet and I may wait till my body is healed. I hope I'll have courage to wear them once I bought them! :-))

- My discomfort in terms of pain is 2.5 out of 10. Still taking paracetamol. Actually, the bruising on my thighs is hurting me much less now but the incision scars are more painful.

-I am currently experiencing lower back pain and the garment is uncomfortably pressing on the top of my thighs (however it is getting a bit better).

-I am able to walk ok but running or any vigorous exercise is out of the question at the moment. I hope i will get better soon because it really sucks not being able to exercise.

- I am trying to watch what I am eating and my normal calorie consumption is 1950. I try not to eat refined carbs.

- The situation on the whole is bearable, it feels like I am recovering from both -an unpleasant injury and a flu virus at the same Time.

2 weeks post Vaser op

It's been 2 weeks post op, here is an update on my vaser lipo journey:
- re Pain: I'm 1 out of 10 in terms of pain. Mornings are tend to be the worst as when I wake up I feel uncomfortably stiff.
There is less discomfort sitting on a chair. I prefer to lie down at every opportunity as I get tired quickly.
Still taking paracetamol, I have to admit that I've never taken so many painkillers in my whole life.

- RE Garment: I've been advised to wear the compression garment + the back insert for at least 4 weeks. Generally, it feels ok when i'm at home, however it's pretty uncomfortable to have it on with my work clothes - I have a problem with the "toilet hole" and the insert.
The edges of the "toilet hole" in the garment painfully dig into my thighs and bottom. I tried to use padding but it get dislocated when I move around. I've been considering purchasing a softer garment without a toilet hole and wearing it half the time.
The garment gives the parts of the body that were operated on, support, (stops it from wobbling), hence it hurts less.

- Re bruising & swelling and shape change: bruising and swelling are definitely improving and reducing every day. Bruising on my knees area is still present, it is yellowish-purple colour. I use oil to massage the lipoed areas every day.
My thighs and flanks are visibly smaller. I can tell you for sure that I could never achieve such a significant thighs reduction with any diets or crazy exercises I've tried!!! I am also satisfied with the bottom reshaping, it became slightly bigger as the fat volume was added to make it rounder.

- vigorous exercise is out of question, no running or jumping for me in the near future. I am able to go for long walks, though. The recovery process usually takes 6 weeks and patience is the key to success.

Week 5 post-op today!

5 weeks post-op

It's been 5 weeks today. Here is an update:
Swelling is almost gone. There is slight bruising left on the lipoed areas and I am still having pulling and sore sensation in my low back. There is a bit of scar tissue under my buttocks and light massage helps to reduce it. I use bio oil to massage the areas every day.
Pain is 0.5 on the scale of 10. I am still unable to physically function in a full capacity -running or jumping is painful and I get tired quicker than usual.
I am continuing wearing the composition garment 24 hours a day, I can not say I enjoy having it on but it supports the body. I do not have any loose skin and cellulite has reduced by 30%.
I am pleased with the result, I think it's as good as it could be realistically achieved.

Final result

It's been 7 months since my Vaser lipo.
I am happy with the final result, Dr Hamlet did a great job. Looks like injected fat on my buttocks survived. My bottom has a rounder shape instead of rectangular. The Fatty paddings on top of my inner and outer thighs are less pronounced and significantly smaller.
Swelling and bruising are completely gone. Cellulite has improved I would say by 35 percent. However, Vaser lipo does not really deal with cellulite. There is a bit of a scar tissue left in some treated areas but its dissolving gradually.
I am able to exercise as I was before the procedure. I went for a 6 miles run 3 months later after Vaser. I felt a bit uncomfortable in the fat injected areas on my bottom but it's getting better and I run and jump without constrain now.

Butt shape before and after vaser lipo & fat injections

It's been 7 months and I have almost forgotten how I looked like before vaser.
Dr Grant Hamlet

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