My Invisalign Story: Not Totally Satisfied. Dentist Does Not Offer Refinement Trays.

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Hi All, I got fed up having bad teeth and...

Hi All,

I got fed up having bad teeth and decided I am going to change this once and for all. So at the end of March 2012 I contacted a reputable dental practice in Central London. Initially I was interested in a quick fix that I read about before: Durathin veneers.

After the initial consultation it quickly turned out that this was not suitable for me because my teeth were crooked and not small enough for the veneers to be applied without preparation. The dentist therefore offered two options: a) Traditional veneers, which would involve lots of preparation as my teeth are crooked or b) Invisalign that would fix my crooked teeth after which cosmetic bonding work can be done which would not involve any tooth preparation.

Since I am in my mid twenties and otherwise I have totally healthy teeth I opted for Invisalign. Impression was taken and sent to Invisalign. They (either the practice or Invisalign) decided that 12 trays will be sufficient in my case. Total cost was £3,950 (~$6,300) of which 50% had to be paid upfront and the remaining spread across the length of the treatment whenever Invisalign checkups were due (once a month on average).

I received my first Invisalign tray on 12 May 2012. On the packaging it said 'Invisalign Lite' which made me think what is the difference between 'Invisalign' and 'Invisalign Lite'. The dentist installed a number of attachments so that the tray won't move and will be better pressed against my teeth. I had no problems with these attachments.

At this point I was already curious why is is that I have only gotten 12 trays (24 weeks) when most people I have read about in forums had 20 or more trays. I considered my teeth quite crooked -- although needless to say I found more severe cases after researching online.

Anyhow, fast forward to early December 2012 when I put in the last, 12th tray. Scheduled an appointment with the dentist before the Christmas holidays to review progress since 2 weeks passed wearing the last tray.

I made it clear to the dentist that my lower teeth looked OK but there were still work to be done on the upper ones (the 2 upper incisors in specific). I asked about Invisalign refinement trays that would potentially further tweak my teeth. She did not suggest refinement trays (no idea why not) but offered to put on additional attachments that would apply further pressure against my 2 upper incisors. I was then told to wear the last tray for another 2 weeks (which turned out to be 3 weeks because of the holidays). At this point I had one attachment on the front of each of my upper incisors.

I went back to the dentist last week (2nd week in January 2013) where I again asked about Invisalign refinement trays as I was still unhappy with my 2 upper incisors despite those new attachments the dentist put on. Again, no words on Invisalign refinement trays but she decided to remove the attachments from the front of my upper incisors and instead put on a new set of attachments but this time at the back of my incisors. I was told to go back 3 - 4 weeks later (early February 2013).

At this point I am getting really annoyed. It has been well over a month now since wearing the same Invisalign tray. I clean it
thoroughly every other day with my teeth brush and Retainer Brite. Still, I find it unhygienic to wear the same tray for 2 months. Plus, the attachments do help but not getting the results I am looking for. I just want them to be perfectly aligned so that I can get on with the bonding to make up for the chipped corners.

Frankly I don't understand why my dentist is reluctant to discuss Invisalign refinement trays with me. I feel like I paid a lot of money for this and I even offered to pay extra for the refinement trays. I also sent her emails clearly explaining my points but she doesn't seem to care much.

I attached photos of my upper incisors.

Can you guys let me know what you think.

As a last resort I am thinking of checking in with another Invisalign dental practice and ask for their opinion. I just really feel annoyed by this.

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