Not worth the money. Save for a facelift

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I had Ulthera done yesterday on lower face and...

I had Ulthera done yesterday on lower face and neck (in London, where the procedure is still relatively new). I'm 41 and just this year my skin appears to be losing elasticity and my face is becoming more square at the jaw.
During the consultation the doctor scared me a lot about the pain (and the technician who performed the procedure confessed that she was not going to do it herself because of the pain factor, even though she definitely needed it if you know what i mean). They brought in the oxygen they give to women during childbirth and said a couple of patients that week chose to do it under general anesthesia.
So I was predictably nervous about the pain and prepared myself psychologically for an hour of hell.
Well, the pain was totally tolerable. I've done Fraxel before and it's definitely more painful and uncomfortable. The most similar sensation I can describe is that of IPL hair removal, which I found more painful (particularly in the bikini area). The pain from Ulthera is like a zapping and twitching feeling in the deep layers of the skin, and it hurts the most near the bone. But overall I would say the procedure is more tolerable than IPL hair removal, and lasts about the same.

I had not immediate side effects and was able to just leave and go back to work. Today I have slightly swollen cheeks but no visible external sign that I had the procedure done. The skin on the cheekbones is slightly tender to the touch, but i haven't lost sensation of anything like that.
I can't say I see any immediate effect, either in terms of lifting or sking laxity, but I'll update in a month or so.
I hope that it's not a case of "no pain, no gain", and that the procedure will still be effective in spite of the easiness of it

one month after treatment - small effect

it is now a month after the treatment and possibly i am beginning to notice some improvement, especially in one laugh line, which is definitely less visible. the skin texture on the cheeks is also definitely improved. maybe there is also a slight improvement in the skin firmness below the chin (but not on the neck, which is still as lax as ever)

Two months - some improvement

Just over two months from procedure and the skin texture has improved a lot. Much better than fraxel, with the only downside that you can see the difference in pores and texture between treated and untreated areas. As far as lifting, not much to report yet. improvement is continuing in the laugh lines, but nothing on the neck yet. Maybe a slight reduction in marionette lines but very very subtle

Three months - finally seeing effects, but nothing massive

I think i am now finally beginning to see some lifting and tightening effect. It almost happened suddenly, and as recently as two weeks ago I would have said there was not effect at all on my neck. I came back from the holidays and my friend has noticed that my neck looks tighter and the horizontal bands that I had before are visibly more shallow. The skin under my chin also feels more compact and it has tightened a bit (although not massively). Maybe the least effect is on the jowls, where the skin still feels loose and there is only the slightest improvement. The laugh lines have stopped improving after the two months mark, so I'm now thinking that they are probably due to the loss of fat in the face as opposed to loose skin. I am now thinking of doing a bit of cheek filler (but kind of scared of looking fake). Overall I would say it's all very gradual and the changes are subtle, but it was worth doing it. I am now saving up to do the eyes and forehead, as I figure at the very least the skin texture will improve and there are really no downsides to the procedure (except the cost, of course).

5 months mark. Not really much change

Hi have updated the rating to the procedure as not worth it because, after 5 months I can't say that I see any change in the tightness of my neck or jowls. Maybe there is a little improvement in the depth of the nasolabial fold but, frankly, I can't say that this procedure was worth the money. It is definitely not a facelift.
The skin around my jaw, under the chin and on my neck feels as loose as it was five months ago. In the meantime, I see that I'm losing some of the fullness in the cheeks so, if anything, my jowls have gotten worse.
I think I'm going to wait a few years and go for some very little amounts of cheek filler in a few months and then save for a lower face and neck lift in three years, as Ulthera is really too expensive for what it does.


After trying Ultherapy from two different (top) doctors in London, on lower face and eye area I can say with great confidence that IT DOES NOT WORK!!! I wish I had saved the £3000 for a facelift. What a total waste of money, I am angry with myself for falling into the trap.
I did a lower face procedure in June 2013 and saw ZERO effect on the jowls and neck, which are now definitely worse than last year. I then tried a different doctor for the eyes and around the lips areas. I saw no difference on the eyes whatsoever, and maybe a little bit of a difference around the lips (which at least didn't cost much - around £300 - and since that's a tricky area to treat otherwise and achieve natural results, I might consider redoing Ulthera for lips in the future, once I start developing smoker lines).
Overall, I can say with confidence that this is equivalent to throwing money down the sink. Do not believe the hype!
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A nurse performed the procedure, and she seemed pleasant and knowledgeable

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