37 Year Old with Collapsed Cheeks and Small Jowls. Full Face Ultherapy. London, GB

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I wanted to write this review for anyone...

I wanted to write this review for anyone considering having Ultherapy in London. I'm 37, a non-smoker, I live a healthy lifestyle and have always taken care of my skin. With a naturally round face that has gradually deflated during my thirties, my cheeks have collapsed and the remaining fat has dropped, leaving me with tear trough hollows and small jowls, with one side slightly heavier than the other. This has created a 'bottom heavy' look to my small face. My monthly CACI facials are no longer able to lift this area, although they still help a lot with preventing the dreaded eyebrow droop.

I tried Endymed radiofrequency 2 years ago but was very disappointed with the results. Last year I took the plunge and had Restylane filler for the tear trough area. I hate needles so it was a very unpleasant experience, but the results were wonderful. I mentioned to the doctor my disappointment with Endymed and she recommended Ultherapy as a better alternative for those who don't respond to radiofrequency, because it uses ultrasound technology instead.

I spent a great deal of time researching Ultherapy and agonising over the cost of the treatment (£2500-£3500 for full face), the alleged pain and the likely results. But after discussing my fears with the practitioner regarding potential fat loss (none), pain (minimal), lifting of lower face (very good), I decided to go ahead and just had the treatment today. The clinic uses the Amplify setting which significantly reduces pain. In fact, it was completely tolerable (just an electrical buzzing underneath the skin, with a few areas of strong heat on the jaw and forehead). By comparison, a bikini wax and laser hair removal are much worse.

The practitioner was extremely knowledgable, professional and competent. She was able to answer all my questions, including the more obscure ones about whether she performs single or dual treatment, uses vertical or horizontal lines and what supplements/products can improve results. (At a different clinic, the practitioner was less impressive, she yawned throughout the consultation and couldn't provide sensible answers to simple questions).

I was offered 2 ibuprofen when I arrived, 'to take the edge off', but I read somewhere that there is some speculation that NSAID painkillers actually inhibit collagen so I requested paracetamol instead. Half an hour later the treatment commenced. My face was divided into a grid pattern, ultrasound gel was applied and the lower face treated first, with a dual treatment, using horizontal lines. Then the forehead was treated with a single treatment (due to there being less fat in this area) using vertical lines (better for lifting the eyebrows). Finally, the lower eyelid was gently pulled down and the area around the orbital bone was treated to a few lines.

Afterwards, arnica serum was applied. My skin was a little pink in places and felt hot and tingly, but by the time I got home, I looked and felt as if I hadn't had anything done. Surprisingly, my jowls and undereyes are fractionally tighter. I'm impatiently awaiting results over the next few months and will update then. In the meantime, I will use vitamin C serum at night as recommended, and increase my intake of vitamin C in my diet to help with collagen synthesis. The practitioner also suggested I restart my at-home dermaroller routine in a few weeks because it might help boost my results. (I hate my dermaroller - NEEDLES - but I'll dutifully obey).

The following day

Nothing to report. No swelling, bruising, numbness, tingling. My face definitely looks a little tighter, but not enough for anyone else to notice. Hoping for good results.

The following week

I noticed a little tenderness beneath the skin, particularly around the jaw and under the chin, but only when applying pressure whilst cleansing and moisturising my face. I was actually quite relieved to feel some small discomfort which I interpreted as a good sign - that the ultrasound had targeted the deeper layers of skin and that healing was taking place. It's now 10 days post-treatment and the tenderness has gone. Whilst it's far too soon to see results, my jowls are ever so slightly less lopsided, which is very encouraging. Interestingly, a few people have commented that my skin looks 'good'. Fingers crossed the improvements continue...

I'll post before and after photos once I get to the recommended 3 months.

3.5 months later

It's been 3.5 months since the treatment so I'm posting some before and after pictures. (Note: unfortunately I didn't get round to doing any dermaroller treatments.)

I've definitely noticed a small lifting of the jowls and slightly less sunken cheeks with generally fresher, more toned looking skin. It's just too subtle to show up clearly on the photos though. I was hoping for more tightening/lifting by this stage, but since the process is still ongoing I'll wait to see if further improvements manifest by 6 months. I'm satisfied with the results so far, but it's too soon to decide whether it was worth it or not...


8 month update

I wanted to get past the 6 months mark before determining whether this treatment was worth it (and to ensure there weren't going to be any late-onset side effects). I can confirm that I am happy with the natural results obtained, and I haven't experienced any detrimental effects whatsoever. I had hoped to see further tightening in the last 3-4 months, which sadly hasn't happened. Nevertheless, I have achieved the firmer, fresher look I wanted, and the jowls are reduced slightly, just not as much as I'd hoped. For an non-invasive treatment, there's only so much it can do. I do believe it's overpriced, but if you want a subtle lift without surgery and can afford the expense, then this is the way to go. Just choose your practitioner very carefully and have realistic expectations. I am still having my monthly Caci treatments and will be dermarolling to maintain the effects. I think Ultherapy has taken about 4-5 years off my face, without making me look sunken, stretched or frozen. For me, it was worth it!

Helen Chapman RGN, an Aesthetic Medical Practitioner at the Cosmetic Skin Clinic, is highly experienced in providing Ultherapy treatments and I felt in very safe hands. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

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