Vaser to Lower/upper Abs and Flanks - London, GB

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Hi, thought I would also write a review, to help...

Hi, thought I would also write a review, to help others who are thinking of getting it done. I have copied most of the below from my blog (my blog has a little bit more, didn't want to write too much on here and inundate people!)

I had the procedure 2 weeks ago tomorrow, and so far I feel OK, although still rather swollen.
I had the op in London.

So the big day arrives..
To say that I am nervous is an understatement (although I get more nervous when presenting, or when getting exams results..). I can't believe the big day is finally here.
I wake up at 7am (2 year old in hotel room), my husband and I decided to try and make a "weekend" of it (as we don't live in London) and stay in a hotel Thursday to Sunday. I really have no idea if I am going to be in agony for the the weekend or be OK.
The op is scheduled for 2:30 pm, I am not allowed to eat or drink (I take a sip of water with my antibiotics at 7) for 6 hours before the op..

Can't say I have a brilliant morning, we go to Buckingham palace for a bit of a look around (I lived in London for 4 years, so not really done the touristy thing) and take our son to the park.

Anyway, the time drags a bit, but by 2pm, we are all making our way to Dr C's surgery place. I am left to make my way up the stairs (whilst at the same time wondering how I am going to make my way back down again after the op!).

I arrive and wasn't too sure what to do, as noone was there (apart from another woman who was waiting for her husband who was having hi def I think?) but I sat down and eyed the tea machine, and honestly, I am not a huge tea fan, but at that moment, I really could have done with a cup!

I ended up waiting for a bit, which I don't mind (Dr C, plus another Dr were doing ops), and I saw 2 people come out of theatre, one looked very drowsy, the other one looked fine (both men, both abs). Dr C came out and took me to a room so he could remind himself of what he needed to do (and at that point I told him.. if in doubt, take it out! I heard a few reviews that said he was quite conservative with the amount he takes out). The anaesthesiologist then arrived to talk me through the sedation and take payment of £750 (I had been clutching my credit card since arriving!) and to check I hadn't eaten.

The sedation is quite an odd concept, I had been under general before, but it was explained as I will probably "sleep" but will still be able to do things I am told, like turn left or right) and probably won't remember anything (in the end I did remember some things)..

Following this, I saw the nurse, who weighed me and asked me general health questions. After waiting another 20 mins, another nurse showed me the bathroom and asked me to dress in throwaway pants, bras, socks, head cap, and a hospital gown (not a good look). I then made my way to theatre....

Pics 2 weeks post

Pics, the day after surgery

Dr C

Once I see the results can probably comment more!

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