24 Year Old getting Vaser Lipo in London - Knees, lower abs, Inner and Outer thighs

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Finally got the courage to go ahead with Vaser...

Finally got the courage to go ahead with Vaser Lipo on knees, inner and outer thigh. Doing the procedure with Dr Kingdon at the MYA clinic in London Fitzroy. Already been for my consultation with Dr Kingdon and had my Pre-Op assessment last week. Meeting the surgeon again today (28/07/14) to go over everything one last time for my peace of mind. I have been writing a blog in detail so will paste it here in due course.

The Beginning

Where it all came from...?

As a kid growing up the words 'diet'.. 'gym'.. 'exercise'.. 'fat'.. 'cellulite' were pretty much all I heard. I'm surprised I didn't ask for skimmed milk instead as a baby.

For the last 3 years is when I started hating the way body was changing. Yes I wasn't eating healthy or exercising but that's how I always was and it never made a difference. I guess I was wrong it was really starting to catch up to me.

So I started with cutting out all kind of junk food, no chocolate, crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks, cakes, biscuits... I just went cold turkey and surprisingly 3 years on I still haven't touched any. I lost a couple of kilos then came to a halt... I thought OK what now.. exercise!

I joined the gym and started going regularly, I found I was getting really bored of running on a machine and just doing the same routine day in day out so a friend and I decided to buy the Insanity workout and attempt it from home.

It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done but boy did it make a difference to my body, muscles were forming and I was seeing a change which was so encouraging, but there were just certain areas of my body where the fat was just not going from.

Now fast forward a couple more months and hitting another plateau we decided to change our diet and try out the Ketosis Diet (the 1st stage of the Atkins), basically a low carbohydrate and high fat diet. I think this is the worst thing that I personally could have ever done, OK I lost a stone and a half in 2 weeks but most of that was probably water weight but boy oh boy did it mess up my head. I had trained myself that fat is the devil, stay away from it at all costs, then to do the Ketosis diet which teaches you the complete opposite! It just done me over!

So starting all over again (well it felt like that) I got back to the gym and I can tell you there is no type of exercise workout/regime I haven't done.. from Body Pump, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Body Resistance to Heavy lifting.. Nor any diet I didn't try. I've done everything to try and get rid of the pockets of fat around my knee and Inner/outer thigh.

I'm beginning to actually believe maybe it is down to genetics, as my mum and 4 out of the 5 sisters are bottom heavy.

So that brings me to my journey of deciding enough is enough and we are going to get the Vaser Lipo.

01 July 2014 - Research

After deciding enough is enough, I've started researching all the different clinics, the different surgeons, the different types of procedures... EVERYTHING!

At first it was a lot to take in and as you can imagine the beautiful World Wide Web has so much information that it could get too much... At one point, while I was on my lunch break at work I literally had about 30 tabs open and 10 different windows that the computer just crashed.. Oops lol! I have a thing I have to literally know about every last detail and what to expect before buying a product and the same applies to this procedure.

Along the way of my many hours spent researching I keep coming across MYA Cosmetic Surgery, all good reviews and I could tell they're most popular for their Breast Enlargement procedures because these girls are praising them left right and center. More so though a surgeon named Dr Alan Kingdon kept popping up as being an expert in Vaser/Laser Liposuction, with over 30 years experience.

So I've called the number provided for a free initial consultation and I'm all booked in for tomorrow with one of the Patient Coordinators at 18:30. Boy am I excited!!!

02 July 2014 - Initial Consultation

So today couldn't have come quick enough! I'm nervous, anxious but really quiet excited.
I left work early and made it to the clinic on Fitzroy square. I'm given a tablet device (like an pad) and asked to complete the form.

Its the same kind of questions you are asked at your doctors... Health, weight, height, fitness, smoker, drinker? etc. In answer to those questions I have no medical health issues, my weight is 62 kg, I'm 5 ft 6 in, I am a smoker (20 a day unfortunately) and occasionally drink.

Once I completed a young lady, named Pam, came and took me across to the consultation room. First impression was WOW she is stunning, perfect size, amazing breasts, beautiful face and such a bubbly personality. We sit down and talk about what I want and why I have decided to take this decision and she really does make you feel comfortable and relaxed. She says my BMI is healthy and I am in the right region to have the procedure done and she will arrange an appointment for Dr Alan Kingdon to see me and go through the whole process.

We spoke about prices and unlike all other surgeries that charge by area, MYA charge by time. Starting at 1 hour and going up in 15 mins with the maximum amount of time allowed is 2 hours. Looking at my body I'm thinking I probably need about 4 hours!!!

Not knowing what the price would be until I meet with the surgeon she let's me know what options they have. I could get finance to fund my procedure, pay it out right, pay half and finance the rest etc. I said depending on what the total amount is then I will know as to what route I will have to take. We spoke about getting discounts if I take a 'late space', basically if someone who is booked in cannot make their appointment for whatever reason they offer these late spaces with up to 20% off... Now we're talking :)

So I leave her and am told that I will hear from her by the end of the week with an appointment with Dr Alan Kingdon.

EEEEEeeeeekkkkkk Exciting Much!!!

07 July 2014 - Surgeon Consultation

So Pam rang me on Friday and said she managed to get me an appointment for 6pm today :)

I get there on time and was called into another consultation room accompanied by a young lady who is there as a third person which I am alright with.

So Dr Kingdon asks the same questions as Pam and is very calm and just has this comforting aura about him, he asks me to undress my lower body so he can have a look.. So I explain I want my knees, inner thighs and outer thighs, he has a feel of my skin tightness and asks me to put my clothes back on and have a seat.
He seemed more than confident that it's achievable and there shouldn't be any complications..

As he's talking things through he's also completing a form and I see he writes 2 hours, oh great I'm thinking how much is this going to be!!

I am told Pam would like to see me and she's on her way down. We go into another consultation room and she's asking for some feedback, if I felt comfortable with him, have I got any questions, how I feel, do I still want to go ahead..?!

We reached pricing again and I was told for the 2 hour procedure it would be just short of £5,000 (£4,995), bearing in mind my budget was £3,000 I started doubting I would be able to do this anymore.. I asked her about the last space and she says right so you could get it as soon as August and you also get £1,000 off! Their pricing is a little higher than other places but you feel safe here, and everything is included; You even get 5 years aftercare!

So we decide on Thursday 07 August 2014, that's literally a month today! It all seems surreal and I ring my best friend to share the excitement (She's the only one who really understands).

I know I'm going to fall asleep tonight with a big smile on my face :)

Waiting Game

So we're all booked in for the surgery for 07 August, I received a call from my PC, Pam, to book my Pre-op Assessment with a nurse.

I don't want to leave it too close to the date but having to wait until the 7th August is killing me so we meet half way.

Saturday 19 July 2014 at 5pm.. Booked!

I may be biased as I have never done any other type of surgery before with any other company but the experience with MYA is proving to be a very good one and if I ever were to get anything else done, I would most probably come back.

I say this now, and hopefully my mind won't change after the actual procedure.

The nerves are really starting to kick in and I'm finding myself browsing the internet a lot for other peoples reviews on the same procedure. What I have gotten so far with every persons own encounter is the recovery is by far the hardest thing and a lot of care and time is needed to heal and see your final results.

Fingers crossed and roll on the 7th August...

15 July 2014 - Emotional Rollercoaster

So I have been thinking, and I will post up some before pictures... And pictures throughout my recovery..

This would be by far the hardest thing I have ever done because I hate the way my body looks. It's easy to conceal it under clothes but I think it's time to strip bare.

Over the last few days I've been sitting and thinking about the procedure and not having told anyone in my family, work colleagues or friends (apart from one) I'm starting to find it hard.. I'm not usually the type to hide things away but I know the criticism I would get.. People seeing this as the easy route out, but I know the real reason. It's not that I care what people think, it's just that at this time I can do without hearing it...!

Be your own judge and don't let anyone put you down!!!


18 July 2014 - Pre Op Re-scheduled

So annoyingly I received a text message yesterday from 'MYA' to say that there is a problem with my appointment scheduled for Saturday and to call the clinic as soon as possible.

I ring and speak to a lady named Rachel, she says the person who initially booked this for me scheduled me in on the nurse's admin time. So bearing in mind the surgery is in 3 weeks, for them to do the tests and get results back this needs to be done as soon as possible.

We book in for Wednesday 23 July at 6.00 pm.

I thought that was that... But I got a call this morning to say that for some reason or another that appointment cannot be met so we re-schedule again...

Tuesday 22 July at 6.30 pm... I'm trying not to think about it at all so I don't get nervous and anxious again so today I decided to embark on the GM 7 day diet.

I sprained my ankle last Friday so I haven't been able to go gym or do any exercise which is so frustrating hence why the detox/cleanse (with some hopeful weight loss) for the week.

Until then... xx

22 July 2014 - Pre-Op Assessment

So after the hiccup of changing my appointment twice from the original, today has finally come and I had a good few questions to ask the nurse in respect of the procedure.

I got shown to a room with the nurse and she started firing away at a number of questions she had to ask... Now I don't know if it was just the end of the day and she was tired or was just having a bad day because she was just soo... what's the word I'm looking for... Blahhhh (If that makes sense).

I am told I will be contacted 3 days before my procedure with an admission time, worst case scenario, I could be waiting for 4 hours from then so to bring stuff to keep me busy. I will have to go back in 2 days post surgery for a checkup and to change the dressings etc. I am also asked to sign a letter authorizing them to let my doctors know of my procedure and request from them if they know of any medical history which would cause complications to the surgery.

She took some swabs from my nose and armpits (random), measured my height and weight, took some pictures, and then asked me to hop onto the bed so she can take some blood. Now I'm not the best with needles but I can handle it as I tend to give blood to 'giveblood' every few months, now when I tell you she almost butchered my arm :( putting the needle in, nothing coming out, twisting it left and right, pushing it further in, going from my left arm to my right... Like come on!!! By the end she had one bottle and said she'll split that to fill half of the other bottle..

So after being a bit pissed off at how she treated me I thought right it's got to be done so just get on with it... It was just that I was so used to the amazing staff I have been dealing with since with MYA, she just knocked me back...

Now this is what got to me the most, I started asking her questions and she was giving me completely different answers to what my PC and Surgeon had given me... Now that's worrying, if she doesn't know what she's talking about why give wrong advise?!

I was told I only need to take 2 days off work (Thursday and Friday) and I will be good to go back to work by the Monday. She said I have to take a week off minimum??
I was told I could take Arnica 2 weeks prior to the surgery as well as after to reduce the bruising. She said DO NOT take ANYTHING???
I told her it is advised to get Lymphatic Massages done and I wanted to know how soon after the procedure should I start.. According to her No massages should be done at all, if need be only when you can take your garment off (after 4 weeks).

Not only does this frustrate me, but as I am nervous about the whole thing as it is, the non-consistency just makes me confused and I really don't want to lose trust with them.

But on wards and upwards, the procedure is literally in 2 weeks from Thursday and so to make this wait go that little bit quicker, I'm going to compile a little shopping list of everything I need Post Op.

I'll post this up shortly...xx

If you have any questions up until this point, feel free to ask.

25 July 2014 - Doubts


So I rang Pam, my PC at MYA, and I don't know what it was but I felt I needed to see the Surgeon again just to go over everything in more detail and see if I can include my lower abs as well. I don't know I just didn't feel 100% ready to go in ready, it was just a gut feeling I had.

We spoke and I voiced my concerns and doubts and she said Dr Kingdon is available on Monday should I want to see him... AGAIN!

I'm probably being a pain but it's a lot of money and secondly this is your body your trusting someone to mold or create so you want to be certain you are both on the same page.

So Monday at 6pm I'm due to take the trip to Fitzroy...

28 July 2014 - Over the Moon

So I went to see Dr Kingdon, who was as charming as ever. I had a long hard think about seeing him over the weekend and even took some pictures and sent it to my best friend to give me a second opinion.

What I felt was yes my knees and inner thighs are my main problem area, but so it is my lower abs. I could probably live with my dreaded hips, I've inherited along with a big ass, if I would have flat abs.

So I went in and I told him my concern and my thoughts, he had a look at my torso and basically said it's not a large amount at all and so I can fit that in in the 2 hours, in addition to what you initially wanted.

I can't express to you how happy I feel... It's like I've had the procedure done already and seen the results...

I just can't wait now..

I'll post those dreaded before pictures today... This is going to be hard.

1 week before pics

Ok, so these are the pics I took in a rush. Black thong pics from yesterday in which you can tell I am very bloated today.

Honest comments pelase

D Day...!!!

I'm currently on day 2 so let me go back to the day of the surgery...
So my appointment time was given to be at 7.30am..
I arrived and was taken straight up to the ward by a nurse.. Dr Kingdon shortly came to see me and marked me up on all the areas to be done.. Shortly after the anaesthetist came to see me and asked a few questions.. From then on it all happened pretty quick, I got changed into a sexy open back hospital gown and taken up to the theatre room.
I was told to stand up and got covered completely in a freezing cold red coloured solution by a female nurse, then told to lay down on the bed face down..
The theatre by the way is like a nice box, soooo cold. They inserted a cannula into my hand and they just started making chit chat while they injected the sedation into me.
Slowly I feel my head start to feel a bit dizzy and I was gone.. I woke up half way through the procedure, didn't feel anything at all but I think they were turning me over.. I remember the anaesthetist say hi and then I was gone again..
By the time I woke up my mind was so foggy things are only still coming back to me now..
I got wheeled to a Recovery room and was literally shivering in cold, they wrapped me in a blanket that they pumped hot air into to try get me feeling warm again..
I have no idea why but I just felt so emotional that my eyes were just filled with tears and I was just fighting them back..
I asked how much they removed and the dr told me just over 1.5litres..
They put the garment on for me with a whole load of padding underneath in my torso..
When I was taken back to my room in the ward all I wanted to do was get out of there so I wobbled off the bed and wanted to go loo.. Now I wasn't prepared because there was literally blood everywhere, all the incision points were just leaking stupid amounts and bless the nurses as they were right onto it..

The rest of the day was alright, bearing in mind I am still numb, so I left went home couldn't get comfortable so got my friend to take me for a drive.. We done some shopping and just chilled out.. It was about 3pm and we were driving back and out of nowhere I felt the front part of my tongue go numb, shortly after my lips started feeling numb. Before the procedure I read so many reviews and what to expect and this wasn't on the list.. Tried to put it to the back of my mind and thought if it gets any worse I'll ring MYA's emergency line..

The other worrying part was the amount I was leaking on the first day, the garment was just soaked. I was drinking loads of water so needed to constantly go loo which proved to be something else altogether.. Whenever I got off the seat the leaking would just start again and they'd be a small pool of blood on the floor on either side..

By evening time I was beginning to feel a little sore so decided to try get to sleep.. Ohh how wrong I was to even think I could get some shut eye.. The first night was tough, my friend who stayed with me literally woke up every 20 mins or so to help me out of the bed to go toilet and then help me back in..
The padding on the torso feels like your ribs are being crushed and formed an unnatural arch in my back.. So the aches begin not long after, one point in the night tears just started streaming down my face because nothing seemed to want to work.. At about 5am I sat up, got a pillow, put it under my lower back and
Just laid there praying to be able to sleep..
I think all in all I managed about an hour and a half sleep in total and when I saw the time be about 6.30 am I decided to get up..

1 day post-op

So the first night was a joke.. Like it really took it out of me...!
When I woke the first thing I did was pop 2 paracetamols in my mouth and pray I can make it through..
I was as stiff as a board and the pain really did start to kick in.. It's not pain but the most amount of soreness I have ever felt..
My abs felt like I'd done a military workout which isn't that bad but my ribs are just screaming to be released..

Be warned standing and sitting really isn't easy and as your told to drink loads of water your literally going back and forth to the toilet and squatting down to sit and getting up is really frigging hard..

Oh I just realised my downstairs is really bruised so be careful when washing/wiping yourself lol..

I felt pretty claustrophobic in the afternoon and so went for a walk with my friend.. Now the padding is going to be a problem in terms of dressing as it looks like from the back I have a jet pack on and the front that I am the hulk...!

My sister came to see me and we sat and chatted, had some coffee and lifted my spirit a little which was nice..

The rest of the day went by pretty ok but I think it's the thought of a shower the following day that really had me pushing through..

2 days post op

So last night sleep was worse, I think I drift off and wake up every 20-30 mins throughout the night.. I look at the time and just wish it to be 7am so I can get up but it would only be 2am.. By morning the leaking has stopped thankfully but I was really beginning to feel irritated with the whole thing. I can't do anything! If i drop something on the floor there's no way in hell I could pick it up..

I had my first post-op appointment at MYA today at 12.30 and I just couldnt wait to get out of the whole garment and be able to breath and shower.

I got to my appointment to be told that I wasn't in fact booked in and the nurse is booked back to back but she could quickly see me. I'm usually a very patient person and although I confirmed my appointment with the clinic twice before I didn't say anything.

I wasn't in the best of moods already due to the lack of sleep and the heat outside and just being fed-up but this nurse just tipped me over the edge. She asked me to take the garment off and just started ripping away at the dressing that were stuck on to the incision points. I was standing there wincing in pain and feeling light headed and dizzy from the garment coming off and she just wiped away at the points! She left the room to get a pair of scissors to cut a bit of the padding off from under my armpit as it was giving me a rash and in the meantime told me to put the garment back on.

I'm writing this and tears are coming to my eyes again remembering how painful this was, when she came back she attempted to help me but with such force I told her not to come close to me. By this point I'm literally crying and biting my lip through the pain of putting back on.. I get there in the end and due to the padding on the torso i physically cannot clip the garment back together as its so tight. She assists me until we get to the lower abdomen, where my incisions are, and accidentally pokes one so hard I scream at the shock running through my body. Now I understand everyone makes mistakes but the carelessness and just no consideration at all of it I just got my stuff and just left as she apologised and says that all.

I just couldn't believe how she treated me. I saw my Patient Coordinator and told her I refuse to see the same nurse again.

I got home and prepared to shower, I got out of the garment (with assistance) and used an antibacterial body wash and just stood there to cherish the moment.

As you could imagine getting back into the garment (2nd pair) was going to be something, I gently rubbed some Arnica Cream onto the bruising and just held my breath and slowly started to adjust it. Now I have an all in one garment, which is open from your pelvis to allow you to use the toilet without taking it off, so the alignment of the leg part is a bit confusing. Me and my luck I done it wrong twice and with the pain I just felt like giving up.. So please take some time to do this slowly trust me you don't want to go through what I did.

I don't mean to be sounding negative but although I did a ton of reading before I decided to go ahead, I still weren't prepared. I guess everyone's body deals with this differently, mine just not so well.


So for the last few days has been pretty much the same.. I went back to work on Monday and I feel OK about that apart from having to sit and stand which is not the easiest.
Some days the swelling wouldn't be that bad and some days, like today, it is to a point where I can't walk up or down the stairs. I'm mentally drained but I can't complain because I put myself through this.

I've been looking up some MLD therapist in and around London but they all seem to be sooo far, stupidly expensive (£150ph) or not available! Could anyone recommend anyone in and around central London?

I haven't managed to take any full on pics but I got a few just before my shower last night.. I take it this is normal? right?

I'll post some proper when I get a chance to take them..

1 week post op

Ok so since my last update quiet a bit has happened.. The swelling just kept getting worse especially to my knees which restricted me any type of movement which involved bending them (basically everything). Made me really grateful of being healthy and able to move because the smallest of activities which we do without thinking, like bending down to put your knickers on or yours socks, were impossible.

So since seeing that dreadful nurse I got a call back from my 'Patient Coordinator' to ask me to come in again to see her but for her to sit in during. I went in on Tuesday after work and surprisingly the nurse is more attentive and considerate which really annoyed me! Anyway she had a thorough look at all the incisions and said they're healing well and we sat down and spoke about the procedure.. She didn't know all too much about it so I asked when I could actually see Dr Kingdon to discuss everything seen as he done the procedure, I'm told in 3 months -__-

I'm finding since the procedure I have been having some 'downstairs' issues, I'm putting this down to the compression garment and padding because all I seem to be needing to do is go to the toilet but with urgency that I have to leave a meeting to go desperately at least 2-3 in an hour. I've booked an appointment with my GP just to check that everything is OK, but that's not until Thursday 22 August 2014.

Wednesday I woke up and it took it all out of me to get out of bed, literally with my legs dead straight to get up and move. I looked at my legs and they weren't normal, my knees were almost the same size as my upper thigh. My ankles and feet were swollen and I just had to get to work, funnily enough on the bus I got offered a seat by a young man who probably thought I was pregnant! (all time low)

The minute I got to work I started looking for an MLD specialist as something had to be done, it was 5 day post op and it was only getting worse. I got hold of a lady named Susan Levinne who said I could see her the same day at about 5pm. Now I do not understand why on earth the clinic has told me that I cannot see an MLD until at least 3 weeks post op because when she had finished with me I could actually bend my legs. Do not get me wrong the treatment itself was painful, it was the first time anyone was touching those areas and they were so sore and tight that I literally put a piece of the towel that was covering me into my mouth bit down and tried control my breathing!

I saw her again on Thursday and Today (Friday) and the difference it has made is just unbelievable. For anyone considering doing Vaser make sure you do at least 1 session before the op and see an MLD therapist from as soon as a day after to get your bodies lymphatic system moving and circulating. She showed me a few 'DIY' exercises to do at home and recommended I try do some Pilates and keep walking and staying active. She gave me a sheet of paper with all the exercises so I'll get a picture of that and put that up.

With a lot of people I find they have seen results instantly and as time goes on in the first week they begin to notice the swelling etc and this disheartens them and makes them feel low. The minute I came out of the operating theater I was swollen, It feels like I went to get bigger and 'm trying so hard not to think about it and just concentrate on healing rather than the result.

My sleeping routine since Wednesday has been better, I go to bed earlier around 11 pm and sleep throughout until about 5 am which I wake up to some discomfort but manage to dose off again until my alarm goes off for work. I still wake up stiff which is guess is normal as you haven't moved for 7 - 8 hours. I find after some stretching and moving about the stiffness goes pretty quick. I'm stil awaiting the night I can sleep on my side. I'm a fetus sleeper usually, ideally on my right side with my legs curled up towards my chest with one hand under my pillow.. Still awaiting the day!

I know I said I'll post up some pictures before but to be honest I haven't even dared to look at my self in the mirror with no clothes on, I seem to have lifted my spirit a little and I think that would just knock me emotionally down! BUT I promise when I get a chance I'll do so and quickly delete it from my phone so the world can see just not me!

I found some days during the week I just wake up feeling really emotional, for no reason, and some days I wake up rearing to go!

I promise promise pictures soon xx

9 Days Post Op Pics

Right so while everyone was out today I managed to get some pictures taken... If I hadn't mentioned before I haven't told any of my family I live with what I've done so it's a bit tough.. Anyway here goes....


So firstly, Apologies for disappearing off the radar.. It got a bit too much for me and the last thing I wanted to do was talk/write about it (sorry very selfish off me)! I'm back though and what a month it is has been, it got to a point where I thought 'I actually think i regret doing this to myself' BUT with everything you have to give it time.. Don't think you're going to go to sleep, have the op and wake up skinny.. Let me tell you now it's very likely you won't!!

So to go back, at about 2 weeks mark I noticed one of my incisions swollen, red, sore and leaking.. Turns out it's an infection and they put me on a 7 day course of antibiotics which did the trick and all is well.. I'm back at the gym and it feels great, and honestly since the gym the swelling has gotten soo much better.. I started slowly by doing Pilates at home (videos for post pregnancy and ab surgery) then once in the gym started slowly with the cross trainer.. A week in the gym and managed my first, light weight, body pump class and cross trainer/step machine and some weights :) I also decided to sort out my diet so am on the Ketosis which is great!

I was told to finally take off the padding on Thursday and my goodness how grateful I am, I can sleep properly EVERYNIGHT :) In all honesty it's only in the last week that I have been feeling sooo much better! I saw the nurse on Friday and she says I'm still swollen on the knees and inner thighs so instead of keeping the garment on for only 12 hours to keep on as long as I can, which for me is OK as I've gotten so used to it I feel supported with in on so may just keep it on until all swelling is down!
The more the swelling goes down the more I'm noticing the lumps and bumps on the inner knees which are slightly painful to touch, but circular motions on it with bio oil is apparently good so that's what I'm doing when I can! My inner thighs feel weird, not numb or painful but a strange sensation which isn't normal but hopefully with time this will ease!

I can't recommend keeping yourself moving, especially if you have an office job like myself I found getting up every 20 mins and slowly stretching my abs then doing some stretches against the wall and wondering about.. If I sat for 2 hours straight I got up so stiff, feels almost like your skin is going to rip.. So be careful!

I took some pics a couple days ago and some today and I'm little worried, the back of my upper thigh/bum looks uneven.. I didn't tell the surgeon to take anything out of my ass but it looks odd and I'm praying to dear God this is just some sort of swelling or something!

Also the scars they have gone dark and I'm almost certain these are going to stay for life.. I bought the dermatix Silicone sheets but I think I may go get the gel which is stronger! Especially the one bang in the middle of my thigh, like I thought they do these in places were it wouldn't be noticed!! Note to anyone planning to get this done, discuss with the surgeon where the incision points will be so you can prepare accordingly (Lord knows how) but at least it won't be a shock!

So these are the pics I took, one on 4 week point exactly and the 2nd lot today!

Any questions, please feel free to ask away xx

Here goes....
Dr. Alan Kingdon

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