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I have put on weight since giving up smoking and...

I have put on weight since giving up smoking and having surgery, which meant I was not allowed to train for a while. For the most part I am happy (ish) with my body... apart from my gut, which even at my leanest has never been totally flat.

I had a voucher for Cyro but have had it before with limited/no results, so talking to the practitioners I was told about a deal on Vanquish. So after reviewing this site... I have gone for it, although it is still significantly more expensive, if it works for me, I think it would be worth it.

I have booked 4 sessions of 45 minutes. The first session was ok. I had a strange internal stabbing hot spot on one side... which my practitioner has warned me could happen, so I wasn't alarmed. She gave me a break and adjusted the pads and then it was fine. I actually found it quite nice, it is like a hot water bottle ... but doesn't touch your skin.

Since then I have had some slight internal tenderness, where I had the hot spot had been, which I feel when I press down on it. Hopefully it shows that something is happening, however I have been told not to expect results until 3 months time... hopefully just in time for spring and summer.

Week 2... Enjoying the treatment

Just had my 2nd session.... No issues this time, but had regular cool down breaks and my belly temperature was checked. Was slightly worried because I am still felling pain at the "hot spot" from last week. However my practitioner (and this site) convinced me that it wasn't anything to be worried about.

I can't see any difference yet, but I know I have to be patient.

Pics after 2nd session

Hate these pics... But it's only fair that I share.

Treatment is finished and waiting begins

So I had my last (4th) a few days ago now and had another hot spot. I have two areas of tenderness one on each side... I'm hoping the pain will mean extra gain, when I finally see some results. They are sore to the touch and also when I do some movement, but definitely bearable and would not put me off doing it again.

My therapist told me she could see some difference the last time, but I don't know. If nothing else it has improved my water intake... but still hoping for much, much more. Will keep you all posted.

Miserable is an understatement...

So... Vanquish was a waste of time and money and I do not really think it is worth me loading more pics as there is no change. And whats worse... I consulted a doctor with regards to doing Microlipo and was told that it would not be worth it, as I do not have enough fat... and it is actually muscle lacktivity (?). Although I have had abdominal surgery, I do not have any stretch marks and have not had children. I just don't get it and I am really disheartened.

I know I do not want a Tummy tuck as I cannot afford the time off work and I live by myself and the recovery is not acceptable.... especially with no one to take care of me. I do not really want to lose weight all over, as I look gaunt and older when I am skinny, and if what he says is right... this won't help me either as it's not the fat. Knowing that I have to stick with this body and the deterioration for the rest of my life is depressing and really has be down. Any advise ???

Vanquish before Lipo

I hope that everyone here who has Vanquish is happy... But I am not. So I have decided that instead of wasting more time and money I will bite the bullet and go down the Vaser root.

To that ends I have just had an ultra sound and was told that the Vanquish has caused scar tissue, within the fat. This isn't a very big deal, but will make it slightly more difficult to dislodge the fat.

Great!!! Friendly, informative and extremely professional.

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