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I had my TT & MR on Friday 15th April. My PS...

I had my TT & MR on Friday 15th April. My PS said there was no need for lipo, so have avoided the brusing and pain from that. The experience so far has been brilliant. This site prepared me for every eventuality and I felt like I had eaten everything I could that would help and have all the aftercare on hand necessary.

The only thing I forgot to take for my PS was my photo's of what I thought was 'the perfect scar' and which ones I didn't want - but luckily my co-ordinator at the clinic was happy for me to sign into my hotmail and print them out. I haven't seen my scar yet but can see the little dots of blood through the gauze and it looks as good as it gets. My PS also let me put my bikini bottoms on once he had drawn the lines - so that he could revise if necessary. Can't wait till Monday when the nurse redresses my wound and I can SEE!

Feeling a bit tight across the top of the abdomen, believe it is gas. I have been burping but no action down the other end!

I was drinking & weeing constantly in hospital - which makes it really easy now. I actually don't feel as scared of BM, as I am able to use my stomach muscles to empty my bladder and they are fine. Keep thinking maybe he forgot to tighten them!

Ate rather a lot in hospital, (treated it a bit like a hotel). Had evening dinner at 2.30 am (well starter of soup, and pudding of jelly), eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomato & toast for breakfast, 3 course lunch and minetrone soup for dinner.

In the morning when my PS came to check on me, he requested that I stay in till 6.30pm 1 day post op. This was so I could have another anti-blood clot injection and wait 3 hours afterwards and so that I was confidently moving about and rested before I left. My drain was removed the morning after surgery. I came home in a long dress with a little bit of make up on, and my husband and son couldn't believe I had just had major surgery!

My binder is too long (4 panel) - I know that the nurse suggested spanx pants or cycle shorts as an alternative, I have spanx that goes up to under my bra - however most people suggest you keep using the binder. Should I buy a 3 panel one or is anyone else happy with just the spanx in the day and maybe the long binder at night? A bit concerned about the effort to get it on and off - this velcro is much easier (although not sure I could do it myself yet).

Peppermint Tea is helping with the gas, cherry soothers with the cough - and this site with concerns and support from my 'sisters'.

Will post before pics and one day post op when DH wakes up and brings me the lead.

Day 4 and feeling happy that recovery is just how...

Day 4 and feeling happy that recovery is just how I wanted it to be... went for a 400 metre walk this morning with hubby to our local Tesco. Lovely as I could just point at what I wanted he put things in the basket and then carried the 3 bags of shopping home. Lovely sunny day, and although about quarter of my usual speed (if that fast) feel really good that it was easy and I could have gone further. May go for another walk this evening and then will try out the park from tomorrow.

Taking 2x Tramadol Hydrochloride capsules for pain twice a day. Not interfering with BMs as I don't think anything stops prune juice! Also taking my penicillin regularly and vitamin C and arnica.

Bit of back ache today, may put the heat pad on before my next walk - and tummy quite tight across the front. Left binder off for 20 minutes after my wash and rubbed some bio oil in the gaps around the bandages. Binder feels fine now and no itch. Gave my hair a spray with dry shampoo and I'm good to go.

Day 8 - feeling great! Swelling is quite...

Day 8 - feeling great!
Swelling is quite minimal, movement really easy and back ache gone. Walking each day, today did a mile out, ate dinner and a mile back - much faster than last time I went out with my hubby on Day 3 :)
Will do a longer update when I have seen under the dressings on day 11.... oh forgot to mention, sneezed today and survived!

Day 15 - Just posted new photo's - can't...

Day 15 - Just posted new photo's - can't believe how skinny I look on my side view! Swelling going down more and more each day, tummy tingling and feels like sensation is improving each day. (didn't really understand what everyone meant about the numb bit till I got my own- arrived instantly with the dressing removal on Day 11)

To celebrate day 14, my friend and I who had surgery on the same day, did a 5 mile walk as the beginning of our new 'permitted' exercise regime. I then went on and did another couple of miles in the evening & 4 miles today. It feels great to have an exercise that I can do, very excited to look so good in my gym gear and seems to have a positive effect on my tummy sensation and will help keep my muscle tone. I have lost 3lbs since the surgery (and I had lost 5lbs just before surgery - so expected this to go straight back on..) Quite funny because the op would probably have removed about a pound or two of skin max - but I will end up looking different when I go back to work anyway because of additional weight loss, so much for keeping it a secret...

Had a little dip on day 11, when dressings were removed. Got myself all worked up, nervous, tense and scared of what I was going to find. Got over the wobbles by sharing a bottle of wine with a friend, and taking bikini photos. Other than that, things have been great :)

Day 19 - quick update. Out cycling for the second...

Day 19 - quick update. Out cycling for the second day today - 5 miles. PS agreed yesterday that I could after regular walks of 5-7 miles a day for the past 5 days. He advised not to go to gym yet, to avoid exposure to super bugs that could cause infection in my freshly healed scars.

BB looked a bit dodgy, but was just a stitch that my PS removed yesterday, and already healing better.

No bloating at all, swelling mostly gone except around top of abdomen and the scar. Tummy tingling and sensation beginning to return. Lost about 7lbs since the op - without dieting.... must be eating less without noticing?

Next appointment with PS at 6 week point. Back to work next week, started back driving 6 days ago & washed my car yesterday. PS said I can do everything now - just go gently to start with.

Well done to all the ladies that have kept up...

Well done to all the ladies that have kept up their reviews, especially as we approach the anniversary of this life changing event. I am feeling great, looking great and can't believe I have left it so long to update my reviews. I will try and get pictures on in the next few weeks as I know how important it is for everyone else about to make the step forward. I have started a course of strawberry laser lipo to reduce the little bump above my ultra flat stomach! Still in search of perfection - wouldn't have worried me if the rest didn't look so great. PM me if you want further details of how that is going - but will post pictures soon anyhow.
Mr Davood Fallahder

My PS gave me such confidence in him and was so relaxing. My friend that came with me for my consultation, ended up with her boobs in his hands by the end of my consultation - and had her BA done at the same time as my TT. My aftercare will be at a local clinic, just 15 minutes from home. A professional driver took me to and from the private hospital which was an hour away from home. My PS is a micro surgeon, so the scar should be very fine & discreet.

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