Tummy Tuck No muscle repair (3 kids)

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I know it's early days and my boyfriend keeps...

I know it's early days and my boyfriend keeps telling me to stop doing this to myself but he hasn't actually seen my stomach with padding and stuff off..

I had my first post op app today.. So first time I've seen everything. And now I can't stop crying.. What have I done to myself? I can't believe I've done this to myself.. My belly button.. It's numb but the worst weird feeling ever and looks sooo bad.. I Dnt actually think I will be able to wear a bikini ever again. I feel stupid and upset that I've mutilated myself.. My own fault I know.. That's the worst thing

Feel so much better today 10daysPO

I feel absolutely fine about everything today. I think seeing a big belly button and also a third scar.. A vertical one, closure of old belly button as there was not enough skin to pull down made it look a lot worse than the pictures I have been seeing on here. Freaked me out a little bit. But Yh I guess I have to heal and wait. ;)

Before pics

Before pics

Saw tummy again today

Hi guys. Saw tummy again today and really wasn't as bad a the 1st time at all :D my belly button isn't as big a 2p piece like the 1st time lool but still looks big and bad... But hey I know that's what happens lool.. over all I guess I'm happy with the results.. All is healing well ;)

I would really like to thank u guys for kind comments.. It's helped me to know u guys are there and have and are going through what I am :0)

So here's my tummy pics from today

Picture update 19 days po

Doing well but still swollen

I am and have been treating my scar with bio oil, dermatix silicone gel and also a silicone tape. So far so good ;)
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