Tummy Tuck Part 3

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I had my first child at a young age and being...

I had my first child at a young age and being rather small and petite my body stretched a lot and I was left with stretch marks, thankfully the majority were below my tummy button. After my second child 10 years later I decided that I wanted to do something to get rid of them and to feel confident about myself again. I did not have a lot of fat or loose skin just stretch marks. I consulted a PS who recommended that because of my height and body shape a mini TT was what was needed in order to remove the stretch marks. I had this done in Dec 2009 and was pleased with the results. The recovery was fine and I did not feel any discomfort. Unfortunately I developed a little seroma and the scar started to heal upwards. In 2011 I had revision surgery which involved having the mini TT again. Like before the recovery was fine and it made an improvement to the scar and also got rid of a few more marks. Over the years since my TT I have been pleased with my results but not happy or as confident as I would like to have felt. I consulted back with my PS who said the only way to get rid of more of the marks would be through a full TT surgery. After much contemplation I decided to go ahead for the 3rd time hoping I would be third time lucky, I also worried about it not going that well or it being worse! On tues 13th I underwent the full TT. My surgeon said it went well and that he is happy with the results. After the op and an overnight stay the drains were removed and I was sent home. I have been resting lots and compared to my other recoveries I am finding this a lot harder and more tiring. I am PO day5 now and am feeling more normal. I'm still sleeping upright on the sofa and have not seen any of the results or scars. I am feeling a mixture of happiness and relief that it is over but I am still really anxious and afraid of seeing the new BB and scar. I know that the longer scar will heal in time as did my other which after 2 years was virtually invisible and never bothered me at all. I am hoping that this has been worth it and that I will be content with the results. I have my post op appt on Tues so I suppose for now only time will tell! X

PO Day5

Feeling lightheaded again today but I know it def down to lack of food and appetite. I'm going to try something light and frequent today. Didn't have a good sleep, so tired but can't seem to drift off at all. Pain is not bad just a constant burning sensation in my abdomen and hot flushes which then turn into cold sweats. Hoping when I have my post op on Tuesday and see everything for the first time it will all be worth it. Feeling anxious and nervous!

PO Day6

Feeling much better today. Managed to walk upstairs and slept comfortably in my daughters room for the first time since the op. woke once for 2 hours but all in all managed to get 7 hours sleep, which was much needed. Thinking about going out today for some fresh air maybe just to the local supermarket to get a few bits. I'm just scared that I don't want to push myself and ruin the results as this is my last chance to get it right. Tomorrow is my first post op check-up and I am feeling excited but so worried and anxious. I haven't seen my scars or incision yet and have only adjusted my binder so have no idea what I look like down there. I think my biggest fear is the BB scar and shape and what that looks like as I am aware of what the incision scar will be like and that does not bother me.
My husband has been amazing and has been so supportive, of course he thinks that everything was fine before and this all has been unnecessary but I think he's beginning to realise why I needed it for me. I will post updated pictures hopefully tomorrow and will let you know how it goes and how it looks. Fingers crossed it will be right this time and I can have a stretch mark free tummy at last!

Picture pre op

First Picture I've ever shown anyone close up of my stretch marks. Hopefully they have been removed!!
The incision line you can see below is from my previous mini TT

1week Post Op!

Hi everyone hope you are all feeling good and resting. I am happy that today i have reached the one week milestone!! I went for my first post op today and the nurse did not remove the bandages so I was unable to see the incision or BB mark. Kind of feel relieved as I wasn't prepared mentally yet but now i'm anxious and curious to know. Will return next Tuesday to see the PS who will reveal all. So far I'm healing well just two huge blisters on my side where the CG is rubbing, the nurse popped them and dressed if for me so if is feeling better and less pressured. The dizzy feeling is subsiding ... Crackers have helped and have therefore become my new best friend! Last night I had a better sleep and although I did wake I was able to drift off again. Standing straighter and looking taller... Hopefully tomorrow will be even better!

Post Op Day9

Feeling much better and a lot more normal now. Managed to do everything on my own yesterday. Climbing stairs, making lunch and dinner, getting up and on the bed, washed my hair over the bath and was able to sponge bathe myself! Feeling very good having to not ask for help every 5 minutes. Had an afternoon nap yesterday for the first time since the op, I think all the erratic sleep patterns are finally catching up with me. Standing straighter and loosing the hunch slowly which is def making the pain in my back easier! Hoping today is another good day!

Day 10 Post Op

Have been moving around a lot easier and quicker feeling much more like myself. Still sleeping in a sitting up reclined position with a million pillows, but I feel more secure like that. Can't wait until tues just want to have a first look at how it's all turned out. Hoping its healed well and my BB is okay. Having all these weird dreams about my BB not being right and looking awful, hopefully they aren't true!

Day 10 Post Op update

Can't believe That tomorrow I will be 11 days post op. feeling fine in myself but just so swollen. Keep getting worried that I have a seroma of fluid build up! Getting more and more anxious especially since I haven't seen any of my results and I'm panicking over what the state of what my BB will be like. Hope you are all healing well! X

13 days PO

I had a good day yesterday managed to get out of the house for the day which was well needed, feel like I've been a prisoner for so long. Although I am going stir crazy I know I need to rest in order to make sure the result is the best it can be and that there are no complications. I managed to walk around the supermarket visited family and came home. I was swollen by the evening and exhausted. Today I have been mostly resting and and making up for all the energy I lost yesterday. Feeling a lot more mobile and less stuff but still dizzy at times. Tomorrow is my 2 week post op check up and I'm nervous and anxious but I want to see what the results look like so far. Nervous about my BB and that is what's worried me from the start. I think my husband is so know hearing my anxieties over the state of my new BB and just keeps reassuring me that it will be fine. Have bee so tempted to sneak a peak of everything under the bandages and CG but then I rationalise everything and don't want to risk and infection or delay the healing process. The hardest thing I'm finding is not being able to shower, I am sponge bathing but its not the same as standing completely under a nice hot shower! Although I've felt upset and somedays are painful I kind of have no reason to complain or ask for help as it was all elective surgery. Just trying to stay positive and manage as best I can. Hoping the results tomorrow will be worth it! Hopefully I'll be able to update with a picture.

2 weeks Post Op

Thank you all so much for your support and wishes. I'm feeling a mix of emotions at the moment. I remember when I came round after the op my PS saying he used some staples but Didn't realise that I had staples and stitches all the way across. So when he pulled back the bandages I was shocked to see so many staples 105! PS said he had to use them as there was hardly any skin to pull and this insured a tighter seal and better result, otherwise there wouldn't have been enough tension and he would have had to do a vertical scar which he knew I didn't want at all! He removed them all today which was fine just a little bit of pulling however, the last 5 on my left size which were quite deep hurt a lot and pulled a bit of the scar open when coming out but he said it would heal. He also said that I had a small seroma. I thought it was just swelling but he said it was a fluid build up just above the scar in a small pouch. He extracted the fluid through a needle, glad it's still relatively numb, however when he was pushing and 'massaging' to release the fluid it wasn't very comfortable and was quite sore. I am
Glad it is out now though and hopefully no more collects! With everything Happening i nearly forgot to look At my BB but when I did it wasn't as bad as I thought it to be. Im not going to lie it looks terrible at the minute and i prepared myself for that although in my head i did think it would all be healed and i would have a nice new BB. I can't see the inside properly but the shape is small ( which i am Pleased about as i had visions of a large hole) and I can't really see and stitches or marks around it. PS said it will heal nicely and will start to form and heal inside soon.
My husband didn't come in with me as we had our little one so I didn't get a chance to take any pics of the result so far with all the bandages off. I have to go again next week but have been told to rest and not move a lot at all and to wear the CG extra tight as a lot of pressure needs to be out in the tummy to reduce swelling.
When I readjust the binder I'll try and take a pic so you can see with the bandages. So far from what I can see there seems to be no stretch marks... Just binder marks! Hoping that this is going to be worth it and that next week I will see better results! No pain no gain I guess!

2 weeks PO

Not the best picture but too scared to remove the binder on my own incase I can't get it back on. Still very swollen and hoping the seroma hasn't come back. Hopefully next week I can update with the results once the bandages are removed

2 week PO

19 Days PO

Haven't been able to update for a few days now, but nothing much has changed really... Well nothing I can see anyways. Have a lot more energy although have been in the house since Tuesday I'm too worried that I'll develop another seroma and have to be aspirated again. Thought it was best alto sit still than run the risk! A lot more mobile have straightened out, swelling has eased but come the evening I tend to swell up a little. Hopefully when I go for my 3 Week PO on Tuesday I will be able to see a change and some healing. I suppose that's the hardest part right now, not being able to physically see the improvements everyday. Just hoping my BB is healing well, last check up I couldn't even recognise what it was, just glad that it was small and not a huge hole! Have to keep thinking tomorrow will be better and another day along!

3 weeks Post Op

Can't believe I am 3 weeks PO tomorrow. Going for my check up, hopefully there is some improvement and all is healing well. Feeling nervous aboyt the prospect of having another seroma and having to be aspirated again. I think the hardest part for me is not being able to see the daily improvements as everything is still bandaged up. Hopefully tomorrow i will finally be able to take some post op pics! On a positive I am feeling well, and do not have much pain only a little discomfort when sleeping at night. Sneezing and coughing def has to be the most challenging thing at the moment. Have learnt that patience is a virtue and hoping the results wanted will be worth the wait. Happy healing everyone!

Post op Week 3

I had my 3 week PO check up today and everything went well. I was so nervous and anxious but excited at the same time. Still very swollen so PS wanted to check for fluid so he aspirated my tummy in three different areas to be sure that the seroma and fluid was not there. Luckily there was no fluid, just swollen. However the pressing and pressure on my tummy was a lot and i felt really sore after. The Incision has healed well just a little spot in the middle that needs to bind so I still have dressings on that area. At least now I can see the changes and progression, which I think will help me to recover faster and not feel so unhappy some days. My BB is quite small and I'm happy with the shape. My PS says it is early days yet but it is healing nicely, it is very flat at the moment but he said once the swelling subsides it should start to form in wards. He said because I was so small and there was not a lot of skin to pull it was hard to make the BB, but I think he's done the best he can and I feel contented. The incision line is so thin it is barely noticeable, however the staple marks are there but have been told they should fade with time. Hoping to see some improvement next week and hoping the swelling subsides. Have to wear my CG for another 4 weeks which is fine as i feel more secure with it on and to sponge bathe for another week.
This has been a long process and I know there is still a lot of healing to be done, however I am finally stretch mark free and feeling that there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel.

Back to normality!

Today I have started to feel a but like my old self! My children are back to school after the long holidays and the morning routine has started. I took my son to school with my husband, found it hard to get ready quickly and I couldn't walk fast at all, I think all the mums were looking at me very strangly! I then drove home was feeling nervous but I thought I needed to try. It was fine and the only discomfort I felt was in my back even with the pillow to support. For now short distances will be manageable! Went to the beauty salon and had my legs waxed which felt amazing as i felt better in
Myself, more humane and the ugly feeling seemed to disperse. Then went to the local supermarket and did a small food shop with the help of my daughter. Upon returning home I recieved a call feom work asking for some help so I went in for a few hours then collected my son, came home made dinner bathed them children and put them to bed. Needless to say I am feeling exhausted now and swollen. I'll try to rest tomorrow, I think I did too much today!

Patience is a virtue...

Today I am 24days PO and feeling well in myself but still very swollen and tire easily. Have started to get back into normal routine but by lunch I'm like a puffa fish. Have decided to wear my CG extra tight hoping the compression will help reduce the swelling. Another week and then I can shower, can't wait but at the same time quite cautious as I don't want to get an infection or irritate the incision or BB. I think at this point the worst part is the pain in my back, it is sometimes unbearable. Can't understand why especially since I'm walking completely straight. I tried my bikini on and i'm happy the stretch marks are gone but i am bigger than i was before ... so swollen still. hopefully it will subside! Happy healing to you all!

4 weeks PO... Time has gone quick!

Can't believe it's nearly been a month since my op. at the time it seems recovery is so slow but looking back now and in hindsight thinking of what a major operation it was actually it has gone quickly. Scar is healing nicely just a few parts need to get better. BB is also healing but still remains really flat, will this change?! I still swollen, but am hopeful that will subside soon as I m bigger than I was pre surgery. Went out on sat night for the first time since my op had a good time but was sore and uncomfortable towards the end. Most frustrating thing was that I couldn't dance when I really wanted to, so did a few sidesteps instead! I'll try and post some updated pics later today.

Getting better everyday

The swelling finally seems to be easing off and I am back in my old size UK8 clothes with spanx and CG on so I'm happy! Still have a little bit if pulling when walking and back pain but it is certainly a lot better than before. Incision is healing well and thin so I'm pleased. Staple marks also are falling off and fading nicely. I think another week and the whole incision should be better. BB still is very flat and has some spots that still need to heal but all in all it is looking good. My biggest problem now is that I have caught a cold and feel dreadful, coughing and blowing my nose is so painful, hopefully I'll get rid of it soon. Driving is certainly easier and I don't tire as quickly! Fingers crossed next week will be better.

Progress so far

5 weeks PO

Feeling a lot more normal and was getting back into the normal pre op routine however a really bad cold and cough has put my recovery back. I now feel like 2 week PO in regards to the muscle pain in te lower and upper abs. Coughing has meant that extra strain and pressure has made them really sore and uncomfortable and even though I try to hold them down whilst I sneeze and blow my nose I am feeling a bit battered and bruised there. Fingers crossed the cold shifts soon, have been trying not to cough or blow my nose but its so difficult when I am so congested. Due to all of this I have become really swollen again! Other than this little set back everything else seems fine!

Long overdue update

So sorry I haven't updated in a while.. As a family we have just moved over the other side of the world so it's taken a while to adjust and get everything and everyone settled. I have missed this forum immensely though! Glad everyone is doing well and the results look fantastic.
I am feeling fine and have near,y resumed back to normal just haven't managed to exercise yet as my upper tummy is still really sore. I will post some updated pics soon, for now it's good to be back x
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