silhoutte lift in london, 3 weeks ago - £3,000. DR SEBAGH - London, GB

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Hello I had a silhouette lift almost 3 weeks ago,...

I had a silhouette lift almost 3 weeks ago, it was not at all what I expected. To be fair although I had seen the procedure done on video, I had no idea how traumatic it is to the face and that the down time would be so long. This was not explained to me until after the procedure had taken place. I had bad bruising for almost 2 weeks. I still have dimples, one of which is quite bad, they are mid cheek, so impossible to cover up. One side of my face is healing ok, but still tender. On the other side, I am still experiencing a lot of pain, a vertical dragging feeling from the thread between the two dimple marks. I have lumps in my jaw line now that the swelling has finally gone, that are very painful. I can also feel one of the thread end protruding through.
It is true what another reviewer said, when you open your mouth too wide you get a sharp shock and painful prickling feeling. I have a very strong dragging feeling on one side of my face, and I can feel the thread through my skin. At this point I am afraid that I will have to have this 'angry' thread removed, as I would like no further interference.
Threads were recommended to me my plastic surgeon, who I have my botox with. He said I was not ready for a face lift.
I will post an update.



I still have very visible vertical dimples on both cheeks. I can feel the threads under my skin. Where my jowls were I now have many painful lumps (not really visible in the photo, because of the angle taken). I also have a sharp occasional prickling pain on the bottom of my left side cheek, which is very painful. The lumps in my jawline are very painful and I have a protruding thread.
I don't know why I have vertical threads and the exit marks are mid cheek instead of the hairline.
I am going back for another check up tomorrow, so I will update.
I have had a few comments that I look worse than I did post thread.
I have lost my sparkle..... not what you expect after paying £3,000 with one of the highest recommending doctors.


just a quick update.
I still have dimples, lumps and pain. A sharp prickling pain on the left corner of mouth/cheek.
I was offered filler for the dimples but as they are still healing I declined.
I do not see a lifting effect, and I think my marionette lines look worse.
I will write a more detailed review, including my 4 week check up when I have more time.


I went back to Dr Sebagh after 6 weeks for a check up. I still had large dimples mid cheek, a protruding thread and swelling and pain.
I was made to wait for 3 hours and then I wasn't even taken into a waiting room, I was seen in the corridor, in front of the reception area and front door!!! (£3000 treatment.. and I am in the corridor?? )
He didn't give me a chance to tell him my concerns, he just roughly grabbed my face and push down on the dimples, causing me to yelp out in pain. I was only taken to a private room when it was obvious that I had a protruding thread, and I needed a procedure done to cut me so that the thread could be trimmed.
I was made to feel as though I was making a fuss!!!
It has been 3 months now, I still have dimples mid cheek. I have had no lift. It looks like my chin has been pulled under slightly causing a slight double chin I never had before. I would honestly say, whatever he has done with the threads my jowls look worse.
I have been for a second option (to another well know doctor) and the Dr thought that the threads have been place incorrectly and this has caused my jowls to look worse, he also said the exit points should have been in my hairline.
I have friends that have had this procedure done and are happy with the result. I do believe it is down to the Dr's skill and technique and how well your body heals.
Please be warned this is not a 4 day recovery as they advertise and complications can last month, even longer as I have been told by other women on this site.
I would really recommend not doing this procedure with Dr Sebagh.
please inbox me if you have any questions and good luck if you go ahead with the procedure.

UPDATE: 3 1/2 MONTH LATER.......

Please look at these photos (as embarrassed as I am to post them) before you consider spending £3,000 on this procedure with Dr Sebagh.. In the side profile you will see a shadow under my jowl where it looks like he has pulled the skin under the chin up. You can also see very significant sagging on my jowls. I can feel the cones of the threads inside there, I am not sure if there if fluid, but they look worse than before. I can also feel a thread on one side of my cheek which causes me discomfort when I touch it.
To be honest these are really unflattering photos of myself, but they clearly show that I have not received the result I hoped for. Or the one that is advertised so frequently in the press, with a 4 day recovery time.
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