Instant Regret, Too Big and Bulky. Miss my Plain Skin :( - London, GB

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Hi All, I have spent most of today in a state of...

Hi All,

I have spent most of today in a state of panic and shock at what I have done to myself.

I have two small tattoos on each wrist and I love those. But yesterday, I decided to go for something I had been dreaming of for years - a crown and rose. I knew something was wrong when I saw the stencil...too big....But I trusted the artist...big mistake, I am in pieces and would pay a fortune to get back my boring arm :-(

I have sent emails out to London places but would love to hear about your opinions on the likelihood of having this removed? It has loads of pink in it which I have heard is a nightmare :(


Desperation Settling In

So I am reading more and more reviews ....And most successful removals seem to be black or grey tattoos ... I am getting very depressed by my huge pink and purple mess ...Is this ever going to go?!

Information about Pico

So today I had information back from a Clinic in Burnley which sounds very professional - Andrea Catton.

The lady gave me loads of info as I was worried about the pink...

Hi Rockchick82,

Thank you for your enquiry and providing the photo, you are correct we always advise a minimum of 3 months to start the removal process to ensure it will work. We use 2 lasers, the PicoSure (which is the most advanced tattoo removal laser in the world) and the RevLite (which an extremely efficient high-end 'traditional' laser). The PicoSure can treat every colour of your tattoo and Revlite will be able to remove most of the colour but the blue that is mixed with the red to make the purple will be left. The PicoSure can always treat this at the end.

The PicoSure usually removes tattoos in around 4 - 6 treatments and the RevLite around 10 - 12.

I would put your tattoo in our 'Large' category which is £800 per treatment using the PicoSure or £200 per treatment using the Revlite.

We also offer discount if you buy PicoSure packages. Buy 3 and get 10% off or Buy 4 and get 5th FREE.

You can also change between lasers - you don't have to stick with the same one, as long as there has been enough time between treatments you can change systems.

Yes the PicoSure can treat all colours, it has 2 separate heads, one head has a red laser which can treat and see all colours including green and blue but it cannot see red ink or pinks. But then it has a separate head which has a green laser and uses a different wave length so it can treat red and pink ink.

So no matter what colour of ink you have the PicoSure can treat it, I hope this has helped and reassures you.

Now..sales pitch or real story? Again, I havent seen tattoos completely removed, and this clinic is miles away from me. But some light at the end of the tunnel? £800 x 6 or more....What have i done...

Excision Decision??

Hello lovely people,

As I mentioned earlier, I have been in a crazy state these last few days but today has been a little better. I have been able to somehow function at work and remind myself that I am the sum of all my parts, not just a tattooed arm! My identity should remain unaffected by this external mark. I try to convince myself. It is very hard as at the moment, the tattoo is healing so making itself very alive by itching and peeling.

In my frantic haste to find ways of getting rid of the ink, I had contacted a surgeon who advertises excision on his website.

Just had a skype call with him and he suggested either :

- an excision under local anesthetic with skin graft as my tattoo is big - £2,500
- an excision under general anesthetic with skin graft £3500 and maybe more due to cost of anesthetist and room

It sounds very bloody scary and very tempting as well. I was however worried and concerned when he said it didnt need for the tattoo to heal to do the work. Is this normal? I know excision is cutting the thing out so maybe it doesnt need healing...but id have thought you need the body rested before another mutilation?!

On the other hand, I also googled his name and it came up with a news story about a woman dying after one of his ops!!! Not tattoo related, butt lift I think.

So close yet so far??!

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting on my ramblings!xxx

Elated - Deflated

So I went to see Wayne. Really nice and honest. Which is not necessarily good news for me :(

The facts?

- I have olive skin, so higher risks of hypopigmentation and lesser chance of removal ;
- I have shit loads of pink which can not only be a b*tch to remove, but adds to hypopigmentation risk;
- same with the white ink ;
- we're looking at 2 years for a potential nasty hypopigmented ghost. Woohoo.

I want to cry. This is the worst thing I have ever done in my entire life.
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