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I've always hated my breasts they grew downwards...

I've always hated my breasts they grew downwards to begin with, fast forward 20 years add a child and some weight gain and loss and they just became as flat as pancakes or like 'cows udders' and I would call them. After thinking about this for many many years I finally took the plunge and had a breast lift with fat transfer on the 2nd of January. I'm delighted with the results so far and whilst it's been painful and I can't see the results of the liposuction yet (they say it can take 3 months because of the swelling) I am so glad I did it. In fact I wish I had done it sooner!

4 weeks post op

So here I am four weeks post op. I'm healing well except for a little area on my right breast which came up a little red and oozy but now seems to be healing too after I started putting on some salon (antiseptic cream) on it. Since the two week mark when my steri strips came off I have been using a cream I was given by the clinic called Heal Gel Intensive which I massage into the scars twice a day. My PS was actually part of the team of people who developed the cream and there are some very positive reviews out there about it. So much so that it's actually sold out on their website. It's early days to give my opinion on how good it is, but I'll keep using it anyway. At the two week mark I fell down the stairs are home and caused a bit of bleeding at the top and bottom of the vertical incisions on my right breast. This has all healed up fine now but you can see the extra scab where this happened in my close up pictures. The main thing for me these last few weeks is just how sensitive the skin on my breasts has been. It's like everything that touches them makes then feel very very sore and at the end of each day I can't wait to get home and rip my bra off! I have full sensation in my left nipple but my right nipple is virtually numb - hoping this will come back soon. I'm still too sore to work out but can't wait to get back in the gym because it feels like my body is turning to jelly!!

I haven't mentioned anything about the liposuction and fat transfer before as this wasn't my main concern but I thought you might find it useful to know that I had an incredible amount of bruising from where they took the fat on my inner and outer thighs, which extended all the way down my legs to my knees. The legs were also swollen for quite some time but now the bruising has virtually all gone and I am beginning to see the effect of the liposuction - they say it can be three months or more before you see the results. My thighs are still tender to the touch.

I've added some close up pictures so you can see how my scars are coming along - it's easy to look good at a distance but I have found it helpful to see how other people look close up so I had realistic expectations. Overall I'm really happy still - can't wait till summer and wearing a tiny bikini instead of having to hoist up up my breasts with big straps! Also looking forward to wearing halter necks and low cut tops etc without a bra!

Bit of a scare

So today is exactly one month post op and tonight I've had a bit of a scare...I've had a bit of redness a scabbing on my right breast for a while now that I thought was healing. A few days ago it started oozing a little so I had been putting antiseptic cream on it and placed a steri strip over the area. Anyway tonight as I was doing my evening routine of massaging in my scar gel I noticed that it was oozing from the steri strip - I took off the strip and the scab came off with it leaving an open wound about half a centimeter in diameter. It's right at the edge of my nipple. I cleaned up the area with some antiseptic solution and as I did noticed something hard inside the wound. I figured it must be a stitch so I got out the tweezers a pulled and out came a stitch with a big blob at the end which looked like a large knot. These are supposed to be dissolvable stitches but this one clearly hadn't dissolved. I'm hoping that that's what caused the oozing etc and that now it's gone it will heal up. I called the out of hours number for the clinic and got my doctors secretary. She was very nice and gave me the number of the dressing nurse but unfortunately her phone went to voicemail. I left a message so we'll see if she calls back tomorrow as it's quite late now. Feeling a bit scared but my boyfriend as always was great at reassuring me. Hopefully by tomorrow things will be on the mend :(

8 weeks tomorrow

So after my little scare I got hold of the clinic spoke with my dressing nurse and she reassured me that the problem was being caused by a stitch not dissolving. Anyway it started to heal over fine but then another area on the same nipple started doing the same thing, so I spoke to my ps's secretary and she got me an appointment to see Mr Malluci very quickly. At the appointment he told me that this sort of thing was normal and that sometimes the dissolvable stitches take a long time to dissolve and can cause this sort if irritation. He said there's nothing that can be done unless the end of the stitch actually pokes out of the skin, then you would pull it out. He was very pleased with how I'm healing and told me I'm doing well and not to worry. I came away feeling reassured and calm, and sure enough everything healed up on its own after a week or two. My scars under the breast have turned pink and firm and are a bit raised in places but he also told me that was normal and to expect them to get worse before they get better. I have a follow up with him in about 4 months time. My breast are still tender and I can't sleep in my front yet, but tomorrow I plan to start back at the gum with some low impact excercises. The areas above the breast where the fat transfer was done are slowly softening up and have gone a bit lumpy to the touch but it's not visible and I guess that's just part of the process of the fat settling..or being re absorbed. Anyway here's some pictures of what I look like today.

8 wks tomorrow - pictures

London Plastic Surgeon

No nonsense, straight talking and reassuring without lulling me into a false sense of security, told me all the pros and cons and let me decide without any pressure. Well known in the UK for breast surgery and appears on a few tv shows doing corrective plastic surgery. His secretary is also lovely!

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