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Hello RealSelfers! This has been a really...

Hello RealSelfers!

This has been a really difficult journey so far, I am continuously wondering if I am doing the right thing or whether I could be putting this money towards other things (I would love to travel – I graduate this summer). However, having read so many of your helpful stories and meeting Mr Ion, I am confident I am making the right decision for me.

I don’t think I have a “terrible” nose; I just really dislike the hump and the way I look from the side. So many of my friends react “why are you having this done?” but I have wanted this for a long time.

So far I have purchased:
• Arnica tablets
• Arnica cooling gel
• Nasal rinse
• V shaped pillow
• Neck pillow
• Humidifier
• Vaseline

I have deliberated putting pictures up, as I have only told a limited few that I am getting this done. But I thought I would show you what my nose currently looks like and the morphs created as so many of you other reviewers have been kind enough to share yours.

This website has been so helpful, so I am hoping to share my experience to help anyone in the same position and receive some insight for those who have been through this journey already!

Any other tips/purchases for pre/post op would be appreciated – the nerves are definitely kicking in now!

Just some pictures before op


I did it!

Hey everyone, I would firstly like to say a huge thank you for everyone's advice/ comments on my original post - it has helped me so much! Apologies I have not replied, I did not receive email notifications but have changed my settings so should be better at replying now :)

So yesterday I had my rhinoplasty with dr ion. I can't tell you how scared I have been the last week leading up to it (I have to admit, I am one of those people who will find something to worry about lol), but the Weymouth hospital, dr ion, the anaesthetist and the nurses have were all fantastic.

Dr ion said the op went well and it is true what people say, I really am feeling no pain at the moment! However sleeping is a big issue - just had my first sleepless night. Sleeping upright is hard and i hate the drippy feeling of blood on the gauze but apparently this should stop soon - fingers crossed! The anaesthetic was great as it literally knocks you out even when you wake up, I could really do with some of that now haha.

I asked if Mr Ion could take a picture in surgery of the finished result which he did and it looked exactly liked my morph! However i am trying not to get myself too excited yet as I know I have a long road of swelling ahead etc.

I sneezed twice on the way home (the panic lol!!) but managed to sneeze through my mouth.

I am currently sporting two very black eyes, will hopefully upload some pictures when I don't look so horrific.

Think that's all for now, I'm going to get back to yoghurt, pineapple juice and trash TV :D



Hello everybody,

So I think I am on day 3..? I guess what I was not prepared for was this recovery thing - everyone mentions it but in my head I viewed it as a good few days in bed with Netflix (who doesn't want that?!)

Well I'll be honest, I am very bored and counting down the days to get get this cast off! Fortunately there is still no pain, but I am still bleeding and the cast sometimes gets very itchy but I am too scared to touch anything. Sleeping is still an issue which isn't helping my mood.

My bruises are fading but I still think I scared quite a few people in tesco today haha! Back to hibernation for a few days. London seems to have hit a sudden heatwave the last week which is quite depressing when you are sat in with a cast on your face!

Anyway as my nearest and dearest, keeps reminding me, I wanted this so I can't moan! So I apologise for the depressive nature of this post - I am fine but just looking forward to my cast coming off to have a looooovley shower and face pack mmmmm.

Have posted picture as have had a few messages asking (apologies in advance hah!)

Thank you all again for your lovely messages! X


Hey everyone,

Apologies for delay in posting, I wanted to wait a few days to try and write an objective review as possible!

So Tuesday I had my cast taken off! I had a migraine from Monday which had continued Tuesday Monday- turns out I had a lot of liquid (is that the word?!) above the internal splints which was not helping.

Anyway back to Tuesday - I won't lie, I found this part the most painful of the whole process! I had tears from the pain of removing the stitches and the removal of the splints just felt like my brains being scooped out haha. Bear in mind I am such a baby, so please don't let me make you nervous about your removal - everyone is different in their tolerances of pain, me = wimp!

So I then got handed a mirror and I was speechless. I looked SO different! My previously bumpy nose had been transformed and I did not recognise the person looking back, it is such an odd feeling.

BUT I absolutely love my new nose - Dr Ion has done a fantastic job of making my nose pretty much identical to my morph.

Swelling is pretty bad, and as Dr Ion warned me previously, I am rocking the lion king/ avatar look due to the work he did between my eyebrows. Oddly, the right side of my face seems to be worse - my right nostril is completely clogged and the swelling has affected my eye, making it look slightly lazy? Does anybody have any experience of this/ advice? I don't want to call the surgery just yet as I know it is most likely just swelling!!

I have been hibernating again so taping continuously so only one picture to show I'm afraid - I will try to update regularly with pictures and updates on the dreading swelling. Just as a little comparison, I have uploaded a few pre op pictures. One led which was taken immediately prior to my op. It's quite funny - I remember thinking "well this is it, is this all really necessary?" So I took a picture to convince myself! (Pretty stupid as I'm sat in the hospital gown waiting to go haha!)

Oops I've rambled - well done if you have made it this far! Opinions welcomed, I will do my best to reply :)

As ever, thank you all so much for your kind comments and for your advice on my last moany post!


3.5 weeks post op

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the delay in this post, have my university finals coming up so have just been cramming revision like mad since recovery (I know – was really not an ideal time to get a nose job!) I also have been having a bit of a nightmare with the old swelling so wanted to just wait until that had settled.

Unfortunately the picture I last posted was my perfect nose after cast removal. The dreaded swelling has changed the shape on a nearly daily basis so I am just praying it goes back to how it was! I stupidly had swelling down as the easy part of surgery, but it really is an infuriating process. The work my surgeon did between my eyebrows was where the swelling was the worst for the first 2 weeks – it seemed to affect my whole face and I had a really weird lazy eye! That seems to have subsided over the last week, but now my lovely cast removal tip seems to be drooping :( I am assuming this is part of swelling so am trying my best not to get too down about it.

Another reason I cannot moan too much about swelling is that I have been really naughty with foods/ sleeping upright. Since recovery I have been back to my pizza/ alcohol/ general student lifestyle – which is not ideal for both my waistline or the swelling. I am wondering how much a low-sodium diet would help with the process, my surgeon did not mention it and I guess it’s too late to start now haha. RE sleeping upright, I was again naughty and just could not really be bothered – I never got a good night’s sleep doing it anyway. I have been taping religiously though at night (top marks!)

My breathing has finally returned to normal and I can now breathe out of my nose fine after waiting for the internal stitches to come out. Just a tip for anyone in recovery, I really do recommend the NeilMed Sinus rinse – I have been too scared to blow my nose and it does a great job of clearing the nose.
One thing I have found odd is that people have not noticed, which shows Mr Ion’s skills. I am actually really pleased about this, as I only wanted a subtle change to my nose anyway but it is strange to think all the financial cost and rubbish you go through with recovery and nobody notices lol. What are other people’s experiences of friends/ family noticing?
Thank you for reading – I have provided a few pictures to show an update of swelling, will hopefully add more in next few weeks. Let me know your honest opinions, as I am a bit worried about the droopy tip. BUT despite my swelling, I am really happy with my nose and once the swelling subsides it can only get better :) thank you Mr Ion!

For now, back to the textbooks!

E x


3 Month PO Update

Hello everyone,

Really sorry for the long time period between my last update, have been really busy with exams, moving, job hunting etc. Thank you everyone for your inboxes – will try and get round to answering within the next few weeks.

So, as I mentioned in my last blog post I was getting increasingly frustrated with the swelling – particularly within the tip. I was finding it harder to ignore everyone telling me the tip was fine etc and not drooping and “triangular”? (hard to explain but basically tip wasn’t looking great!). I even wrote an updated blog post about it but decided it would be unfair to post that without first seeing Mr Ion. This was made worse by the fact I had to cancel my original follow up appointment due to exams, so my follow up was around 6/7 weeks post op opposed to the recommended 4 weeks. I would just like to point out that even at this stage my nose was a HUGE improvement on before; I was just very impatient with swelling!!

Fortunately I went to see Mr Ion around a fortnight ago who agreed that there was quite a lot of swelling and understood my “triangle tip” frustration; recommending a steroid shot in the nose. This didn’t really hurt and I was so irritated by swelling at this point I would have tried anything haha. My surgeon said this should work within three days to reduce swelling and he was right! My nose has gradually turned back to the lovely shape I had at cast removal so I am over the moon with that ? As ever, Mr Ion was great in really listening to my concerns – I really would recommend him to anyone considering rhinoplasty. He is definitely not cheap, but as I have mentioned before, I personally felt that the surgery process was scary enough without worrying about a botched result or unethical surgeon.

For everyone frustrated with swelling, as Mr Ion himself said, I was only 6 weeks post op and if there is something I could pass on to anyone with swelling woes it would be to just be patient. Your nose has gone through significant trauma and it will take time. I wish I had heeded this advice myself!

Just a final word, does anyone have any advice on glasses? I have quite heavy frames and whenever I wear them I have a dip across my nose which still seems to be there when I run my finger down my nose? Not noticeable but it’s a bit weird. Another difference in my nose is that I find my scar quite itchy sometimes (sorry, grim!). Other than that, I have stopped taping and massaging following my follow-up appointment on the advice on Mr Ion.

Enjoy the sun!

E x


The post I didn't want to have to write....

So about 5 months post op and things had been pretty good up til now and I have just been busy getting on with life and enjoying my new nose. I graduated a few weeks ago which meant lots of pictures and I noticed something strange was going on with my nose looking back on the picture - it almost seemed like one side was caving in? I tried to put this to the back of my head (as I had gone through ups and downs with swelling the last few months - so I assumed it was that). A few weeks passed and it was becoming apparent things were not getting better. In fact, it was becoming much more prominent. I emailed the surgeon and had an appointment booked for the next few weeks.
He agreed that it could just be swelling, or the splints post surgery could have made it that way, or maybe too much was taken off in surgery yet wasn't visible at the time due. He reiterated it was only 5 months post op and the final results are not usually visible for a year so I am hoping it will somehow sort itself out.

He gave me a filler shot in the nose which sorted the problem straight away and I am back to loving it again. But I know fillers are temporary and I am just worried I will have that wonky look once they wear off. He did mention the situation would be reassessed next year to see if a revision was necessary - he mentioned using cartilage to rebuild the nose :(

It has got to the stage now where people are like "oh yes, I notice it - but only if you point it out" which was EXACTLY the reaction I got out of my original humpy nose - hence I am starting to wonder if it has been worth it. I can't afford a revision (I had been saving for a long time to see this particular surgeon as it is, and at 23 I feel I should be saving for a house deposit or seeing a bit more of world rather than fixing something which shouldn't need fixing) so I am just praying it is a bit of swelling and not the final outcome. Feeling a bit down about it all if I'm honest - I know the filler won't last forever but I also know I don't want to be stuck with the state my nose was in pre-filler. Although it is still much much better then my original nose I didn't really expect this - I had my dream nose a few months ago and the fact it developed like this and was getting worse pre filler is worrying me.

I promised at the start I would write an honest reflection of my journey from the start so felt I should include this.

Will try and remain positive for the next few months and see what happens. Best of luck for everyone wherever they are at!

E x


So just thought I would provide a bit of an update - nose isn't getting any better. Saw Surgeon again who gave another steroid shot in the tip of nose. Again - nose was wonderful for a few weeks but now it is beginning to collapse in again. He reckoned it was something to do with the placements of the splints after surgery which made it happen. We have booked into another consultation in May to review yet again. However as it is a year in April since my operation I am having to get my head around the fact that it is not swelling and this may indeed be the final result. He mentioned utilising fillers from now on to resolve it - a revision wasn't mentioned but I am scared it will come Up in May. It has been such an up and down year with my nose that I don't think I could go through with a revision :( not to mention the financial aspect. Even if I use fillers for the rest of my life - those aren't cheap! Even if I went through with a revision; where do you draw the line with it all? feeling very down. Such a shame as I love my nose from the side, just front on is not right - it's like the reverse of my original nose! Does anyone else feel like this - am I expecting too much?
Dr Ion

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