Does Anyone Know What Has Happened to my Tear Trough?! - London, UK

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4 days ago had filler in my tear troughs. One is...

4 days ago had filler in my tear troughs. One is fine but my right eye has swollen - yellow discolouration of the skin (immediate) and puffy like a pillow - can't feel anything hard underneath. The inside ridge of the pillow almost has a flap where it has gotten so swollen. I don't know what filler was used - it was either Juvaderm or Restylane - just waiting to here back from the lady who performed the procedure (who I have to say has done this on me many times before without any issues at all!). One bruise to the side of the pouch and a couple of pin marks but nothing massive ............. can anyone think what could have happened? It feels slightly stingy. I look like a total freak and need this to go!!!

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