Radiesse Filler to Create Fuller Higher Cheeks - London, GB

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*Treatment results may vary

Having cheek bones that are somewhat shy, I...

Having cheek bones that are somewhat shy, I decided that a filler would help me to have less of a flat face.
If you read my other reviews you'll know I had excessive buccal fat extraction followed by a very poor fat graft in an attempt to correct it.
My lower face was baggy and I felt I needed some internal scaffolding to give it oomph* (*highly technical word that!).
I went to a Dr on the recommendation of a friend and had botox at the same time with results that started appearing the next day (which doesn't usually happen).
Anyway, back to the filler. I did think about getting my lips done too but chickened out as I could see that the Dr in question had filler in her lips and that wasn't the look I wanted.
The doctor impressed me in that she showed me the product in the box and talked me through everything. She explained that she'd use one syringe at first and if I needed another she'd do it at a later date. Moderation. That is what I like! It meant that I had no spitting image puppet moments, just nice (sore after the lidocaine wore off) cheeks.
I'm sorry that I can't seem to find the before and after photos I took. I don't like taking seflies and if I see them I generally delete them if I see them and then remember why I took one later!
Anyway, I'll try and see if I can find any for comparison.
In short; it gave my cheeks a little lift, but it is no substitute for the effects that can be created by surgical intervation.

Before and after cheek filler

I will apologise in advance that the photos aren't specific before and after photos.

The before shots are post buccal fat extraction and prior to my fat transfer, my lower face is swollen as these shots were quite newly after the surgery.
My first after shot is post fat transfer to the lower face and taken the same day as 1 syringe of filler.
Anyway, you can see the lift in my cheeks given by the filler and you can see I'm a bit swollen.
The second after shot is
The effect did only last a few weeks to this extent of oomph, later I had further filler.

However, they were noticeable.
Noticeable to the point that I thought my Hubs had actually realised I got cosmetic help.

We were going out in the evening. I always get my hair done when I get injectibles so people can put my new look down to good hair.

Anyway, we were in the kitchen and as I leant up from putting the dishes in the dishwasher he was transfixed, looking at me.
As asked him "What's up? Looking at the pretty hair?".
"No, I'm looking at the pretty face!" he replied.

It was a bitter-sweet moment as I realised that it was the first time in a decade together he'd ever called me pretty.

After my second cheek filler

I found this pic (sorry about the quality) after my second round of cheek filler.
This was taken 3 months after the second treatment.
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