PicoSure lower back Tattoo Removal - London

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So, I had a lower back tattoo when I was 16 years...

So, I had a lower back tattoo when I was 16 years old. At first I loved it, then after uni I became more indifferent, to late twenties actively hiding it at work and from boyfriends parents etc.
I have decided to get rid of it in the next couple of years - would be keen to not have it for any future honeymoon or big holidays.
As it's ten years old, the tattoo has faded a fair bit. I have quite pale skin, so tentatively optimistic for the results of laser treatment.
I am spending a bit of time looking for the right clinic in London. Although I don't want to waste money, it is important to be comfortable and confident in the person wielding a laser at your bare skin! Going to give a few clinics a try, I'll keep a track of how I get on. Any recommendations for good London clinics welcome!!!! I'm too wary to try a Groupon for this, although the money saving would be nice, that's for sure.

After Picosure patch test

Had a patch test with Picosure laser, man it hurt! But it's looking positive (patch test was on top right of tattoo). Minimal redness, bit sore, but layering lots of vaseline and cleaning the area seems to be going alright.
Thinking I will continue with Picosure, worth the cost if it works, and worth a minute or two of pain!!

Following first PicoSure laser treatment

Had my first session with the PicoSure laser today. With the Emla 5% numbing cream applied a couple hours before, it was absolutely fine. Fingers crossed the fade will be as good as the patch test. Feeling a bit disappointed the ink hasn't reduced as much on the coloured in parts, but I guess this is a long process.

This is a couple of hours after the laser session. I need patience!
It's feeling a tad hot and itchy, going to keep the dressing on for a bit longer.

Two days after first laser session

Feeling okay, it's pretty itchy so applying lots of Vaseline and keeping it clean etc. Hoping the itching is a good sign of healing!
Never realised how many of my clothes rubbed against my tattoo before though, guess that's me having been covering it up for the past couple years.
Showing some positive early signs of fading. Especially around the outline. Thinking the shading will take longer to fade though. After doing a heap of online research thinking about leaving it 3 months (rather than the 2 months laser clinic said) until next laser session, to really let it heal properly. Thoughts?

Photo from 2 days after first session

Adding in a photo so you can see the results so far - much more faded on the outline?

Photo - 2 days in

6 days in - still a bit itchy!

On the bio oil now, couple of times a day. Difficult to find clothes that don't rub on it at all!!
No pain at all though, just feels a bit irritated.

4 weeks after first PicoSure session

4 weeks after the first session, looking forward to the next one in a couple of months. Still Bio-Oil-ing couple times a day, feels fine - bit itchy as usual.
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