UPDATE; Not worth it - PDO Thread Lift Full Face and Jaw & Partial Neck Line - London, UK

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If there was an option midway between Yes and Not...

If there was an option midway between Yes and Not Sure I'd select that!
I'm less than a month in so I've yet to see the full results.
First off, I'll make it clear that I would NO WAY pay the usual asking price of £3000 for this procedure, for a bit more I could get a proper facelift that would last a lot longer.
I did this partly out of curiosity, partly because I seem to have an odd obsession with being spiked in the face (I've yet to write up about PRP, dermarollers, botox and fillers) in the name of beauty. So when I saw the promotion (£950) I thought it was a perfectly timed early Mother's Day gift (I'll take ANY excuse).

I was told that I should expect some swelling and a little bruising that would last maybe 5 days.
I know my body and did make it clear I'm sensitive to bruising, so personal I wasn't shocked when 3 (almost 4) weeks later I'm finally seeing the last of the yellow technicolour bruise chart I go through. **Top Tip; Use Xen Tan to help hide older (green) bruises as it has quite a red tone to the tan**
Lucky Hubs bought the "My sister smashed me in the face with a rugby ball" story, mainly because she's done it to him before. I love my sister, sometimes I'm not sure if she still holds latent sibling rivalry though... :D

I'll make this CRYSTAL clear, don't get this done if you can't handle needles, occasional deep tugging/movement in your skin or, well, occasional pain! Even though you are numbed the threads are going into quite deep layers so every now and then you'll really feel it.
It is nowhere near as bad as getting semi-perm eyeliner done, but it's not a total walk in the park either.
I had over 40 threads of various lengths woven into my face so you have to be able to keep calm for about an hour.
After you get an ice pack and go out into Harley Street with all the other red, swollen lumpy faced men and women.
You are supposed to not do anything with your face for 1-2 weeks (laugh, talk much etc). I'll be honest, that just not feasible unless you are in a gimp mask in a locked room (not that I speak from personal experience). However, I had a built in alarm system that now stopped me making crazy face movement (the threads) and once the sharp prickles ate into my smile it soon faded to neutral resting bitch-face.
As the nerves recovered I got funny tingles (like the pre-coldsore tingle) but not in coldsore places, I rode it out for 4-5 days and it went.
Even today I now know what the term "face-ache" means (dull aching in 2 small places and soreness like a zip in another), and I'm looking forward to week 5 when the body breaks down the threads and my collagen can start taking over.
Do I see any changes so far?
Possibly some lifting but not dramatically in the two areas I wanted (lower jaw/neck and eyebrows). I'm told that by 5 months I'll really see the changes, but I've also read that it may only last 8 months.
I did this mainly out of curiosity and in the hopes I could sidestep the facelift for a few years, but the baggy face persists and I'm weighing up the option of Silhouette Soft vs traditional lower face/neck lift and browlift.
Vanity damn you!!! Also damn you sister for getting all the pretty genes, I have to pay for my pretty!
I'll keep you posted on the progress.

The side that bruised most.

My bruising that lasted almost 5 weeks!

The bruising I could hide.

This side didn't bruise as badly, you can still see the saggy neck :9

Save your money...

...Honestly, save your money for your actual face lift!
The effects were temporary, the results mild and only lasted a matter of months.

People have asked for before and afters

OK, please feast you eyes on the most depressive set of pictures I own!

I thought I'd share a PM response I just sent.

"It's not so much about the person administering them (which is undoubtedly important) but more that there are huge complications that can arise, pain lasting far beyond that of a surgical face lift and short longevity of results for a considerable expense.
Sadly many get only a few months lift. Had I paid full price I think it would have worked out at £1000 per month of very subtle lift. Over a third of that time I was bruised, and over half of that time I was in pain and through all of that time (and beyond) I had issues with the threads."

Does that help people to make their mind up?

I see another offer has popped up.

LivingSocial has messaged me with another PDO lift offer, the same as before.
I clicked through, it is Dr Khan again this time with yet another website which I do find slightly odd.
Why go to the length of creating and ranking a website only to abandon it and start the whole process again (at least twice)?
The plus point is that they have stopped using the photoshopped 'before' and 'after' images.
In the event that you are trying to keep up, the www.londonbeautyclinic.co.uk/?p=pdo is now deactivated.
They are now faceliftclinic.net/pdo-face-thread-lift/ with no before or after photos or testimonials of PDO (which is worrying, although I'm always skeptical about written testimonials on websites that are not backed up with photos, that is why I prefer this board) and they have yet another site harleystreettreatments.com/pdo-thread-lift/ as featured on their Dec '15 Living Social offer.

Well, all I'll say is that if anyone goes for the offer I hope they have a far better experience than most of us seem to have had.
Some people may be in for a black and blue Christmas with non-optional resting bitch face!

The curse of the mega zits.

Here is something that I found irritating about the PDO thread lift and not just the prickles... ...the mega zits.
Boil-like and persistent.
One popped up to join me over Christmas!

On a side note; you'd never get jaw definition like with with a PDO lift... ...again folks, save you money for the real thing!

3 months after thread lift vs 3 months after surgical face lift.

Again, I'll let the results speak for themselves;

The first photo is pre thread-lift, the next 3 months post thread lift (also the "before" shot taken for me actual surgical facelift), the last 3 months post surgical facelift.

There is no point in a side on before and after (and after) showing the neck laxity as the thread lift had no effect on my neck what so ever.

Duration of thread lift 18 months max (ha, ha, more life 4 months max).
Cost (per month of lift) = £750 (or £167 for 18 months which isn't a realistic duration IMO)

Duration of surgical face lift (incl neck and brow), 10 years +
Cost (per month of lift) = £95

Save your money ladies and gents and brave the scalpel!
Dr. Zafar S Khan

Lily is Dr Khan's lovely assistant who handles all his admin. Dr Khan talked me through the procedure and explained when he no longer did the other kind of thread lifts. He was careful to numb me first and did keep asking if I was ok, but my face seemed to eat through the anaesthetic cream rapidly. !!! One word of warning !!!, I've just noticed that the before and after photos on the website of the older lady in a cream jumper and pearl earrings are actually the same photo but one is digitally manipulated! :O I've got an eye for detail, so look at how the individual hair strands are in both photos and the wrinkles on her clothes. Maybe the images were supplied to him but either way that is not good. I'm tempted to give one star for that, but it wouldn't reflect how nice he is in person. I did watch the procedures on YouTube so I do know that it seemed to work for some people but it also seems there is little longevity in the results. One thing I will reiterate is that I would not have paid more than the offer price £950 for the full face and partial neck, and with the results I had which were totally not worth it I wish I'd avoided the whole experience. I would suggest people save their money and don't bother with this procedure.

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