Lower Face, Necklift and Platysma Surgery Booked for January 2016. London, GB

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I started my journey back in October 2014 when I...

I started my journey back in October 2014 when I had a consultation with a well known PS but I didn't feel comfortable when I left. It was just a gut feeling then someone sent me a review regarding the same PS which told me my gut feeling was right. Through RealSelf I found all the amazing reviews for Dominic and at first I thought he sounds too good to be true, not one negative comment. I booked a consultation with him, I think it was at the end of July and came away with a very good feeling. Dominic was so down to earth and Lucy was lovely too. The first appointment available for surgery was January 2016 which confirmed how highly sought after Dominic is.

All the ladies on here have been so helpful and generous with their comments and answers and I can't wait to become one of the "Bray Babes".

Started watching what I eat today

I cooked bacon, sausages, beans and black pudding for my husband this morning and I had porridge oats. I only have a fried breakfast once a week but thoroughly enjoy it so that was tough and it's only the first day, missed my coffee too. Wonder if I should have a glass of white wine tonight as it is New Year's Eve, I might just have the one. xx

Less than 2 days away

Well it's almost here and I am more excited than nervous because of all the wonderful reviews on here. I travel to London tomorrow with my husband and then surgery Thursday 8:00 a.m. I have started packing my bag and realise that I forgot to get a comfortable bra (all mine are underwired) so I will hopefully pick one up in London tomorrow (a good excuse to shop). xx

It's done

Had lower face, necklift and platysma done yesterday. Turkey neck and jowls all gone. My face is very swollen so I look a bit weird but I understand from other ladies that this is normal. My ears are aching the most but I am taking paracetamol every 4 hours and using ice and hoping the discomfort will subside soon. Very tired so. Will update tomorrow. Hope I get some sleep tonight x

5 days post op

Swelling going down a little every day and not needing too many paracetamol now. I am starting to look human now. No bruising to speak of on face but lots of red and yellow on my neck. I am looking forward to washing my hair tomorrow and getting my stitches out on Friday. Very pleased with the result so far xx

7 days post op

My face is stil swollen, slightly more on the left side. It must be going down as I can get my toothbrush in my mouth easier than the last few days and I can drink from a cup, I have been using straws before today. I only took paracetamol twice yesterday, didn't need them, it was a pre-empt just in case and haven't taken any today. In fact it was only the first two days that were uncomfortable and that was around my ears. I had a platysma but no discomfort there to my surprise but lot of bruising mostly yellow and red. I have felt great since day 4 and tomorrow my stitches come out. My only concern now is that the swelling will go
down over the next week as I will be returning to work and no-one knows my
little secret. Xxx

8 days post op and feeling great

Had stitches out this morning and Dominic showed me a 3D image of my neck before and after. No more turkey neck, nice firm jawline. I think my jowls used to make me look a bit miserable so I think I look happier now which matches my personality. I'm wondering if I should treat myself to a glass of wine? Anyone have any advice on that . Do you think it would be okay now?

9 days post op

I resisted a glass of wine last night, a few more days won't matter, I had ice cream instead.
This morning my mouth is looking almost normal, lost that pulled look that I've had for the first week, downside is I can see a few of those lines above my top lip returning but that's okay. At my age it would look suspicious if I didn't have a few.
Yes the 3D image is amazing, couldn't believe the before and after images of my neck, the turkey neck is what depressed me the most. To my amazement I have had no discomfort whatsoever down the front of my neck, it was really bruised but looking a lot better and the Benefit concealer covers it quite well.
I will continue to update and if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask.

10th day post op

Nothing much to report. Bit of a headache this morning so took 2 paracetamol and it's fine now. Haven't needed any for last 3 or 4 days. Spent a good 20 minutes trying to clean scars then washed my hair with shower cream (that was a first) so rewashed with shampoo. I was concentrating so much on the water temperature that I picked up the wrong bottle. Feeling full of energy but made myself sit down and ice for 10 minutes every couple of hours as I still have swelling down the sides of my face and under my jaw is swollen and feels hard. I'm sure it's all part of he healing process.
I am very happy with my face, it still looks like me but younger and fresher.

12 days post op and feeling great!

Looking like a younger version of myself, love my profile, no more turkey neck and firm jawline although still very swollen and lumpy lymph nodes in neck under jaw. No discomfort whatsoever after day 4. Had a funny tickling sensation in my left ear last night; it felt like a bug running round but that stopped after a few minutes. Probably nerves knitting back together. Xx

14 days since FL, NLand platysma

It really is true what Dominic says, he doesn't change you, he enhances your appearance. I still look like me but a much better version. Any of you that are considering Dominic rest assured he is a true artist. He told me it is a marathon not a sprint and each day is a step closer to my goal. I am almost there and loving it. No more looking through the mirror and hating what I see. Xx

18 days post op

I returned to work today and left my hair naturally wavy so that I would look different, I usually straighten it. One of my work colleagues said I looked younger with wavy hair (ha ha). I purposely grew my hair longer than usual and it paid off, it hides my ears and hides the sides of my jaw which are still swollen.

3 weeks post op

Oh what a week that was!
Every day this week someone has told me they they like my hair natural as it makes me look younger ( yeah!!). I have had to make a conscious effort to make sure that my hair was well on to the sides of my face, covering the remaining swelling and scabby ears. Went out with a crowd from work for a meal last night and had to make a conscious effort not to brush my hair off my face which I tend to do. Not one person has looked at me suspiciously or asked me anything about my face. It's only been three weeks since my op but it seems longer, I will be so happy when all the swelling has gone and I don't have to worry about my ears being exposed.

5 weeks post op

Saw Dominic 2 days ago and he removed some more stitches from behind my ears and said he was very pleased with how well I am healing. I have been worried about some lumps and swelling under my jaw but he reassured me that this was all part of the healing process and should be more settled by my next appointment at 3 months post op.
I will finish this review in the morning as I am falling asleep. Xx

5 weeks post op

I am at the stage now where I can say " I love my face". I've been through ups and downs and now realise all the stuff I have been worrying about is all part of the healing process. It takes time for all the lumps and bumps to settle. I saw Dominic last Friday and he took more photos and emailed them to me. My turkey neck which I hated with a passion is gone and my jawline looks firm even though I still have some swelling under the jaw. I think I look 10 years younger.
Dominic has a lovely personality as well as being a very skilled surgeon and all his staff are helpful too. So glad I did my research and found the best.

8 weeks post op

I am happy with the result so far but still have numbness at the sides of my face which I believe is normal. Can any of you lovely ladies tell me if it is normal to still have slight indentations just above the jaw on the lower sides of the face and swelling under the jaw (which is a bit bumpy). The left side of my lower face is still slightly swollen too. I'm hoping someone can tell me that this is normal.
Would appreciate any info please. xx

9 weeks post op

Have been a little bit worried up to now about the left side of my face not matching the right as it has taken more time for the swelling to go down but today I think it's almost there. There are a few exercises I do at the gym where I look through the mirror to make sure I am doing them right and before my surgery I used to hate the face that looked back at me. This morning I couldn't stop smiling at myself; my face matches how I feel inside. I still have swelling in my lymph nodes under the jaw but I know that will settle eventually and anyone considering surgery be assured Dominic is your man. I went back to work after 18 days and no-one has noticed (I did change my hair to throw them off). The only comments I got were that my new hairstyle made me look younger. I am 67 and just bought a pair of skinny jeans - yee haw!

3 months post op

Saw Dominic last week for my 3 month review and he said I was healing well. The scars behind my ears are almost invisible and I don't think it will be long before they are totally invisible. There is still a little redness at the front of my ears which seems to be taking longer to heal but Dominic said that is normal. I love my result especially my profile, no more turkey neck. I can't wear my hair off my face yet as there is something going on with the right side which I am hoping will settle in time; I can only describe it as a slight dent or ridge but my
hair covers it. X

Week 19 after lower face lift, neck lift and platysma

l am thinking I must be a very slow healer as I still can't wear my hair off my face but look good when it is down and covering the sides of my face. I am interested to know if any other ladies had this problem and did it eventually settle down. I will try to post a photo later; I don't want to be recognised as only a few people know, so will try to figure out a way to do this. x

I had lower facelift, necklift and platysma on 7th January 2016 with Dominic Bray. Although I still have some swelling I was able to go back to work after 18 days and several colleagues told me I looked younger with my different hairstyle. I think I look 10 years younger and definitely prettier (if I dare say so). I thank Realself for helping me to find "the best" and all the lovely Bray Babes who helped me before and after my transformation. Most of all I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Dominic. I wonder if he realises what a big difference he has made to so many peoples lives. He is such a lovely, lovely man who feels like a friend from the moment you first meet him.. I researched for a year before I found Dominic but it was well worth the wait. I still look like me but so much better. I am one happy little Bray Babe!!

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