30 Y/o 3 Kids Breast Feed All 3 - London, GB

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Hi girls i have been wanting to get this done for...

Hi girls i have been wanting to get this done for yrs since i had my first child who is now 11. I have been become obsessed with looking at boobs and before and after pics i cant think about anything else its kind of taking over my life a bit! Im very unhappy with the way i look im 5"10 and 13st and very broad so my profile looks pretty out of shape where they have shrunk and emptied so depressing! I have been to a few consultations and have decided on harley medical the nurse was so lovely so hopefully can get my surgeon appointment in November but apparently this is there most busy time of yr so i hope i can get in with him and book the op for around march as i cant have it any sooner, wish I could have it now as march seems so far away! The nurse is thinking 600cc round overs but im unsure if i should go under but i will discuss this with the surgeon. I did try some sizers they seemed a bit sml but im thinking they will be plenty big enough once they are in my boobies and sitting higher. So so excited I honestly cant wait i have struggled with my figure for yrs and know its a lot of money to spend on myself but i feel its time i do something for myself to make me happier and feel better in myseld more!!! xxx

Some photos of my dream boobs

More wish boob pics

More wish boobs ????

Mod plus or hp????

I really dont know what profile to go with so confused with it all im a size 14 and 5"10 with big hips and bum! I want a full big round look but dont them projecting to huge or up so high they are collar bone boobs! Really dont want to regret my decision im happy with 600cc im hopeing for a full dd/e cup

More boobs not mine sadly lol

Surgery date all booked!!!

So i rang today and booked my surgery for the 7th of jan i was extremely tempted to have it early December but decided against it as dont want to be in pain over xmas with my kids and all my family iv got to cook for!!! So excited seem so long away, im going to see my surgeon on the 18th of November and will talk more about size and profile as im stressing about that also iv opted for day surgery so hope his not against this

Feeling shit

Has any1 else experienced a really unsupportive partner? My family are really surpportive of my decision but my partner and in laws not so much im being told its selfish to spend that much money on myself and im just thinking of myself which is out of order its making me feel really crap and im npw wondering if i am being selfish but i always make sire my partner and kids never go without so feeling pretty low now i was ao excited and its really put a downer on it all i just want to be able to talk him about it all and him to be there through it all with me but dosnt seem like thats gonna happen think il be dragging my mum along!

Cant wait!!!

Feeling excited and cant wait it'll be a new yr and a new me! Well more just like the old me!!

Is 600cc big enough for my size?

I keep looking at photos of all different women and on some 600cc looks huge and others it looks tiny im hoping on my body being a size 14 that 600cc will be big enough? Im looking to be about a large DD/E cup

Feels like a lifetime away!!!!

10 weeks till i have my new boobs!! Cant explain how excited i am!!!

Change of plan

I saw my ps on friday and after lots of back and forth i have decided to follow his advice and go a bit smaller than the original 600cc i wanted so i am now having 550cc hp overs i hope iv made the right decision and i do not regret it. I trust my surgoen and he knows what his talking about. He spoke to me about the added problems of going larger and how they will sag alot quicker and that they could also look like 2 balloons stuck to my chest and im not going for the stripper look so i didnt want this! Very excited only just over 6 weeks to go! Which seems ages away but there is no way i could of had them done right b4 Christmas and be in pain it wouldn't of been fair on my kids.

Side boob

Do you still get nice side boob with hp profile i dont want boobs in my armpits but like a bit of side boob

Some more before pics

Before pics in a vest top cant wait till i fill it out!!

3 weeks and 4 days!!!

Only 3 weeks and 4 days left till my ba i cant wait!!!

11 days!!!

11 days left soooo excited im so ready for this and not nervous in the slightest

8 days left

Just over a week left and its really dragging! I have booked a b&b to stay in near the hospital the night before as its about a 2hour drive and dont want to risk there being a major traffic jam or accident on the way there, il be coming home the same day as my sugery, iv got my post op bra some comfy sports bras and comfy clothes so just the count down to have it down! Im not nervous for the surgery just anxious about it all going well after and not having any complications

Packed my over night bag

I have packed leggings a big baggy front zip hoodie my slippers, post op bra and sports bras and a toothbrush/ toothpaste im only in for the day so cant think of anything else I would need is that all or am I forgetting anything?

Nearly time!!

Just over 2 days left not nervous at all about the surgery just anxious about it all going well and getting it over and done with coz im getting anxious its gonna end up not happening being postponed or something annoying

All done!

Had my op yesterday all went well feeling prett sore and extremely high tight and swollen this morning, took me a good 5 mins to get out of bed when i first woke

Some more

Look high

Some more in my sports bra

These are 1 day po

11 days post op

11days post alot softer now and swelling gone but my right breast still not as round as my left and is still soft at bottom of the breast, was told at my post op appointment that this is due to fluid from over doing it (house work and children etc) should just desperse then feel firmer if i take it easy which is easier said done!

B4 and after!!!

Before and after

Right boob pissing me of!!!

Bottom of my right boob still not firming up and is still not as round as my left so the fluid still has not despersed into my body hopefully its just taking its time. I have another follow up appointment in 5 days il see what they say then


My sister sent me this and thought it was funny lol

First drink since ba lush!!!

Had my first btl of wine since my op missed it sooo much lol having fun by myself in the kitchen such a loser! all I needed was a straw!

In bra's

Got some bras from ann summers a little sml but still comfy was the biggest cup size they had!

More pics

Just some more photos they are so soft and natural looking now i love them

Another bra pic

Found debenhams and bravissimo great for bigger bra also asda belive it or not have some really nice comfy bras in dd+ range
Will sarakbi

Harley medical clinic maidstone surgery in london. Love my surgeon will sarakbi is amazing and so reassuring and kind natured he made me feel so comfortable and I couldn't be happier!

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