I made it! Mummy Makeover - TT+BA+Lipo 31 Years Old, 5ft 10in, 500cc. London, GB

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I am booked for a total makeover! I am having a...

I am booked for a total makeover!

I am having a full tummy tuck with muscle repair, vaser lipo to abdomen and flanks and breast augmentation.

I went for 5 consultations and finally decided on Alberto Di Giuseppe with Surgicare (part of the hospital group). I am going to Dolan Park Hospital for my procedure.

I have always have small breasts and said I would have them done by the time I was 25, but it just never happened! To be honest after having two 10lb babies my stomach became more of a priority to get sorted for me. I went from a tall slim size 10 to not being able to fit into a 16 after each pregnancy (i put on about 5st each time!). I lost the weight really quickly both times and was back to a 10/12 within a few months. After splitting with my husband i was terrified thinking i was a freak for having such a saggy and stretch marked tummy and I hid my stomach. I have gotten over the part where i think im the only one who looks like this... i know its a byproduct of pregnancy and the associated weight gain. But i still hide my tummy. I cant wear a bikini, i hide it from my boyfriend, i hate my tummy! My friends couldn't understand why i wanted it done... until i sent them my pre-op pics :) it is hidden well under clothes, but it is in intimate situations, and swimwear situations that my tummy is an issue.

I am going away with a group of gorgeous, young, child-free girls at the end of August which has made me actually book up to have this done after all the years of wishing for and talking about it! I have an opportunity to get the money for the surgery, its something i have always said i would jump at given the chance so here i am! Finally booked for the 19th May 2015.

i feel like i have been through every emotion... excitement at the consultations, to guilt at spending the money so selfishly, fear of the actual surgery, dreading the recovery with 2 kids to look after, worry over taking time off work, worries about what message it sends to my kids, dreading the 2.5 hour drive home following survery... but I know this is something I want to do for myself.

I am a single parent, i work hard for me and the kids, i bought my own flat last year. Got the prioritised bits done!! And i have wanted this forever... so why not now?! Wish me luck!

Before pics and boob sizes

So here are some before pictures.

Just realised I didn't discuss implant sizes! I have always worn a 34A/B, but got measured today for the first time in my life and I am a 34C (shock!)! I have tried a 340cc sizer and to be honest it felt huge but that is probably because I am not used to having any breasts at all!. Throughout my 5 consultations I was recommended anything from a 300cc to a 500cc. I have asked my surgeon for a big bigger, natural look, appropriate for my frame, and he has advised a 500cc for my right breast, and a 450cc or 500cc (will decide in theatre) on my left as it is a bit bigger. The surgeon uses Motiva implants. 2 surgeons measured me as needing a 13cm diameter so the 500cc fits the bill. He has advised that anything with a smaller diameter will not suit my body shape and size.This does scare me as it sounds huge, but I am going to trust his professional judgement and go with it!

Feeling excited today looking at swimwear! Cant concentrate on my uni assignment! MUST.STOP.THINKING.ABOUT.SURGERY!

I do need to make a list to make sure I don't forget to do anything before Tuesday! Wish i had booked Monday off now!

Excited :) :)

Im really excited today!

Had my phone call from the hospital today. My driver is picking my up at 4am on Tuesday morning (waaayy early!).

So I went and bought my toiletries, i have my button front nighties, dressing gown, slippers and medical bra ready too :)

I ordered some ScarAway strips today too! Does anyone have any experience of using these??

Cant wait to get work and uni assignment done so I can have an early night Monday! Eeek!!

awesome gift :)

Sooo. My friend gave me this! She made me a bear with boobs and a tummy tuck scar haha! Awesome.

Big day tomorrow!!!

So the time has come.... doing my last few chores before going to bed. Feeling so excited now!
House is clean, kids at their dads, bag is packed... I'm good to go!
Quick bath and bed for me :)

This time tomorrow I'll be uploading my after pics... eeeeek!!

waiting to go to theatre! eeeek!!

Made it to Dolan Park. My driver Shirley was a lovely woman :) had a chat and the time flew.

My greeting at reception was good, the hospital and grounds are very nice, and everyone seems genuinely nice. I am actually feeling at ease and in good hands.

Have my own room which is nice and comfortable :)

Had blood taken, temperature, height, weight and blood pressure.

Have seen the anaesthetist who seems really nice.

Mr Di Giuseppe has been to see me, marked me up, and ive signed the consent.

I am now sat in my gown, paper knickers and stockings waiting to go now! One boob job before me then its my turn... been told I will be away from my room for about 4 hours.

all done!

I made it through :) few pics here and will do a proper write up when im home....

Can honestly say though that everyone and everything has exceeded my expectations. Everyone is lovely and the care is brilliant. I am up and walking a little already athough the pain killers are wearing off now....

Hab my breast drains removed... just the tummy ones remain

Crumbs down my cleavage... proud moment haha

For the first time in my life i have just had crumbs fall down my cleavage at the age of 31. Happy moment haha :)

So I have done my 2 nights in hospital. Have just had my last drains removed (ouch!!!) and had my binders re-positioned.

Few things i could have done with during my stay that i didn't bring which may be useful advice if you are considering this:
1. Eye mask (lights go on and off and you'll want to sleep during the day)
2. Earplugs (i have an animal sanctury next to my window. Lovely in the day. Not so much at night!)
3. Lipsil/vaseline

Have got all my meds and post operative information. Have had anti sickness tablet for the drive home. Just going to chill for a bit before the journey.

The good and the bad

So i haven't updated for quite a while...
I had a load of new bruising appear about a week after surgery, the tt scar bled for a number weeks and is still weeping from one spot now.

My tt scar is completely uneven. I have swelling behind the belly button and along the right hand side of the tt scar. It looks awful and butchered if is am honest. The only good part is that the flap of skin is gone and doesn't show when i sit down! But the scar is so high that i wont be able to wear a normal bikini. Feels like it probably wasn't worth all of the hassle right now. I could hide the flap of skin with my clothes on anyway, so for me, this was about being comfortable when undressed, and it is worse now than before.

My surgeon used plastic clips to seal the scar which i don't think were good at all! My body spat some out which has hampered the scar, making it wide in places, and i can see them all the way along the scar under the skin. The nurse mentioned she hated them for this reason.

That said, the boobs are fine. They are bigger than i wanted (at a 34E) but they suit my body (or so everyone says!). Although the sutures came out from there too, making the scars appear wide in places too.

I am using silicone scar strips and defo notice the difference when i have forgotten to wear them for a day (the scar appears darker).

I have booked to see the surgeon again on Monday. Last time i saw him, he said it was too early to take any action. He did mention a possible revision later down the line if things didn't improve. I will update to see what the plan of action will be now.
Alberto Di Guiseppe

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