Mohs with Open Healing - London, GB

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So I'm finally leaving my review as this site...

So I'm finally leaving my review as this site helped me a lot after I was diagnosed and was researching my options. I had a mohs surgery for a bcc on the side of my nose/cheek in Nov 2014. The bcc itself looked so tiny and it was a nodular bcc so we didn't think removing it would be a big deal. Well of course it's always a bigger wound than you would expect :( After 2 phases of Mohs I had a wound the size of a US dime (a 5 pence piece in the UK). I was devastated and freaking out after the surgery. I seriously had an anxiety attack and the nurse had to walk with me around the surgery center and encourage me to breath. I could not stop crying, to the point where I had blood all over my face. All I could think about was the huge area of skin he was going to have to cut to make a flap to cover the area. My surgeon saw what I was going through and decided we would let the area heal on its own ("healing by secondary intention" it's called). He said because I was young and he thought I would heal well he would leave it open. This turned out to be a great thing for me. Yes, I had to wear a bandage on my face for six weeks and it was a very scary time. But fast forward four and a half months and I could not be happier with the result. The cancer is gone and I do have a tiny scar but it's not noticeable. I feel doubly blessed to be healthy and to have had what seems to my eye to be a great result. My doctor says that secondary intention healing is not used very often but it can be the perfect solution for skin cancers on certain areas of the face. I hope these pictures can help someone.

8 months on

Can't believe so much time has passed. My scar continues to improve. I've had three rounds of cortisone injections as the scar was a bit thick...not really noticeable but I want it to be the best it can possibly be :) I'm so happy with it now and really grateful. If you've just been diagnosed with bcc on your face, please google secondary intention healing. It's not appropriate for everyone but I am really pleased my doc went that route.
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