Tubular Correction and 350cc Implants - London, GB

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Allan Rezai is incredible! Words can't describe...

Allan Rezai is incredible! Words can't describe how amazing he is!
I had a tubular correction and 350cc implants in both.
To be honest I had mixed feelings going into the op as I wasn't unhappy with my boobs and it didn't really bother me. I had decided to do it because I thought why not, I could afford it, I would look better naked and of course my partner would love it. Now that it's done I feel so happy I did, should have done it years ago!! Il try to post some pics and some more details on the healing etc.
word of advice if you are considering it but not sure.... GO FOR IT!!! If you pick the right surgeon you won't regret it!!

Some before photos

thought I should put up some photos, i took these right before the op. Sorry I have no idea how to rotate them!!

The big day

hi everyone!
I had the operation on the 7th of jan 16. On the morning of the operation I was nervous, I have a massive phobia of being sick, but I explained this to the anaesthetist and he was really understanding. I went down to theatre with the nurse and was talking non stop with all my nerves! Then I had the anaesthetic and suddenly started laughing! The nurse found it quite amusing.
Then I was awake and still talking about God knows what to the poor nurse in recovery. Fortunately all the nurses were super sweet and answered all my crazy drugged up questions. I had no nausea, so the anaesthetist did a great job and I had zero pain. Here is the picture I took a that evening.

Oh and I should probably add some info:
I had 350cc round high profile mentor cohesive II implants in both placed dual plane with an incision around the nipple.

My surgeon came to see me a few hours after I came round and told me about the procedure. We had planned initially to put 350 in one and 300 in the other to even out the size difference and he had said he would decide the placement when during the op as he did a correction first and wanted to see what was available to give the best results.
He told me the 300 didn't look right so he changed it for 350 and felt I didn't have enough tissue to be above the muscle but wanted to do dual plane as it would give me the natural look I was after and better results than under the muscle. I'm glad I gave him the freedom to make these decisions.

Photo didn't upload!

Day 5 update

i spent the first few days sitting around doing nothing. Literally nothing.
But on the plus side I had zero pain. I didn't take my pain pills since leaving hospital but I really didn't need them. I can only assume it's down to the surgeons expert skills.
I had nipple sensation as before which was a relief but it felt a bit numb on the bottom on the breast.
They looked quite high and I had serious panics about them being too big.
I know you shouldn't over think things but what else is there to do when your home all day!!

Day 7 and starting to look great

sorry for the delay with posting, I wasn't sure if I should or not, but it really helped me to read other girls experiences so I feel I should give back!
Ok so this is day 7 and I had just had the sutures out and it was my first day back at work. I didn't tell anyone why I was off and I wore a loose jumper and so far no one has noticed. Clearly padded bras do work!
Anyway, they are relaxing and moving into position and I am now loving them! Still no pain to report and I'm getting more movement in my arms.

Day 8 pics

I'm so glad I decided to do this. I'm so happy with the results. I know it's still early but it's so much better than I imagined and looking at the before photos I can't believe I didn't hate them!! They look 100 times better now.
Also, I had a glass of wine for the first time in weeks. So all around a good day!!

Day 14 incisions And up to date

Healing is going well. I put tape on the incisions most of the time as the nurse said it will keep the scars flat, but I find that changing the tape makes the corners bleed a bit? Not sure what to do.
Anyway. I'm happy with the healing otherwise.
Since day 15 to now ( a few days) my nipples have been super sensitive, to the point of painful when touched. I suppose it's better than being numb but I can't wait for this to pass.
I'm struggling to keep sleeping on my back, I really want to at least sleep on my side. When does everyone try it?

So... Although I worried both before and after about them being too big, in clothes you can't really tell and I'm starting to feel like I want bigger! I think I'm going a bit mad, I didn't want a fake look or for people to judge me and now I sort of wish they were bigger.
I need to stop obsessing and be happy with what iv got!!

Bra fitting

hi everyone. So it's been about 3 1/2 weeks since the op, and today I went to a proper bra shop for a fitting. (Not exactly sexy but very supportive as I want to protect my investment!)
Anyway, I still wear loose tops that cover up and no one has noticed that I'd had them done so I'd gotten used to thinking about them as before and I was seriously shocked when she showed me the bra. It was a 28FF!!!!!!!
And it actually fit me properly!!!
It covers a lot up but after I can go back to underwires then I can look for sexier styles that are a bit more revealing. But for now I feel like I need a drink to get over the shock!!

5 weeks post op update

i had my follow up with Mr Rezai on Tuesday, he was really pleased with the healing and showed me how to do the massage and told me to put loads of bio oil on them daily. Which is a bit difficult as my partner seems to be taking it as an invite!!! Other than that, not much to report. Bra shopping is difficult in my size but they are looking better ever day. I'm so pleased with the shape and size, I think they look amazing! They are starting to soften more but I'm scared to squash them too much!
I have had a couple of the internal sutures come up at the incision site, which the Dr said was normal. Did anyone else have this??
Il try to post some updated photos tonight.

2 month update

hi everyone. 2 months post op and it feels like they have always been there. Getting soft and squishy but I never remember to do the massage so I need to work on that! Healing is great, you can hardly see the scars and hopefully in a few months they will be gone. I have had no pain or problems at all.
I was scared before that they would be too big but now I feel like they are my small post op boobs! I definitely could have gone bigger, but then I would never be able to buy a bra!
Anyway, I hope this helps you if you are not sure what decision to make.

He was wonderful in all ways, extremely knowledgeable and incredibly talented.

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