London Rhinoplasty

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I wonder if anyone can help me, I've been scouring...

I wonder if anyone can help me, I've been scouring the internet for most of my Sunday going from success stories to horrors..

I've hated my nose for about 10 years and recently with a shiny new job and stable income I can afford to look at surgery for my nose, I've arranged an appointment with Harley medical and Transform (who called me.. but I have read some bad reviews?)

If anyone from London who has recently undergone rhinoplasty has any guidance, tips or recommendations I'd be so grateful.


Cancelled appointments

I've actually chosen to cancel my appointments with above clinics due to warnings.. however I've seen prices for surgeons at 250 pounds for a consultation!? Is this normal?

London Rhinoplasty - only took 2 years to decide...

2 years on... back in 2014 I decided on using the money I had saved to buy a new home, which was the right decision at the time, however, I've had time to reflect; I've learnt to love my odd nose, the imperfections I see, avoiding those side profile snaps at the Christmas party - but I've made the decision to improve it.

I'm getting married in Spring 2017 and was planning on asking my wonderful photographer to avoid the side shots, instead I hope I'll feel as confident as I want to be.

I've included my side snapped nose with some editing on what I'd like - op is booked 21st December (no snowballs or gin & tonics for me over Christmas.)

I'm not afraid of telling anyone I'm having it done, I don't identify as vein but I'm keeping it quiet until it's over, every time someone asks why, or that they like my nose I feel conflicted with emotion, not my decision - like I'm giving up on a loyal, lovely boyfriend who's always been there for me, yet something isn't right, but that my family LOVE (apologies for the strange metaphors.) I don't want my mum to be sad I'm rejecting the nose she gave me, or my future husband to be disappointed in me; I can see why this site is so popular to confide in and feel supported.

This is for me. Good lord I hope it goes well, I'll keep ya'll updated.


2 weeks to go!

I've had my consultation - felt my surgeon was extremely competent with an extremely low revisions %. I've also had my pre op check up... feeling super nervous especially as I'll feel rotten over the Christmas period, let's hope it's worth it.

1 week to go

I feel sick. I'm beyond nervous - am worried about: post op pain, going under and the outcome most of all! Here's to the next 7 nights of no sleep.

1 Day Post Op

I'm so happy I went through with my surgery so far (I've a weeks wait!) The pain is manageable, so far it appears that it only really hurts when your packs are in. I can alway see my nostrils are smaller, eek! I'll update with pictures as I go.

New Nose for Christmas

I'm 3 days post op - phew! I want to do my bit and feed back my experience best I can for those trying to make the right choice.

I felt like the decision to have my nose done was hard, some days I didn't hate it, it wasn't comical in size - but the bottom line was, I'd been wanting this for a long time, a long time before 'plastic' surgery lost the stigma!

The experience so far has been good - I can see my nostrils have been reduced in size and I'd rate my pain at 5/10 off pain killers! I chose to have the op over Christmas to avoid taking 2 weeks off work to be laid up in bed, still a decision I stand by - let's see how it feels come the 25th (POD 5!)

Here's a snap of yesterday with a filter for good measure FYI It's hard to smile with your nose case!

Post op day 5 (Christmas day!)

I'm feeling really great today, pain is nearly totally gone, just noticing a real headache appear when I don't keep on top of the pain killers. Face has turned a lovely shade of green under all the make up and the face is still very swollen all round. Christmas day wasn't ruined, I was just joined by my cast!

Nose Eve

I get my cast taken off tomorrow at 11am; I'm so excited. No pain killers really required today, just finishing my course of antibiotics for the week tomorrow. I really hope I'm not disappointed.

Cast off - changed worth it to: yes


I had my cast removed in Harley street today! I love my new nose, absolutely perfect (will post pictures soon!)

The swelling is pretty intense, making everything look puffy, but I can see the general shape! Just need to be patient for a few more weeks.

Meet my new nose

Swelling is already decreasing, bridge and tip is where most is hanging around. As promised, here's some snaps!

Keeps getting better!

I'm POD 16 and I'm somewhat obsessed with the new nose!

The swelling has gone down in parts and not in others, which sometimes gives the illusion its wonky, yawning isn't fun still and the stitches are dead near and near gone!

I don't think my first pictures of my nose gave a real idea of the length especially profile view. I've added a before I took when I finally decided to make the call to book the procedure, the one I edited - my "perfect nose" and then my nose now!! Which is still swollen :)

Before, Edited version, Now

Pictures to go with last post

3rd time lucky - pictures to go with post

Nose looks weird

So, I'm 3 weeks 5 days post op and my swelling has gone down, but I've two humps on each side on my nose + weird swelling in the tip making it look wonky - help, is this normal!?

I *think* the swelling is going down..

I'm 6 weeks post op and started to have a mild freak out about my operation - weird bumps and lumps, but I think everything is starting to slowly settle!

8 weeks post-op

Still so swollen. This experience has educated me around the fact i'm extremely impatient. I'm also so concerned the swelling won't even out :( gah!

4 months post

The swelling is finally starting to subside! apparently I have very strong bones and thick skin... which means the results are taking their time!

4 months post op pics

The swelling is still taking its time - apparently I have strong bones and thick skin!

Still a little stiff but it's getting there!

Happy half a year birthday nose.

Holy cow. How on earth has it been 6 months? I've been thinking about how my life has changed since I had my nose done and here are my musings:

- It will completely change you but completely not change you all at the same time: you forget what hating your nose felt like - super weird, so your new straight lovely nose just becomes the norm.

- No one will notice. Genuinely. Which bothered me, I spent a lot of time, mild pain and money on this! But it really is true that we're all noticing our own imperfections to take a second look at anyone else's.

- They tell you it's the waiting after to have it revealed that is the most frustrating part, no, wrong! It's the 6 months and counting that it takes for the puffy weirdness to go down that is the real kicker, which also makes the whole experience not a dramatic change if your surgery was a minor adjustment (felt like mine was face changing, but actually, just a little straighter and smaller!)

- If you're happy with your new nose (hopefully you are) you'll never take it for granted - it'll become a big fan of being featured in pictures at all angles!

- Nope, you won't get addicted to plastic surgery. My then boyfriend now husband was convinced this would just be the start of me changing myself, that I should speak to someone (counselling) first before the change... I'm good. I don't want to go under the knife again, it was a big decision I didn't take lightly and I feel it was 100% the right choice.

- Finally, TAKE pictures. I thought my doctor would share the before and afters with me - they didn't, they lost them, but also wouldn't share them with me unless I paid £50; I read the fine print on the op, the finances, but missed that if you want your pictures you'll have to exchange MORE money.

Over and out.
Dr Allwin Gnanajebamani [Harley Medical]

Talent surgeon and lovely man. Listened carefully to what I wanted whilst being professional and considerate.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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