24 Years Old, Finally Fixing a 15 Year Old Overbite - London, GB

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Invasalign day one The first thing that hit me...

Invasalign day one

The first thing that hit me was how light these braces are! They're made of this really bendy flexible plastic, almost like an evian bottle material.
Putting them on was quite straightforward, just snap on and go.

It's not overly uncomfortable apart from the overproduction of saliva and my tongue sporadically deciding to graze over the edges of the bottom plate.

I've been given 3 sets of aligners to wear over 6 weeks and some cute little cases to store them in when I'm eating or drinking

Day two

So around 2 hours after first putting them in I started feeling the pain - most noticeably my two upper front teeth where the treatment is most needed. I slept fine despite this pain but I did find that I woke up earlier than normal due to the discomfort

Taking them out is so difficult and hurts so much so I want to try and strategize my meals so that I don't need to take them out as much

End of Tray 6

End of Tray 6

I am now 3 days away from tray 7 and since i started I've had about 18 attachments onto my teeth and some spacing in between a couple of my upper teeth.

Tray 4: Attachments and Spacing.

I wasn't too keen on the spacing - it didn't hurt but the feeling of my teeth being ground down was uncomfortable. The spacing was done mainly to help my gap to close comfortably and i guess also to reduce the chances of teeth overlapping as they moved.

The process of getting the attachments put on was relatively ok.. it was quick - about 15-20 minutes in total and afterwards they didn't hurt (before i put on my trays), just felt a bit weird. However when i put on my trays (set 4) they hurt like a female dog! The pressure was pretty intense but after a couple of days (and some painkillers) this died down.

I've heard horror stories of the attachments being uber visible - and i was a bit apprehensive - but i think they're perfectly fine and not that noticeable, unless someone gets all up in your face! - Both with trays on and off (less noticeable with trays off)

Before i left, i was given trays 4-11 - this is 16 weeks in total - i will then go back mid December-ish to get my final trays (12-14). To be honest, my treatment seems to be really quick... 28 weeks in total, I'm a bit apprehensive as to how much of a correction i can achieve in such a quick treatment time - but we'll see at the end i guess.

Trays 5 and 6:
Every time i put on a new tray, i can certainly feel more pressure than i did without my attachments, but i don't mind - it means they're working!

My overbite still seems just as bad as it was... maybe I'm just expecting too much - but the gap between my two front teeth has reeeaally improved - so thumbs up to that!

Living with Invisalign:
So its been 12 weeks in total and here are some of my updates on living with Invisalign:

I've pretty much given up on brushing my teeth after every single snack or cup of coffee - i honestly gave it a good go for the first couple of weeks, but it really is such a hassle especially when I'm in the office or out and about - I tend to brush about three times a day as opposed to the 6/7 times i probably should be brushing when i account for snacks and about 3 daily coffee's

I brush my trays with a toothbrush and some paste - when they get really grimey, i soak them in mouth wash (despite invisalign's warnings not to) I haven't noticed any negative reactions to this

I've picked up a really bad habit of grinding two very specific teeth together all day everyday since i started treatment - this eventually wears down the material on my trays and leaves me with an annoyingly rough patch of plastic on both my trays which i then have to put up with for the duration of the 2 week treatment - which makes me grind even more! super annoying.

Over-production of saliva has significantly gone down and is now replaced with a very dry mouth

I no longer get sores on the inside of my bottom lip from the sharp edges of new trays (yay!)

Discomfort from new trays lasts about 2-3 days then i'm all good!

Middle of tray 12

I'm seeing great improvements, I have two more trays to go after this and I've been told by my treatment centre that if everything looks good (and has gone according to their plans) they'll be taking a mould for my bonded retainers - this means I'll have to wear my last trays for a further two weeks while they're made.

However, if they aren't happy with my progress after tray 14, I'll have to keep them in for a further four weeks while they get me some more trays! - I'm really hoping that's not the case!!

Almost a year later

I'm now like 2 weeks away from it being a year that I wore my first set of aligners. Here's an update since my last post:

So I ended up having to go through the refinement stage which wasn't too bad - it consisted of 14 extra trays that I have to wear for 1 week only

The pictures attached show my teeth this morning before starting on tray 14 which are labelled as 'over correction' aligners

Next week I'm back at the clinic to take moulds for my bonded retainers - so I guess I'm finally at the end of my Invisalign journey!

I can honestly say this has been so worth it! I'm very very happy with the results. Being able to smile and laugh carefree is so priceless and I'd definitely go through the aches and pains again - no regrets!

Almost a year later pt 2

Sensu Clinic

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