47 Yr Old, Some Acne Scars, Pigmentation from Sun Damage - London, GB

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I had a Dr. Schrammek Green Peel yesterday. Medium...

I had a Dr. Schrammek Green Peel yesterday. Medium strength. My aesthetician recommended this. Before this I have been going for a monthly microdermabrasion facial for 2 years. I use SkinCeutical products daily and SPF50 sunscreen everyday. I spent a fortune on my skin so far in my life! The Green Peel procedure went like this: After cleansing she massaged in a herbal mixture on my face for 5-10 mins. By the time she stopped it felt like I had glass shards being scrubbed into my skin with massive force - very painful! She left the herbal cream on and covered it with a gauze for 10 mins. and dripped some solution over it to calm the skin a bit. Afterwards she removed the herbal cream with cotton pads drenched with something which was very painful and she kept apologizing for that. She was very happy with the result and said it would peel in 3-4 days time and I would then have baby skin. I was quite red and a bit swollen for a few hours after. In the evening a little less red. This morning a little less. My skin is still sensitive to touch - like mini glass splinters are stuck in it. I am not allowed to use water on my face for 4 days. I have a lotion to cleanse my face morning and night with a cotton pad, a special cream and a blemish balm. The blemish balm I have not used yet but I would tonight as I am going to the theater. I look like I have a bit of a sunburn on my face and the areas where I had discoloration looks even darker ????.
I have been trying many products as well as gone through many procedures to improve my facial skin, because I just want to go out finally without feeling I have to camoflouge my discoloratiion and scars with make-up.
I am taking pictures morning and night but do not wish to post them publicly. I will however continue to post how my skin develops for everyone out there wishing for the same thing as me - naked skin you could show without embarrassment! I hope this treatment is everything I've hoped for! The cost was £170 (not $).

I very caring aesthetician. I really feel she is trying to help my skin improve and be the best it can be. I cannot say yet whether the Green Peel has helped but will keep posting until after I peel.

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