Fraxel Very Successfully Repaired Damage Caused by Other Treatments - London, UK

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I am a fair-skinned 39 years old, and have...

I am a fair-skinned 39 years old, and have suffered moderate generalized rosacea for most of my adult life, and in the last 10 years developed the occasional small vein in my cheek or nose. About 6 years ago I began treating the generalized rosacea - VERY successfully - first with C02 laser, which gave great results but required almost 2 weeks for the laser-induced purple bruises to fade (which I was warned about before treatment), then with IPL laser, which required a few more treatments, but had a much easier recovery period, with general redness, but no purple bruises.

Anyway, once the generalized redness was gone, I had the small broken capillaries here and there to deal with. I opted for a treatment called 'Veinwave' which inserts a tiny needle on the broken vein and applies a small current. Unfortunately, I sought the lowest price, and found this at a spa staffed by clinicians, but no doctor. The clinician told me she could treat the little remaining generalized redness with the Veinwave machine, which I stupidly allowed her to do. This treatment over such a large area, which I doubt even the manufacturer would recommend, left me with a dark red to purple mask across my entire mid-face, and under my eyes.

After about 3 desperate months, and very little fading, one doctor suggested first a moderate-strength peel, followed by fraxel treatment. The peel was like a miracle, reducing the redness by about 80%. The several weeks later, I began a series of treatments with Fraxel. The treatment and recovery process where precisely as described in the product literature, and after 4 treatments I am pretty much fully-restored. Possibly slightly better, in fact, as all those treatments have firmed up the crepiness around my eyes and gotten rid of a lot of fine wrinkles. There are a few tiny remaining pockmark-like scars around my eyes and nose from the botched Veinwave treatment, but that's the only evidence of those horrible few months. In my experience, Fraxel, performed by a competent practioneer, is capable of working wonders.

I do think that many people/doctors, for understandable financial reasons, attempt to get/give the biggest bang for their buck, which leads to overaggressive treatment and undesirable side-effects. Conservative treatment is of paramount importance, even if that means you'll have to have it done repeatedly. Better safe than sorry!
I will continue to have Fraxel done in the future, from my trusted doctor.

Correction to post: I mistakenly said above that...

Correction to post: I mistakenly said above that I received treatment for rosacea first with a C02 laser, which was incorrect. I should have said "Pulse Dye Laser"
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