Fraxel Dual Both Wavelengths 1927 and 1550 - London, UK

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Yesterday I had my first fraxel dual treatment for...

Yesterday I had my first fraxel dual treatment for skin discolouration (melasma and dark circles) and to treat my under eye lines and creases. I'm 35 and recently noticed that my skin isn't looking as good as it should. When I was younger I sunbathed without strong enough sun screen and I also used lots of tanning beds (I wish now that I hadn't!).

So I can't tell yet how well it's helped me, I can just tell you what I have experienced so far.

I had the anaestic cream applied for an hour before the treatment and then I had both fraxel wavelengths on my whole face (I was actually expecting to have the 1927 on my whole face and the 1550 only under my eyes).

The 1927 treatment didn't hurt so much, it was bearable, but the 1550 treatment did hurt more, although I just about tolerated it. I don't know if it hurt more because it was a second treatment on top of the first or because of the wavelength.

Afterwards though, OMG, it hurt like hell!!! I rushed home (I took a taxi and there was no way I could have driven home because of the pain). I took strong painkillers, applied ice packs and hid in my bedroom. I didn't feel up to speaking to anyone! The pain lasted for about an hour and within about 3 hours I felt ok. It hasn't hurt since, but my face feels a little bit odd.

I was worried what my family would think. I have a toddler who didn't notice at all thankfully and my husband was understanding. I look like a hamster that has a month long tan. I'm very puffy especially under my eyes and around my jowls. The rest of my skin looks leathery and is a little bit sand papery. I really hope that the puffiness goes down quickly as I think I will be able to cover the tan at least.

I'm hoping I see a real difference as I'm not sure I want to rush back to have a second treatment as it just hurt so much! Some people I read go to work the same or next day, but I could never see myself doing that because of the pain and appearance.

Day 2 post treatment and I was still a bit swollen...

Day 2 post treatment and I was still a bit swollen and my skin was leathery, but it did begin to flake. I tried to cover it up with make up because my dad came to visit me, but I looked like a flaking freak, so I don't advise using make up unless you really have to!

Day 3, flaking all day long. I found that if I constantly moisturised (With aquaphore or diprobase) then the flakes came off much faster. I cleansed my skin a lot with a cream cleanser that my doctor gave me after the treatment. It really helped to get rid of a lot of the dead skin. By the end of the day I can already see mostly through to the fresh layer.

Day 4, 99% (ish) of the flaking has gone leaving...

Day 4, 99% (ish) of the flaking has gone leaving me with just a very pink face. Otherwise I think my skin looks great! I'll wait until I can see the true colour of my skin before I give my final verdict!
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