Fat Transfer from Thighs to Breasts - London, UK

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For those of you that don’t know, a fat transfer...

For those of you that don’t know, a fat transfer is where they lipo (maybe not the right term…suck out fat with a wand) or ‘harvest’ fat from your unwanted areas. They clean the fat of blood and tissue then reinject it with a syringe into an area that you do want fat. I started researching this procedure about a year ago because I wanted larger breasts but I did not want implants. Breast implants look unnatural and I didn’t want scar tissue or something foreign in my body. It was difficult to find information on fat transfer and I rejected the idea when I first learned about it because the fat retention rate was so poor. The fat transfer reviews were not good in the beginning. They’ve somewhat perfected the procedure (or at least this doctor has) and now 90-70 percent of the fat transferred is retained. That swayed me to go ahead. I wanted to fix my deflated boobs after two children (isn’t that everyone?) and lose some extreme saddle bags (thanks genetics) and a little muffin top/back fat. Of course I attempted diet and exercise first but at 43, nothing really changed. I gained muscle but it was hidden behind layers of fat that I couldn’t get rid of. I worked out 4 to 5 times a week religiously for about three months prior to my surgery. After pricing liposuction and a breast augmentation, the two procedures would cost a little more money or about the same for the fat transfer (6,800 GBP) that I really wanted. Fyi, I am an American living in London. So here we go…I chose Dr. Wolf at The Private Clinic on Harley St, London, UK through online research and one consultation. The other doctor in consideration was Dr. Mehboob in Birmingham. Mehboob was less expensive but all the way in Birmingham, UK. I took measurements before and after surgery and the results being...I lost 1 inch around my thigh and gained 2 inches of bust…win win! I’ve gone down one pants size even though my butt wasn’t touched. I went from a droopy B cup to a fuller, nicely sloped C. I love my new cleavage and my breasts ripple like water on top like real boobs should. They look and feel completely natural. Everything that I had done is subtle. If you are looking for extreme results, this is not the procedure for you.

No pain no gain, right? Well, liposuction just hurts. I hobbled and was extremely uncomfortable for about a week. Then my drugs ran out (save the good drugs for night time so you can sleep) but to my surprise I was ok. It felt ok to move but if someone touched or if I knocked my legs against something, it hurt. There were giant bruises all over my legs and lower back. I wore a compression garment (this is a super tight thick girdle from waist to top of knees with a pee whole) for 4 weeks. Plan carefully because that girdle can be super-hot in summer months. My breasts were swollen and huge (far from the final result) with pin holes from the syringe all the way around. The breast healed much faster than the legs and were fine within a week. It’s been 5 weeks since my procedure and I’m almost back to normal with just a little tenderness left in the legs and lower back. The pain to my body and wallet was expected and in the end, I’m pleased with the results. Although the results are subtle, people are noticing that I look better without being able to put their finger on it.

PS- I hope this review helps. I found realself.com invaluable when researching this procedure. I'm glad to have the opportunity to give back.

Update! Not Worth It!!!

I've lost nearly all my fat that was transferred and it's been less than a year. How very disappointing to spend that kind of money and go through the discomfort to have it not last. I would say that I retained about 40-50% and who knows, I may still be losing. My doctor was sympathetic but offered no fix.
Dr. Wolf

I was a well researched patient and therefore, I knew most of what Dr. Wolf told me in the consult. I think he managed expectations well. For instance, he could only add as much fat into the breast as I had room for. Also, that this procedure results would not be the look of an implant. He explained how the procedure works, etc. He's extremely professional and even though I baited him with several cheeky comments (joking is my nervous reaction), he just smiled but never went there. He has online videos of him in action and a television interview. Although, the video that I saw was a young lady talking to the camera while having her procedure done. A bit misleading, I was way to drugged in my procedure to talk or make sense but I think I prefer to be out of it. After the procedure I had 3 follow up visits and all went well. The only hiccup was some confusion around my mandatory pre-procedure MRI. The staff at the Private Clinic set it up because I didn't think it was mandatory and they scrambled to get me an appointment the day before my surgery. Also, the letter said ultrasound but when I went to the imaging clinic (after waiting first in the ultrasound que) the imaging clinic insisted that I get a mammogram (different line and longer wait). Also, it would have been helpful if The Private Clinic would have reminded me that this imaging was at my expense (include it in the letter?) because I had forgotten. There was confusion at payment time and I had to call to verify. These were minor issues and found the majority of my interaction with the staff was fine. They always answered the phone and everything was always handled immediately.

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