Fat Transfer to the Lower Face to Correct Excessive Buccal Fat Extraction. - London, GB

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As a result of excessive buccal fat extraction I...

As a result of excessive buccal fat extraction I was left with what I call 'Baggy Face'.
I won't publically go into the details of my surgeon (yet, that may change), but his suggestion was to correct his mistake with fat transfer from a donor site into my face.
I did look at options with other surgeons but because of my low body weight they wouldn't even see me for a consultation.
I felt I had no option but to go with my original surgeon who isn't specifically known as a specialist in this field. He explained he'd take fat from my thigh and inject it into my face in an attempt to fill out the bagginess, and that there was a risk of the fat not taking or going lumpy.
I asked what could solve the saggy neck created from the excess buccal fat extraction. My surgeon did suggest that he put some fat "back under my chin" which I thought odd as that was not an area I'd asked for fat extraction from in my previous surgery. I asked if that would give me a double chin "Good call" he replied. I wasn't inspired, but I felt I had no other choice. I hoped this would resolve everything.

On the day of the surgery the hospital nurse gave me an option of where to have my fat taken from. Love handles, thigh or abdomen/ pubic mound.
I chose the latter (and found out later if I'd have gone for inner thigh I'd have a chance of ending up with a baggy old lady leg before my time). It would have nice to have been told that in advance.

I'm not sure if this is protocol but I received no compression garments for the liposuctioned area. It didn't feel right so I went to Primark after a few days and bought the smallest compression pants they had.
The donor site was more painful than my face and actually remained bruised for quite a few weeks.

Even after the fat transfer I still had "baggy face" but at least it was less obvious when I ate (prior to the attempt at correction you could clearly see the outline of food in my mouth when I was eating.).

6 months later it was clear that I was getting lumps from where the fat had been injected incorrectly.
At this point I made an appointment with one of London's premier facial cosmetic surgeons and booked for a face, neck and brow lift.

!!!SUPER important regarding eating and drinking before surgery!!!

On another topic I follow I have seen people talking about eating the morning of their op (when they shouldn't be). Let me share this with you. I'm going to post it on all of my surgical threads because I think it is SUPER important.
If they say "Nil by mouth" from a certain time before your surgery then OBEY!
If you don't follow the rules you run the risk of vomiting/regurgitation under anaesthesia or pulmonary aspiration (where you breathe in your own vomit) which can lead to MASSIVE problems like, well, oh, I don't know, bradycardia leading to cardiac arrest, brain damage and death!
The risk is twice as common among elective surgical cases as we aren't ill, can be blasé about our instructions and eat or drink when have been told not to!

Don't make your surgical experience any more difficult than it need be.

Hey folks, I'm NOT fat!

As people have insinuated I look fat on this thread and another I'm going to post some body shots.
You will then see why I wanted a thinner face.
I'd like less chunky arms too, but short of taking away muscle, that isn't going to happen!

At all points in the face photos have I been between around 7 1/2 stone (in the 103-108 lbs or 47-49kg parameters).
My BMI has been around 18.3-19.
In most of these I'm about 36"-25"-35" although currently 36"-23.5"-35".

When people meet me in the flesh one of the very first things they say is "Oh my God you are TINY", especially if all they have seen is a head shot of me.
I'm actually thinking of changing my name to Tiny, I hear it so often!

Here are some body shots so that you can see why I wanted a slimmer face as I've been walking about looking like a lemon on a stick.


There are no two ways about this... ...my fat transfer is lumpy.
I feel for my surgeon's other patients who have come out worse than I have, but I'm not happy that I'm lumpy, and doubly so because if he'd not taken too much fat in the first instance I'd not have had to have the transfer with him to try and correct it.
The 'double fail' gets me down.

I've already had further surgery elsewhere to correct his failure and as I'm healing I can see that while my new surgeon has worked wonders with my face, the fat lumps are hiding the contours he's created on that side.
It is irritating.

The first photo shows the areas on my cheeks that are lumpy, the other side shows what a 'normal' cheek should look like...
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